Saturday, February 20, 2010


Great week of trading the market. I am not sure I made a dime....but the machinations are the best theater going.....pure history made everyday and most of the public is completely unaware.

Those of you reading this will receive my usual doom and gloom advisory. Stock up on essentials or I will have to charge you a usury fee for my alpo stores. I also would like you to be aware that indeed there exists a warning to hold emergency cash and bullion. If you believe your bank is safe then by all means leave it all there. My sources and research say you are wrong....but then you have been warned... thats all I can do.

The market is doing what it was predicted to do. Next week will probably be a downer maybe even to 1050......but that is only my guess. Overall you have to have a core of miners if you are going to maintain a portfolio. 50 to 60% cash is a must right here. Maybe some DTO and SH...but small...I am looking for oil to touch 85. The noise on Iran is all contrived. So disheartening to see it so controlled and manipulated. All major media is lost...and has been for years.

Immred's posts are correct. His portrait of coming attractions are startling but not in jest. My recommended reading is in Goldseek. I will NOT link it. You must do your own footwork. Have fun gl and I still think they tank the miners. Joe is licking his chops. I am but a fly on an elephants ass...


  1. All,

    I like Red's pick PBR, it's done well both in the short side and since Feb 5th ( it hit 37) in the long side. Yesterday it reached close to 43. Red, are you playing PBR? It's done well since it hit 37.


  2. For those of you who play oil, if it breaks 80 with authority then 84 becomes strong resistance, and if broken then 89 is the next resistance. GS has been pushing oil up lately. In the down side, 74 is the support, followed by 69.5, and 65. Oil this yr is giving nice trading range.


  3. Joe, SCO and DTO for oil down range, and what is best for upside?

  4. CBS,

    UCO is the best for oil up

  5. Still in a dangerous range here for DTO....If you reach the lower levels of the oil range and the wind is blowing right .....the best trade is to short DTO....right now tiny DTO position is acceptable and add to it at 84 oil....If you look at oils recent 9 months moves they have been using oil as a piggy bank working it like clockwork

  6. It has come to my attention that most people are falling short in adequately planning for their retirement, so I took it upon myself to do some groundwork. First, as mentioned on this site before, canned alpo is the normal choice for everyone; stockpile it in a secure area. Ensure you have firearms and plenty of ammo.
    For entertaining guests, have some of this on hand:

    Collect materials for the following, which will serve as housing:

    To save on heating costs, it is best to dig a deep hole and submerge this house completely, having only the roof visible. Use camouflage for the roof. This also saves the cost of installing windows. Just pop the roof for exiting, or for surveillance of passersby. Try to squat in an area close to running water that you can access. Have it close enough to pipe in directly, or so you can throw a garden house out through the roof to siphon it in.

    These cramped conditions can have a physiological impact:

    Given the timeline that may impose itself, I suggest the “Flooding” technique. You can also practice this now to adjust to the future – I suggest using my alternate housing consideration that I was researching as interim living quarters – take up residence in a trashcan like Oscar the Grouch for several weeks. The convenience to this housing is you can roll to various locations without even getting out, a good thing to do if the neighbors are irritating.

    Useful link below to plan for hot weather, do your own groundwork and try to find one that is solar powered so you do not need to be hooked up to the Grid:

    So, get your plan in place to reduce any stress you may feel when trading. You can play the ponzi at ease with your future secure.

  7. No positions in any oil at the moment. If you trade oil either play with PBR, or do as kli and short DTO or short DXO. Still have a token bit of miners but not adding any more at the moment at these levels. Mostly in cash and small core of precious metals. Local Safeway was closing and all of the Alpo was the first to go, other dog food still available. Trying to catch up some reading. With Opex over very short term upside very limited.

  8. And as far as traders here.....all have limitations that we are well aware of but the collective awareness does provide a level of advantage over individual investing. The more experienced traders here know their limits and act accordingly. More simply learning to invest is a process and you either educate yourself if you feel that you have the aptitude....or stay out of this mess.