Saturday, May 15, 2010


After a week of volatility even the most ardent trader needs a rest. Now thats what I call a "game". Yes gang the game is on as predicted by Joe late last year. 2010 is the year of Flubber (YOF).. This year will be your opportunity to make money or lose it depending on your ability to assume risk. You are going to be pushed to the extremes on trades in both directions. Its the nature of the algo bot age. They can determine maximum pain for a billion trades in a nanosecond. You just have to be aware that is the plan. The dogs have been released in the YOF.

The ponzi game will sustain this year and maybe next year. The K winter is coming and it will not be denied. Timing will be plus or minus 6mo....2012- 2014...and it WILL be ugly. Wealth will be destroyed in numbers that will be staggering during the deflationary period. The debt structure must be flushed. If you have a store of wealth in PMs you will be able to accumulate great assets if you have patience (provided the PTB don't burn the earth to glass).

The most important aspects of this coming slaughter are to be the welfare of your family and loved ones. You cannot create fear in them. You are the one they look to for leadership and guidance. If you read this then you must realize that doom and gloom is negative only if you allow it to be. I view this as an awareness. Educating yourself about the coming attractions only separates you from the 99% of sheeple that are being fattened up for mutton. I am more positive now than ever on the future.....This is a time for those "aware" to prepare. Make your home energy efficient NOW. Coupon shop NOW. Get rid of debt NOW. Make your family learn to conserve. Make a game out of it for the kids and explain its importance in the future. We seem to live only for today and not plan for tomorrow. The PTB plan for generations. THAT is how you accumulate wealth and security. Have fun this weekend. More games next week. gl gang.


  1. Hey Kli. Been mostly hibernating the last few months trying to recover mentally from the whipping I received from the Ponzi over the past year. You or Joe have any insight into the likely future prospects of CVM and NVAX? These are the only two "long" positions in my portfolio - thank goodness they were small.

    I saw you posted on the issue in the Gulf yesterday. I tried to respond, but evidently needed to update information in order to post, which I did this morning. This problem is evolving daily and will be a game changer, IMO. A buddy of mine with Hal told me the weekend after the blowout, that it would be far worse than most people can imagine. Just as he said, I saw yesterday where they had increased the estimate of toxic crude spewing forth to 25,000 bbls per day. The fact is it even more than that - have you seen the video released Wed or Thur? Stopping the eruption is beyond our capabilities. I don't think it will stop until the pressure subsides, which will be years. The damage on untold fronts is already incomprehensible. Add in a hurricane or two and ....................

    Not sure if it has already been posted, but I found an interesting article over at Jesse's this morning:

    Everyone take care! JD.

  2. Haven't been watching them but longer term both will recover.......cvm nvax

  3. BTW, did you guys see Kudlow last night beginning the campaign for Obammy to spearhead an effort to allow a "Global Settlement" for the Big Boy Financials involved in the meltdown? He said they should just pay a "fee" so we can get this whole mess behind us and remove the "distraction" that fear of being "jailed" is having on the banks critical function of lending us out of this recession. He said this was putting our great V-shaped recovery in jeopardy.

    I'm getting mighty tired of the threats of economic terrorism.

  4. Also, got this in my email two days ago from the "National Inflation Association". Great 55 minute video that should be of interest to most here:

  5. Here's a new batch of miner ponies with entry and exit targets with relevant percentages on the moves. I already did the CANSLIM and accumlation analysis as well to ensure they are ponzi-favored. The final one in the list is mostly targeted to Joe, since he seems to like that type of position. Here we go:

    BVN - hope for a pullback to 34.9 and swing to 38 for a 19% winner. If it breaks out over 42.28 it has a swing target of 50 for 18.3% winner as alternate strategy.

    GG - entry 44.37, exit 47.3 to game its consolidation range. If it breaks out from 48.7 I would exit at 51 previous high, should be 10% win on the more conservative 44.37-47.3 swing.

    GFI - 13.5 entry, 14.9 exit, 10%

    NG - game the consolidation range 7.8 - 9, 15.4% swing.

    EGO - scalp the consolidation range 16.6 - 18.1 for 9% moves, has a larger unfulfilled 19.04 target.

    HMY - play the 9.5-10.7 range, 12.6%

    NGD - it should have a technical breakdown if the miners weaken, if it does pick it up at 5.36 and exit at 6.25, 16.6% move.

    SVM - play the 7.8 to 9 range, 15.4%

    NEM - play the 55 - 60 range, 9%

    VGZ - only for the daring, but I believe this has a 2.24 - 2.81 move in it, 25% swing. Avoid this one unless you are used to playing high volatility, low-dollar stocks. This does have high accumulation going on, so it is not a crap play, just takes trading skill to pull it off.

    Obviously in many of these we are looking for some level of pullback for entry. BTW if there is another leg down in SPX (not guaranteed), expect a bottom and hard reversal up in the 1091-1100 support zone. So there you have it, do your own DD.

  6. Videos of Santelli and Schiff on PMs from Zero Hedge:

    LOL! In response to a question about potential economic growth and the impact on PMs, Schiff asked the guy if "elephants sprout wings, could they fly"?.

  7. Kli finally made it through. After days of trying.

    Now I have nothing to say.

  8. congratulation lakecabs.......i knew you could do it.....hehhe welcome to the treehouse

  9. analyze......great bout PAL........joe is looking at BVN...good one

  10. Analyze, appreciate your entry & exits on the miners. Will take a look for some swings there. GL everyone, it's going to be another rocky week--these last two wore me slap out!

  11. Oh, red and kli thanks for the long discussion on the failure of reflation. Professor Fekete, whom I read and like, has been saying this as well.