Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Obama Administration Calls for "Second Stimulus"
As the stock market begins to show signs of the bear, policy makers look to a new $200 billion stimulus package, quantitative easing, or both.
The stock market has been showing signs of the bear for less than a month and already Washington is calling for a second stimulus package.
An article in this morning’s Financial Times says that the Obama administration asked Congress yesterday for a new set of spending measures -- called the “second stimulus” -- to keep the economy from dipping back into a recession. The plea was made by senior economic adviser Lawrence Summers, who asked Congress to pass $200 billion in spending.
His plan calls for more loans made to small businesses, an extension of unemployment insurance, and aid to states to prevent teacher layoffs. The announcement is expected to be met by resistance in Washington as right now Congress is looking for ways to cut spending, not increase it.
While $200 billion may sound like a lot, it may not be enough and it could only calm the market temporarily. Bob Janjuah, a strategist at RBS, released a note yesterday saying that policy makers won't like deflation (the US is basically one poor CPI report away from deflation) and will do everything to inflate the economy. Janjuah calls this the “last real roll of the dice,” which he believes will be a new quantitative easing program by the Fed of $5 trillion to be released sometime in the fourth quarter.
Stimulus, quantitative easing, or both, expect policy makers to make a move soon before the market loses all confidence.



  1. Special update tonight from EWI...Hmmmm, guess I close mine out for now...Today's new low occurred on lessening downside breadth, dwindling down volume and a decrease in NYSE Ticks (intraday) relative to the wave (iii) decline from May 18 to May 21. There was also a clear divergence at today's low between the VIX, which remained beneath its May 21 extreme (48.11), and both the Dow and S&P, each of which made new intraday lows beneath the lows of that day. Finally, observe the red trend channel formed by the Dow's decline from the wave 2 high on May 13. Today's close carried prices above the upper line for the first time since that mid-May high.

    As we discussed last night, waning selling pressure indicates that today's 9774.50 Dow low and 1040.78 S&P low represent wave (v) of i (circle). Minute wave ii (circle) should be a spirited rally for several days, with the potential to leak over into next week. The initial target surrounds the wave (iv) high at 10,198.50 in the Dow and 1089.91 in the S&P. There remains an open gap at 1115.05 in the S&P from May 19 (10,444.40 in the DJIA) and, depending on the intensity of wave ii (circle), prices may try to fill this gap before rolling back to the downside. A 60% retracement is 1120 (S&P), which is just above the late high on May 19 (10,488.00 in the DJIA). So the rally should ideally end in the 1090-1125 area in the S&P and the 10,200-10,522 area in the Dow. A break of 9853.30 in the Dow and 1050.93 in the S&P would indicate that another selling phase to even lower lows was underway.

    Next Update: Wednesday, May 26, 2010.
    --Steven Hochberg, Editor.

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    OK guys, if you would like for me to post the rest from him, let me know. I don't want to take so much room unless Kli is ok with it. :) I have been following Larry and subscribe to him for years...HE ROCKS!!!!

  4. I am MORE than OK.....go for it......

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  7. Warning in the comments only....if they run the market up tomorrow and then finish it red.....ITS a BEAR TRAP ....buy

  8. He is also holding bullion, since 04'...other holdings and recos SCGDX, GLD, TGLDX, UNWPX, USERX, AEM, GG, GSS...hope this helps...TXB, TY KLI! I need them to finish it in the red...I need to cover some...

  9. Good Post Blondie.

    I am a big Larry fan. His calls have been very good. When the dow broke under 11,000 he said it would see 9000 before it saw 11,000.

    Larry uses his own version of TA, what he calls cycle TA. It has worked well for the couple of years I have been following him.

    His previous miner reccomendations were big winners.Larry and Shawn are the only Weiss guys worth watching.

    Interesting that some of the miners he recommended here and in previous alerts were also ones found here on this blog.

  10. Agree! Shawn good also. I doubt we see 11,000 again this year...

  11. 11,200+ on the DOW is possible based on daily and weekly, just a matter of how much "stimulus" gets thrown on the Ponzi before another Black Swan or an accident happens while beating the war drums. Short to intermediate, today was a nice Hammer candlestick on the S&P. Memorial Day weekend coming up can't let reality ruin that.

  12. Hey look at gold go!