Saturday, May 22, 2010


We are at the tipping point of the ponzi. Maybe they can extend it another year, maybe not. Maybe the miner play works here, but this is where the rubber meets the caution is advised. We have suffered a severe technical hit to the market here and getting too heavy on your core (as I have) can be very damaging. Having said that I have NOT changed my strategy of accumulating physical gold. Paying off your personal debt here is vital. Preparation with water and power grid alternatives is also vital even more so.. Change your families spending habits NOW...its com'n and com'n fast.

IMO the game changer is the Gulf tragedy. As JD Davidson is screaming.....this is an unmitigated disaster for our Country. Ignoring the ramifications of this is akin to pissing into the wall of a hurricane. Our government and its enabling Ponzi masters are completely paralyzed by this and have NO solution...the damage is already done if they stopped it NOW. So listen to the Limbaugh's propaganda regarding it at your own peril. This is IT. Kaput.Over. Make your preparations now. I will begin closing a significant portion of my own retirement accounts.

Sorry for the doom and gloom but its time to get over the P2 fluff move of the market and accept Immreds scenario....get prepared and get realistic.

Here is a read from goldseek enjoy...and gl gang...

The expansion of central bank money, used to buy bad assets and save companies that should have been allowed to fail, was a frantic response to a looming breakdown of large New York banks and financial institutions. The capital markets were vetoing central bank policies, and the central bank's bureaucrats fought back with fiat money.

The toxic debt has replaced Treasury debt on the FED's balance sheet. With a $1.5 trillion Federal deficit scheduled for this year, the FED has been content to stop inflating and let the private sector fund the deficit. This money could have gone into the private sector. That it did not is an indicator of the fragility of the recovery.

The world's capital markets are vetoing the central bankers' policies and the politicians' policies. This may change. Confidence may return. But the fiasco that is the Greek government has triggered the response of frantic and terrified politicians in the north of Europe. They did the Keynesian thing. They promised a huge bailout. It is clear that they will do it again if required. It will be required.

To call this recovery fragile is facing facts. This week, fear is dominant. What the central bankers and the politicians can do to restore confidence is not clear. Europe has shot its fiscal wad. Another round will send a message: "Bailouts forever." The same dilemma faces Bernanke.

Politicians play kick the can. Commercial bankers will force Bernanke's hand when they start lending. So far, markets say they won't. The experts are saying this recovery is unlikely to last. They are saying that consumers are tapped out. That is bad news for Keynesians. With tapped-out consumers, the Keynesians must recommend another round of huge deficits. I thought $1.5 trillion was a lot of annual deficit. Apparently, I'm too conservative

update I and you think I am a bear....


  1. Thanks for recommending this Kliguy. More than a little interesting:

  2. Another from Bradshaw in yesterday's article:

    >I think their power is teetering. But it’s still there and we must be cautious about believing that it is over. No, I would suggest that they are still in control. But the evidence cited above makes it appear that they are now running scared and are finding that they don’t have the clout to manipulate and control the markets as they have had in the past.

    Yet, for sure, at some point in time, they can lose control. As a minimum, if gold should really take off in an attack on Iran, natural disaster such exploding volcanoes or earthquakes, a realization of the fall out of the oil spill in the Gulf (some analysts have gone on record to suggest that this spill may trigger a US economic collapse), or some other precipitating event, the Cabal may have to impose its back up strategy with gold and maybe even silver--confiscation.<

  3. Diabolical... and all the more reason to flash yellow warning lights here...this is pure guesswork. To protect the fiat dollar status as the world's reserve currency and to stabilize all fiat you cannot have gold will be fascinating......stay tuned.

  4. Interesting comment from that section by Sam Thomas on the zerohedge article:

    And, Mr. Klarman, like so many others, mistakes the role that gold will play in the recalibration of the global economic and monetary system, and hence misapprehends and why it is neither "trendy" nor "extremely expensive."

    Klarman does not connect the dots between ultimate risks of the ZIRP environment he talks about, the high probability of a sovereign debt catastrophe he wants to hedge against with out-of-the-money bond puts, and a gold price which finally moves explosively higher as investors puke their guts out and move to the king of metals for preservation of their assets.

    "Will money be worth anything," asked Mr. Klarman, "if governments keep intervening anytime there's a crisis to prop things up?"

    Short answer: no. But gold sure as hell will. <


  5. One thing to keep in mind with the Mothers of Darkness from Belgium, and the next tier down of male Illuminatis, the BP oil spill is not viewed in their terms the way "normal" people think about it. For us it is a play on green energy and manipulation of crude, for them they think global to align with David Rockefeller's speech where he proposes UN scanctioned population control. This is assessed based on available natural resources, kind of like running a farm where the cows are useful if they provide more milk than the cost of the grass they eat. How I view the BP oil spill is to assess how bad this becomes as a function of available natural resources, versus the world population. If it become too serious, it will be necessary to cull the herd of cattle via war or disease, so watch the headlines and game pharma for the next plague or go longside on industrials once the "shock" of another war happens.

  6. Hold it - not looking to call anyone out, but looking for more clarity here.

    A few weeks ago, the ponzi was unstoppable, firmly in control, and not even nature could impede their iron fisted control over the world and the markets. I recall immred saying something to the effect of 'yawn wake me in a day or two when this quick drop finishes'...the general sentiment being this will go on far longer than anyone expects, because a couple people here may or may not be in the know, and they say, know that this is all orchestrated.

    Now, an oil spill which could be devastating and a pullback in the markets and everyone's back on board with P3? Red is liquidating everything and we may need to be ready with our food stores in the coming weeks?

    What am I missing?

  7. ALWAYS it has been stated clearly that the Law of Nature WILL prevail over the Ponzi. The problem with Nature is that it has its own timetable and no human or ponzi by humans can alter it. The K winter and Kress predict 2012-2015 as the deflationary overall collapse. These cycles can be altered by Nature. I think any rationale individual would an asteroid strike on earth tomorrow just might create a depression now...oh wait ....never mind history will show we entered the depression in Dec 2007 ....and yes the Poni is still in control and will remain in control...but its for you and I to guess where their next move is.

  8. Clarification...Ponzi still running the market...and trying to control social mood....both are inextricably linked and will ultimately determine the market's destiny...but for now Ponzi controls the market just as they did in 2008.

  9. What is their thought process with this (so far) correction? Just making money on both sides for themselves while they can?

  10. And, guys, if you are closing your accounts, what are you doing with the money other than buying physical?

  11. Paying the penalty and taxes...and 50%cash(for now) and 50% physical. far as Ponzi goes way to know what the plan long as the trend is down they are short...we may go through a distribution phase for the summer then a last push north ....i really have no way to tell....Wayalat predicted this down turn and also predicted they would ramp it out of did Droke....

  12. "Ponzi still running the market...and trying to control social mood" they sure do run the market, but they are losing the CONfidence game.

    The deal breaker imho will be the BP Gulf disaster. Can't Spin It, Can't Hide It and They Can't Fix It!!!

  13. Nothing fundamental is changing.. Kli has long advocated having survival supplies and getting out of the market. He's disclaimed plenty of times that this is a place for people still crazy enough to be investing.. Those of us dumb enough to stand here playing Donkey Kong while the arcade burns down around us.