Friday, August 13, 2010


Because that is the game.....extend and pretend. There is little choice as we push out the end. Promises must be kept to the politician puppets by their masters. So the game is to continue the backdoor stimulus to the markets through the various mortgage and monetization programs. They will speak in "triplespeak" , since doublespeak may be interpretable....but the end game is the same....keep lipstick on the pig until 2012....then clean the sheeple out. Game over. Paper asset holders are toast.

Those of us foolish enough to play this game and believe their is a remote possiblity that we will be smart enough to avoid this slaughter are welcome to stay in the game with this blog, but be aware if it starts to unwind earlier than could be all over for your accounts. I feel you are safe until then, but social mood is necessary to watch. As long as the cabal controlled media feed the sheeple their gruel and tell them the constant littany of lies then mood should hold awhile longer.

After all the sheeple now think that Obama 47% started TARP vs 36% Bush....hehehe ( I wonder who the remaining 17% think started Tarp) So the confusion and divisiveness of the cabal remains intact with moderates and extremist fighting one another as the gov and cabal fleeces you blind.

I for one would like another cabal war on terrorism. The war on terrorism has been one of my best cash generators....see LLL for cash cow (I will not go into specifics, but long term good place)...But of course the need to keep our centurions in the Middle East is vital for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). This is certainly something that all good sheeple support for the safety of our country. 800 military bases in 125 countries...pissing off every religious, ethnic, and nationalistic country can only be good for my ultimate goal. Of course the trillions to support this is absolutely necessary......just look at how safe we feel. Wait until these poor troops eventually come home to a wrecked economy and find the cabal could give a shit about them and the get 7.50/hr jobs flippin burgers....and the food stamp card for their wife limits at 200/mo. Hmmmmm lets see now.....tens of thousands of hardened explosive experts coming home to that mess. No wonder O wants to keep them over there.....

Enough of this doom. No one really wants to hear about that. Lets party. Trading SGG GG NBR SGY SSRI ...looking for DTO trade but out. ANV gone also... Have some EGO and GFI....and several others that are lesser plays....will advise caution long until later this year safe and remember....its ok to be a sheep, just don't let them give you a haircut in November.....winters comin'

updateI If you are a PM trader...before you panic from your core up.


  1. Kli I think the market has broken out of the down channel.

  2. kli,

    Speaking of middle east, it's getting warmed up again in lebonan across southern border, russian satellites have picked up more shit, proxy wars might heat up:

  3. "I like the smell of napalm in the smells like money.." --anonymous cabal member

  4. Joe, you're absolutely right about Lebanon. Tensions are heating up as Hezbollah will likely be indicted by the international tribunal, probably forcing them to disarm.

    Obviously Hezbollah will not stand for this and thus will look to start another war w/ Israel in an effort to remove focus from the trial. Could get ugly and may involve Iran this time. Could be a nice long trade on oil...always thinkin' bout $$$ haha

  5. Sammy,

    Politics is the ART of making one's selfish desires SEEM like national interest. There are NO independent countries in middle east, they are the proxies for either the west OR russia and china. Largest blow to the western cabal was in 1978 when they lost their main proxy Iran when Shah fell. That was music to the ears of Russia and China. Most Americans have no idea how this game is played. Russians and Chinese will not allow Iran to fall. Politics has nothing to do with friendship, it's only about INTEREST. Iran after the revolution of 1978 signed a secret agreement with Russia that in the case of direct military attack on their soil will get 100% support from Russians and that includes nuclear attack as well which is why 32 yrs later no invasion of Iran has taken place. Iran strategically and economically as well as politically is vital to Russia and China especially with vast borders Iran has with Russia across caspian sea. Israel has no natural resources and gets their main oil from russians, any attack on Iran is considered attack on Russia and now chinese are in the game as well backing Iran 100%. Most Israelly citizens along with most Arab and persian public want NO WAR, how ever the power structure might get blind to the point that they think they can get away with consequences, all it takes is for crazies from either side to start trouble and that would have severe consequences for the region and the world as well.

  6. Iran is a huge guriella in the middle east, country of 80M people with 4X size of Iraq and the diverse geography of U.S. ( desert some areas, mountains, sea), all nationalistic regardless of their religious affiliations, the Jewish Iranians who are currently living in Iran are extremly nationalistic and are not zionists, they have informed hezbollah when they identify Mossad agents within their home, to them judism is a religion not a nationality since in their belief system there is no such thing as jewish nationalism. Most Iranian public do not like and care for their own government but are very united against foriegn invasion. Russians and Chinese are pouring their technology into Iran. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran is also a major player in Mid east affairs. Israels IDF soldiers are truely scared of hezbollah fighters and saw in action the beating hezbollah gave them last time.

  7. I think Jesse's got a point that the govt will want to prop things to coincide with GM's new IPO.. But that's been delayed to late October so there's plenty of time to test spx 1,000 and still bounce it back for GM and elections.. Maybe scare everybody to excuse more QE and public union bailouts in the interim? Then point at GM's successful IPO as proof of how great those policies are?

  8. Thanks for the reply Joe. Unfortunately I know all too well the politics of the region. My family fled Lebanon when I was a boy as we Christians were essentially shoved out of the country. I've returned several times since, once recently, and Beirut is booming...but it's standing on very fragile ground.

    So you don't feel that a conflict involving Iran is likely? It'll be interesting to see how things unfold with the tribunal, especially when they announce Hezbollah (Iran's puppet) as responsible for the assassinations of 10+ political figures. Frankly, I believe Syria is behind it, but they have a knack for sidestepping responsibility, instead summoning Hezb. to do its dirty work.

  9. Sammy,

    Good to see you are doing o.k. The answer to your question is:

    When it comes to middle east, I never say conflict is 100% UNLIKELY , how ever since politics is about interest, currently I do not see a major war with Iran to be in any one's interest because of severe consequences. Power structures will test anything if they think they can get away with it BUT the main parties know very well the current situation, even the most power hungry idiots are aware of this particular situation. Having said that I do not reject the possibility of Israel and hezbollah in Leobanan going at it again and that's different than invading Iran directly.

  10. By the way sammy, my educated estimation of invading Iran directly is 5% and for Israel & hezbollah conflict in Leobanon is around 35%.

  11. Do you work for Jane's? haha...because you probably should. I work on the oil and gas research side of one of its sister companies, and I'm certain they're not nearly as knowledgable.

    Thanks again Joe, and Kli & co...thanks for the great information. I don't post much, but I read all the time, keep up the great blog.

  12. I was wondering if you guys owned LLL--was watching it hit 52-wk. low today and wondered if an even better buying opp would come on this correction. I am accumulating cash, but this one looks relatively safe. Seems like literally everyone calling for a market crash now.

  13. Nancy LLL is an accumulate on usual don't go crazy.....long term its a survivor big time

  14. Sammy,

    I do not work for Jane's but kli should,heheee!

  15. Nancy,

    At this point look at weekly charts if you are playing longer than a few days for targets.

    A short term capitulation has still not been forced.

    Personally if I enter anything it will be SGY, a small position will be either around the daily and a little more around the weekly lower bollinger. For now strictly cash.

    As for Joe, he's much more resources than Jane's.

    As I have indicated before Iran is an accident waiting to happen, just a matter of when. The reasons will not be rational when it does.

  16. 5%=WWIII so it aint gonna happen....if it does then turn out your over. The balance of power is over for the US. Thats too much heat for even the best cleaner in the world....its mad max time

  17. kli,

    That's why I gave the estimation of 5% which is greater than 0 and takes into consideration irrational reason for attack and Red understands the consequences of that accident happening both to the region and the world.