Thursday, September 2, 2010


If you believe that reality and the stock market are connected then you too are a redneck. This is about making money and surviving and today was the demonstration of who is in control in this market right now. Gentle Ben told you the WILL NOT allow deflation. Whether they can do this or not is NOT relevant here. What is relevant is the meaning of his statement. He TOLD YOU that he is going to do WHATEVER it takes. AND the only thing he has is the PRINTING PRESS.

We have spoke innumerable times that this would be a trader's year and OMG how it has been that. But for many of you this is too treacherous to engage in trying to day trade in. If you have held a miners core then congratulations. Its kept you in the game in spite of the Cabals efforts to kill the trade.

IF IF IF....we get further upside to the miners in the next week....take your profit and let the baastids go. Physical gold and silver is accumulate on weakness. If our previous discussions pan out we MIGHT just might get a nice buy on the market in October....the timing remains to be seen. Now is the time to start taking profit and building your reserves.....


  1. Did you guys have a chance to see the "Venezuela-zation" of Petrobras!? Brazilian Gov't essentially forced the company to purchase 5B barrels at a price several bucks over fair market value. Plus PBR is being forced to build significant refining capacity ($70B) over the next 5 years while there's a glut of capacity worldwide...not to mention it would cost half the amount to just buy it, but that wouldn't create jobs back in Rio!

    Interesting how gov'ts in Brazil, China, India actually try to retain industry...wonder what would've happened if we tried that haha. Things are getting scary here in the states, starting to think Beirut might be safer hehe.

  2. Sammy...Beirut is absolutely beautiful......wish we hadn't screwed it up so baad......but its too close to ground zero.....stay away from it