Saturday, September 11, 2010


How many times did we have to listen to this diatribe during the past years. While Rome was burning Larry Kudlow nightly beat this drum. Even in the face of a diving stock market he continued the mantra as the few remaining sheep stood fast in their belief of the Krudlow creedo. I would sit and listen and wonder just how anyone like this could be allowed to continue to have a podium to spew such an obvious pile of garbage to the faithful listeners of CNBS (misspelling intended)....Many of us that have spent the last fateful years trying to invest and study the debacle that has befallen this country are realizing that this is NOT a random evidenced by the multitude of Kudlows that have graced the airwaves. You need only go back and rewind the years of pundits and their suicidal advice given....and these were the EXPERTS. I always wondered as an early investor years ago how two EXPERTS could often have a 180 degree point of view on the economy or the investment strategy....100% diametrically OPPOSITE viewpoints....not just differences.

Our conclusions certainly arrive belatedly at some type of conspiracy. You have a google and it really isn't that difficult to research. Make your own decisions. The puppet masters would have you pick a liberal socialist agenda as the culprit....but a good progressive knows better....or maybe its the republican party that is behind it with there own wedge issue platter of issues....a good conservative won't stand for that. So you see its very simple... divide and conquer...maintain confusion within the sheeple. Its so easy. Its beautiful to see how a well laid plan comes into play here. As investors we must always recognize the game and what it can do to our decisions and just how vulnerable you really are in this casino...

Your sons and daughters will be asked to sacrifice for this you owe them the education of YOURSELF so that you may provide them the best advice to move forward without being a SHEEP like 98% of their cohorts will be. This game will go on for a lifetime....I guarantee that. Here is a nice excerpt and good

Back in the glory days of 2008, the mainstream press, political pundits, and various government officials talked about the idea of the Goldilocks economy. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Of course the analogy ended when the bears chased Goldilocks out of the cottage. While the same outlets aren’t trotting out the fairy tale this time around, it is clear that the US has hit phase two of the Goldilocks economy and it is my guess that most folks will like this one even less than the first.

And again, there are three major bears that are threatening to once again drive Goldilocks deep into the forest.

update I...amazing how honest an old man can be....

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  1. "the federal reserve is a psychopathic killer"

    I wonder if he has recommended therapy for Benny and the Fed Presidents. hehehe

    On second thought they may be incurable and need to be institutionalized for their remaining years.