Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BIG READ update I

This is a mere sample that is within this article. The real meat of the article is in the latter half. Well worth the time.


The mushroom has a primary point of vulnerability that has received very little attention. The Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) was originally an innovative process that simplified the way mortgage ownership and servicing rights were originated, sold, and tracked. MERS is a property title database, intended by Wall Street and Fannie Mae to serve as a repository that kept order when mortgage bonds were traded fast and furious. In recent court cases in at least three states, the MERS database failed to attain legal standing in mortgage foreclosure challenges. The holder of the note (home loan) could not combine with the MERS database (title holder) to win property seizure. The system began to unravel. Now in at least one state, the MERS database is directly cited in a criminal fraud class action lawsuit that invokes the RICO statutes. MERS is the financial system's Achilles Heel. Maybe a big bank like Bank of America might collapse, fall into ruin, and dissolve from proof of racketeering, its assets confiscated by aggrieved parties to fraud. Obviously, Bank of America along with several other big banks have been dead for a long time, since October 2008 in my estimation. If not for the lax and complicit accounting rules by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, which permit banks to declare their own fictitious value for their balance sheet assets, imposed in April 2009, the big banks would undergo liquidation. They cling to control of the USGovt financial purse, its USDollar printing press, its conduits to financial centers, and its extended arm to legal prosecution control. Big bank liquidation is tantamount to liquidation of the entire US financial structure, its power and privilege, in plain words.

MERS has gained unwanted damaging attention in the legal arenas, and it will not go away. The class action lawsuits will establish the high ground, grow in number, and gain attention. The proof of the malfeasance, fraud, and forgery will be incredibly easy, breathtaking in implications, and shocking to the sleepy public. The risk of civil disobedience is acute. The directly associated risk of commercial degradation from contract law moving toward a field of abandonment is also acute. The domino effect carries risk to the business and thus the social fabric of the American society. The United States is on the verge of events leading to potential systemic failure. Few attribute causality to the Fascist Business Model broad implementation and secretive endorsement, but it lies at the center.

Update I... the Game... or Why we will ride the Bankers to bottom of Hell. THEY OWN US...Politically..Economically...and Informationally.....


  1. Amazed at the aggressiveness of the printing presses. Things seem to be still relatively calm on the surface. After brief pullbacks I suspect they will even get more aggressive promoting stagflation until the system breaks.

    Oil and gold doing a premature commodity spike with the aggressive competitive devaluations.

  2. started my dto buys....push oil over 85 baby

  3. Joe the plumber doesn't stand a chance with oil over 85

  4. Me too Kli...kinda nervous though. The move seems very strong this time, like they know something we don't!

  5. Jim Rogers video yesterday: "They will print till there are no trees left" and "they're not that smart, otherwise they wouldn't be in Washington"...loved it. Same tune, different verse, ags and pms per Jim.

  6. Is this a short squeeze on dcth or real buying? Tia.