Friday, December 31, 2010


Enjoy the crumbs traders. There is still a santa claus this year and his name is BEN. Take advantage of what the man giveth. It won't go straight up and it will make another nice year to trade if you are patient. The secular commodity Bull run is not over. China trying to tap on the brakes is like a Crack head being told he can only have 5 Red Bulls that morning. China has to try and stop the costs of essentials from destroying their fledgling economy and they will not be able to tap too hard. Today they announced a 21% increase in the minimum wage.....just after a big increase 6mo ago.

We may be destroying our middle class (and we are)...but Massive developing countries like China Brazil India and MANY others are growing theirs exponentially. Their governments recognize the need for that engine to grow their economy. We on the other hand have committed our future to bail out the "bondholders" of our largest financial institutions. Leaving a burden for generations to come. Worse... it has depleted resources for years to come from needed infrastructure, education...etc.

You as an investor and steward for your family must use the knowledge of this to plan accordingly. Where there are dislocations ....there will be opportunity. At least that has been the history of the world and the laws of physics. Right now you can benefit by the need for clean energy AND the need for oil independence in uranium....Don't expect this to be an overnite success...Hold a core. gl gang.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Market is tired but the underlying silver war is not. Within the boring equities market lies a desperate battle that fiat manipulation cannot touch and that is the DELIVERY of bullion from the LBMA and Comex......its a war right now as a dwindling supply of bullion at an artificially low price is beeing bought like tootie rolls at a five and dime by some very big buyers. No one knows who the consortium is but its clear to this writer that they indeed exixt. When the daily hard moves to drive down silver occur the response to buy is almost as rapid now.

I have reduced my core in miners anticipating an equidies and commodities take down......but certainly I have kept plenty of PSLV and PHYS and ANV on hand still small GFI EGO EXK.... Uranium miners HOLDING....UEC URZ......gotta be strong on that call.

DCTH, OREX....i just hope they knock them down so i can add more.....

Too much going on today but will check in and have a happy new year.

Chicago Purchasing Managers just Exploded up.......hehehhehehe watta game....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Look out below....that will keep being the clarion call for 2011 but Ben has your back for the big elevator down. Use any big scare to buy or scale into your favorite picks on a beat down this year. The patient investor that holds a nice cash stash for pull backs will be rewarded this year.

Keep a core of the miners that we have talked about and the actual bullion holders. SSRI ANV EGO GFI HL SLW.

Look for some crazy plays if you want to speculate but careful playing too have to have confidence and these are speculative.

Stocks that are still good trades for this year with nice trading bands ar S ALU ... ALU still has a run in it.

Don't leave home without it....a core in uranium stocks....use pullbacks to the 50ma to add. UEC URZ USU ....They are in a nice pullback here and a core should be held.

I have been using NBR ATPG SGY to trade against my DTO short ....they make a nice trading hedge. Oil needs to pull back bad but it can go to 100....just saying.

Keep your eyes on Chinese stocks....CCME is a fav......also STP JASO

OREX and DCTH in the biotech are two of my favorites and Joe is pounding the table on be aware. gl for next year.

update I

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


(Reuters) - The average price of U.S. gasoline rose above $3 a gallon over the past week, reaching its highest level since October 2008, the Energy Department said on Monday.

The national price for regular gasoline increased 7 cents from the previous week to an average of $3.05 per gallon, as rising crude oil prices bolstered fuel costs.

Howz that boyz n girlz?? Makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over again. We couldn't kill the little guy in 2008...maybe we can get em now. After all he's on life support right now courtesy of the last smash crash. It should be easy. Just raise that gas up for a little while and let him pay that fuel bill to travel to work and shopping. We'll show him recovery. After all if gas can rise to these levels then the recovery HAS to be on. Guess what's up 20$/oz today ....thats right.

We are living in the land of the living dead. You and I are dead men walking. I don't know about you but I kind of like it. It doesn't hurt one little bit. No pain here (I guess no gain either). But never mind its all good. Keep on trucking..........remember keep playin the game the casino is wide open.. Accumulate the Uranium miners on weakness...UEC URC USU ....

Case Shiller just came out and is a disaster.......Imagine gang

Monday, December 27, 2010


A frequently asked question by the investment and lay public is WHY CAN'T THEY KEEP ON PRINTING MONEY? In other words we can just make our stock market go up indefinitely. What's to stop them? Your answer is actually relatively simple. As more dollars are pushed out into the global economy then more and more purchases of hard and soft commodities will occur......doing WHAT? YES...thats right limiting their supply AND WORSE.....pushing them UP in other currency more dollars printed here......the more rice is going to cost in China......also pushing up oil prices as the dollar liquidity that sloshes worldwide tries to find a place to park. One thing for sure they are NOT going to park in longer term denominated treasuries. Only the Fed buying through their own dealers are keeping those prices under control (btw that is why I trade only a small TBT here)..

So let's be very clear ...oceans of dollars floating globally as we prop up not only ourselves but other selected central banks does what??? It increases INFLATION in ESSENTIALS in these countries. Many countries recognize this looming disaster and the fact that we benefit the most from this unfair designation as the World's Reserve Currency...and are taking active steps now to remedy this before we destroy them. They are arranging swaps between trading partners in Asia and the BRICK countries to shift away from the dollar as the reserve currency. There will be a shift that occurs slowly but one day you will wake up and an agreement that will completely remove the dollar as the reserve currency will be in place. My guess is it will be in OIL from the OPEC countries....and that will be the end of an era. Don't be in DTO when that happens..

Should be a relatively uneventful week. Maybe they will gun it the first week of January...I'd like that......anyway play the core and hope they take this down for a big dip to buy.....I'm keeping my eyes on UEC URZ USU uranium stocks....appear to be consolidating....GL

Update I

For those of you wanting to set it out a good song....

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Be prepared for the explosion ahead for this sector......I expect a consolidation in the high flying uranium minining sector in January but that could be short lived.....having a core position to build on and keep as a long term hold this year is recommended....the printing presses and scarce resources with more and more pressure on the environment make the uranium mining sector an area to is a list of interesting changes occurring.

Atomic Expansion

China and India are leading the biggest atomic expansion since the decade after the 1970s oil crisis in order to reduce air pollution and power their economies. Chinese uranium demand may rise to 20,000 tons annually by 2020, more than a third of the 50,572 tons mined globally last year, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Macquarie Group Ltd. reported last month that Chinese uranium imports had increased, especially between June and September.

Vietnam’s government said in June the country plans to build as many as 13 nuclear-power plants with a capacity of 16,000 megawatts by 2030, and that it welcomes overseas assistance.

Malaysia is considering building two 1,000-megawatt nuclear-power plants to start operations in 2021 and 2022 respectively, state news agency Bernama reported this week, citing Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin.

Romania, Lithuania and the U.K. plan to build new nuclear plants, while France and Finland are already doing so. Italy plans a return to atomic energy after more than two decades.

Nuclear energy accounts for about a third of electricity production in the European Union, where 14 nations have atomic- power plants.

Top Picks

Coutts said among his top picks in Australia in the industry are Paladin Energy Ltd., which produces the metal in Africa and has climbed 18 percent this year in Sydney through yesterday, and Extract Resources Ltd., which has risen 7 percent and isn’t yet producing.

update I.... if you wanna take a look at a pipe dream in this sector with some fun money.....and watch out if Joe gets into this....

update II

update III

Friday, December 24, 2010


Or perhaps the FAILURE of a COUNTRY. What happens when the entire system is completely corrupted within the infrastructure of a country? We were promised very clearly by this president that we would have transparency and disclosure in this government and in our financial system. Instead we were given the exact opposite. The defense within the administration is to extend and pretend and HOPE the mortal wound our country recieved from multiple decades of graft and outright fraud that has destroyed every aspect of our country can heal with time. In other words....time heals all wounds.

Our financial system formed an unholy alliance with government and their regulatory function by turning our elected bodies into an illusion of choice between the right and the left or conservatives and liberals or socialists and conservatives. When in reality we have created only a singularly functioning body of government to protect only the fortune 100 companies.....and even that is now being reduced to perhaps the Fortunate 50. Small companies and mid-sized companies will be swallowed up by the very largest and most connected corporations as fascism narrows their focus on consolidating their world influence. This process will take several more years but will be enabled by the coming sunami of deflationary collapse. The reason this will be possible is due to the socialization of the monstrous committment of trillions of precious dollars to restore the balance sheets of the very intitutions that betrayed the American people. Of course there will be no stopping them now.

If you want to argue this inevitable course then you only have to look at the promise of transparency. Ben Bernanke is in complete control of our monetary and actually fiscal policy. Yes the same Ben Bernanke that said repeatedly in 06 and 07 there was no housing bubble and that he saw no significant problems with the economy ahead. We have daily distortions of our financial statistics and news releases that have censorship written all over them under the guise of restoring CONfidence. Many investors and average citizens repeat a daily mantra of "not wanting to hear any negative news". Well fellow citizen if you believe this then I hope you don't whine to those people out there fighting for your children's and your grandchildren's future when this whole sordid system falls completely on your face. You go ahead and hide yourself in that "veil of safety". Just remember millions of Americans over the years gave their lives. NOT FOR YOU TO LIVE IN A NICE HOUSE WITH A THREE CAR GARAGE, but for the CONSTITUTION that gives you the freedoms you enjoy today. Those freedoms are being quickly destroyed and you are willing to accept

Your media is now completely controlled....ALL MAJOR MEDIA reports directly to their corporate masters....

Your government has legalized bribery.....

The supreme court has no voice left on it for "the people"

Your military is aware of this and will soon have to make a decision. Whether they defend the constituion or continue to take orders from a decaying crony capitalism. I think I already know the answer but the verdict is still out.

The CIA is engaged in an internal war and buried by its complex's a wildcard how it responds, but most likely it will go with the military.

Enjoy the next few years as the remaining principles that made this country great are attacked...if they fail then we will join the ranks of other failed democracies and failed empires....There is a difference between right and wrong. You don't need to be a religious person to know the difference between the two. You don't have to believe in God to know when something is evil. YOU KNOW. Ask yourself this question. Do you see anything evil going on now? If you say no then stop reading this blog now. If you say yes then what are you doing about it? Failure for you to speak out is tantamount to the same evil you abhor. With your silence then you are condemned to a lasting hell.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MO MONEY update I

Relax this is where it starts to get interesting....As we push the CONfidence string to the extreme with the numbers paint on the equity market, the telltale signs of essentials being pushed too are now showing up. Do NOT expect this to change. In fact, once this stagflation cycle begins and it has in a big way...DO NOT expect ANY major pullback in input prices. Trying to short oil has been a disaster so and silver are being fought by the Central Banks to prevent painting any end of the year numbers over 1400.

The biggest problem for the ponzi is the silver market. Its where the near term exposure for damage to their manipulation is likely to occur. This is well documented and doesn't need to be rehashed here. Look for weakness in SSRI ANV SLW patient.

Jobs are not meaningfully improving and the multiple structural problems will start to impact the ponzi in a year. But right now watch energy for plays NBR ATPG look good here.

Most importantly watch Uranium for pullbacks UEC ...

Enjoy the

update I...John Jay's great commentary...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Pullback coming in equities...surely ....but this is about URANIUM and a position to start now and diversify you portfolio. As usual take small positions and add on pullbacks.....this is a longer term core hold for the next year. We will be competing globally for energy as we proceed into the 21st Century and the often maligned Uranium must be emphasized as being in the early stages of a secular bull market. We are still in the very early stages and an investment now in a core of miners over the long term should return more than many more stayed energy investments.

This article will delineate our current competitive disadvantages that will necessitate action soon to jumpstart this sector.

Excerpt from above follows...Yesterday, the Russian mining arm ARMZ purchased Mantra for almost $10 a pound of uranium in the ground. Mantra controls the Nyota deposit and will be able to produce 5 million pounds of uranium a year. This transaction signals that governments and institutional investors are scrambling for control of uranium assets in the ground. These transactions should continue over the next few months as alert foreign nations such as China and Russia are realizing the dire supply-demand constraints.

Russian uranium requirements have increased, evidenced this year by several acquisitions including Uranium One (SXRZF.PK), which has just received its NRC license on its Moore Ranch project. Other miners in Wyoming are likely targets. The trend is signaling that the suitors will come from overseas as China, with its recent take-off agreement with Cameco (CCJ), and Russia, with its recent purchase of Mantra, seem to be the most active investors.

A factor that must be kept in mind also is that Obama is VERY MUCH a corporatist and has made it VERY CLEAR he is sympathetic to nuclear power. For this country to achieve energy independece with an environmentally "clean" fuel....this is an excellent alternative..... So look for a move this year towards Uranium with a Repulican controlled house and Obama...I'll end with a Forbes article from last week.

Currently I hold URZ, UEC...

And on PM's.......


As we continue the "extend and pretend" I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that contribute to the comments and hope that the Great Ponzi allows you to continue for next year. We had a wonderful year of trading that hopefully saw your portfolios increase. I know I was lucky this year and was right more often than wrong. The wrongs always hurt but I had enough confidence in the overall prediction to buy the miners on all their pullbacks. I never held long enough but the end result was just fine.

This year will again be treacherous but any significant correction will just be a signal to buy in the PM's and miners. As Red has alluded to there could be a mega-event this year to upset all the predictions of a pollyanna equity year but I think we have the odds of monetary easing to keep this ponzi alive. Black Swans are truly unforseen events and I have to accept we luck out another year. Be careful never get too heavily invested without cash on hand.

Keep your household strong with a positive attitude and MAKE yourself take the time to smile and say uplifting things to family and friends. You may know things are going to be rough, but they are sheep and will continue to follow the herd.

I will continue to follow the the metrics and hopefully some of you can bring some more good investments this year. TXB brought HL that I made some nice coin on... thnx. Joe brought in too many to mention. I can't keep up with the contributions so continue to bring your ideas.

Right now I am looking for at least a 6% correction...if we push the correction out another 3 weeks then its going to be a 10% correction....the miner stocks will dump to their WATCH OUT. UEC looks tasty here.... STP CCME also moving....if we have 3 more weeks before the correction then silver will hit 33 and miners will approach their all time highs...SSRI ANV EGO GFI HL

gl all

Monday, December 20, 2010


If those were the headlines from our weekend would your portfolio be intact? Ask yourself how your portfolio would look if a 9.4 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California this last night. I have been in a 7.0 earthquake and if an earthquake hundereds of time more powerful than 7 hits Cali I couldn't imagine the results.....but I can to my portfolio. Can YOU??

What would your portfolio look like if another terrible attack occurred on our soil??? Perhaps an attack that disrupts our power gride or internet for several days.

What if the Korea conflict escalates or Iran blows up into a war. Can you imagine what your portfolio will look like?

Suppose Ireland or Greece had defaulted Sunday evening. Monday could look really different on the screen. Would a dollar at 90 overnight be good for your portfolio. Perhaps you had been smart enough to have hedged for Korea and Iran by owning crude oil. Now with the default your hedge is KILLING YOU.

Keep in mind as an investor in this market that it is incumbent that you consider a myriad of unexpected scenarios that can play out and how your portfolio will respond. Do you want to own the CCME in this environment? YES, but make sure you own some PHYS as a hedge.......Do you want to own energy or short OIL....yes but be aware it requires limits and in itself is a hedge on any Iranian attack.... But gold and silver have the best hedge potential overall.

This market is on a monster bull run from the QE and do not expect it to be over soon... but nature CAN stop it so always have that in mind. Just because its a bull doesn't mean you can't be prepared for pullbacks so have cash handy too.

We are in strange times and preparation is paramount. If silver and gold break up today then we are probably going to test new highs in the next few weeks in the PMs. Watch Europe for the tell ....Moody's is trying to downgrade France. IMO they could be the driver for gold over this time.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Shocking news out of Washington. President Obamas Extend and Pretend bill passes with overwhelming Republican support. Democrats fight to the bitter end to preserve our democracy, but alas the Republican pressure was overwhelming and the tax cuts to ALL income brackets was preserved. I personally appreciate this and thanked my children for their future enslavement. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Dems for fighting for the country and especially the Republicans for insuring that people in my income bracket are not forced to pay more money. Balanced budgets are for suckers.

Now for the Eurozone.... Germany had great economic news today...much stronger economy than expected. Eurozone problems for them??? Nahhh...just a speed bump.

One thing that you can count on is this game is ON!! We are warming up the greatest flood of money the world could ever imagine...and it is going to have a profound impact on all of us. One way or another ....when this monster is eventually unleashed you are going to see an absolute explosion in the costs of essentials in a world with economies and individuals teetering on the edge of an economic cliff. The grand reflation experiment will resonate for years to come. I'll stick with the timeframe of 2012-2015 for the deflationary washout. That still looks like a go. Ben will have to put the brakes on or the bond vigilantes will do it for him. The pitchfork crowd will also pop up here at that time. Don't worry if you are in the "law and order" crowd. You will see the biggest clamp down of your freedoms you can possibly imagine. If you like the military now, then you're gonna LOVE um in 2012.....when the PTB call them out to "insure YOUR safety". There should be some serious national safety issues to deal with too and you will be VERY SUPPORTIVE of these actions. I know I will.

Our malinvestments in this country will become become only a distant memory as we scramble for ALPO and shelter. China will be looking to strengthen their new trading Partners as the new Asian mantra become ABTUS...Anyone But The U. S. We will still have 800 military bases in 130 countries....mainly due to the fact we can't afford the fuel to bring them back home (not to mention the fact who wants 300 thousand unemployed pissed off centurions that know how to make IEDs in country).

They will still be printing unemployment numbers on the first friday of every month...but everyone stopped watching in 2012 when Rick Santelli kicked the shit out of Steve Leisman on air and was fired by CNBS for flipping off Erin Burnett afterwards.

It will be a different landscape.....but I am going to remain an optimist. I refuse to believe that the greatest Ponzi ever conceived cannot make lemonade out of this lemon. Its gonna be all OK.....somehow we will get through all of this bizzare, sick, bullshit and the smart traders here will be standing on top of the heap when this pile of chit collapses. WASH RINSE and REPEAT.

So lets keep our focus on the game. Its money printing and its means essentials like energy and food are headed higher right now. Watch the miners SSRI EGO HL GFI SWC ANV all re getting close to a tradable bottom. Just beware ...keep a lot of cash handy in case they do decide to take this market down hard. And as always own the physical........

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is one of the most telling numbers I have seen yet. They missed badly on the top and bottom estimates. Even cooked books can't keep up with this sick economy. The much heralded CONSUMER LED GDP economy just took a knockout punch this AM. Have NO FEAR with Dr. Bernanke in the corner they will manage to stagger back out later in the round and hold their gloves high and declare victory. But as readers of this you must be aware this is a clear signal that the end game of restoring CONfidence is not working. HOW CAN IT? Credit is contracting at the consumer level. People are losing their jobs. People are afraid of losing jobs. HOW DOES A FAUX ECONOMY RECOVER? Under these conditions its just remarkable that our controlled media charletons can still try and delude the public. One day hopefully this will all be cleaned but don't hold your breath.

Gold and Silver are still trying to correct... Let's see if they can close gold below 1372....that will indicate a deeper correction. Keep your core and watch for a turn....right now its no man's land.

Count on the ponzi being extended. Any correction will be a buying opportunity.

UEC SSRI ANV.....are on the careful here.

update I......UEC looking "swell"...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wobbly.....that's what my opinion on this market is right now. This has been pushed to such a ridiculous level of stupidity even the non investment public is laughing. Don't get me wrong....the trend is up as long is the Bernanke printing press is running. Don't confuse with the attempt to reinflate this economy with monetary policy to have anything to do with repairing the tremendous structural damage that has occurred with fiscal and public policy. The loss of jobs is a result of a variet y of structural disasters. Our free trade policies have PERMANENTLY shipped good paying manufacturing jobs overseas. Some of you may say that we had become too complacent with our wage structures and that this is a natural result of "free trade" some extent this is true and those arguments have some merit. The problem is that we have lost many of these jobs to countries that block our exports with a variety of back door tariffs that make our remaining jobs impossible to sustain.

Structural educational changes in this country are frightening. In the world in an OECD study we now rank 17th in science and 25th in math out of 34 OECD countries. For many years we ranked 1rst... The OECD estimates that by boosting scores for reading, math and science by just 25 points over the next 20 years it would result in a gain of 41 Trillion dollars for the U.S. economy over the lifetime of the generation born in 2010. This is where its at.....and we are NOT addressing this structural disater.

We cannot mount and sustain a strong manufacturing base without dealing with the underlying decay of our infrastructure. Mass transit in our major urban cities is now far behind MOST Asian and European cities. We have neglected many aspects of infrastructure such as roads,dams, and bridges to the point that it has become a joke with many of the engineers that inspect these structures.

Alas.....I will end with demographics, perhaps the most insurmountable problem. As baby boomers just now hit retirement...WHO is going to provide their retirement? If any of you think we will stop immigration you are mistaken. We need a younger, educated.. population to grow our economy and support an aging population...Expect us to ramp up an effort to get those young Asian, Indian, engineers and scientist into this country. The question will be if they WANT to come to a country that is curtailing its freedoms. Time will tell.

Rumors on many fronts are predicting near term problems with the gold and silver markets so of course you all must be in a core holding PSLV PHYS. Be aware the true power will fight this. ANV still looks good with SSRI SLW HL EGO GFI.... I am still trading them but be careful here ....have a core and keep plenty of ammo.

ATPG DAG DBA...all still solid...don't forget a UEC


Not on a Fed day. That would make the extend and pretend policy look bad. So lets take that into account today. My favorite remains silver long term but never underestimate the power to take it down. Remember JPM (the Fed) has an enormous short on the market. They will get that short covered over the next few months so expect it to continue its climb.

Remember PSLY PHYS...the Sprott funds for silver and gold. They are backed 100% by bullion.

As the noise continues on all the overseas sovereign debt issues it is becoming more obvious the only answer will be default. Germany CANNOT and WILL NOT....bail out the weak countries. This overhang will keep a floor near term on gold and longer term will send it higher.

Get in the uranium stocks like UEC but not heavy here....add to these on pullbacks.

Soft commods will continue to rise DAG and DBA....just trade these

DTO is in a very good position just don't be small. Oil needs to correct.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Monetary stimulus is the only game left. The American electorate is NOT going to allow any further fiscal stimulus. The deficit has now reached an extreme for that to be allowed by the public (not that the public really has a clue). The politicians only need to look across the ocean (when the news isn't blacked out)and see what is coming here in a few months when the piper has to be paid. Can you imagine when you get your kids tuition to state U and find out its doubled in one year. Even the sheep are getting suspicious of their paper currencies. Gold (and silver) are real money. That is WHY EVERY SINGLE CENTRAL BANK IN THE HOLDS GOLD. Think about what I just said. WHY would these banks of all banks hold gold. The answer should be obvious to you.

Look at the long bond auctions. If QE II lets the long bond get over 3.5 and stay... then I may have to rethink my prediction that they will keep control of this game for another year... but I have faith that Ben can keep us going for another year. Look for them to keep the long bond below 3.5....For a nice summary and perspective on this you should read the following article.

If you have faith in the ability for the ponzi to continue and I do...then you have to take positions in the commods on weakness. Watch SWC and PAL. Have a position....keep it small.

I'm watching the uranium sector closely per Joe's heads up and I own UEC. I hope we get a little more pullback to may have corrected. Keep printing Ben.

$GOLD looks like it bounced off the 50dma. Does it take off or does it head for the 200dma. There is good support at 1325.

GDX is my proxy for the gold miners and it is in no mans land. I own ANV GFI EGO here but the positions are small. If they take off strong then I may start trading them on the long side.

Silver. What can ya say? Just a monster. $SILV looks like a better bet than gold short term...but don't go PSLV or SLV....PSLV for the conservative (I want the real thing) investors out there. I think its trading over 10% premium. How about that? That tells you that NO ONE trusts these paper trades. PSLV IS i repeat IS backed by silver bullion. Also pay close attention the next two days to silver if it moves green then its going to see 33 soon.

Don't forget the biotechs ASTM and the monster DCTH....nice week in DCTH. ASTM IS A trade and don't go crazy owning it. Get out of it it breaks 2.20... I think they will hold. But its one of those spec plays.

Lastly but not leastly this market needs some air taken out so be careful...don't lean long too much here....

Enjoy your holidays gl trading

Friday, December 10, 2010


This flights gonna get bumpy. Certainly from the pilot's seat (JPM) the ride appears to have encountered some turbulence in the PM markets. Its not nice to fool mother nature and over time even the sheeple can figure out how to get to the other side of the fence. Right now every meaningful dip is going to cost the PTB a buttload of bullion going out the door. Max Keisers piece on buying silver bullion has set off a fire storm of internet buzz. In fact there appears to have been a halt in the most recent silver attack at 28. The rumored Asian Cabal attacking the silver bullion is laughing when the price gets "paper punched. JPM is rumored to have cornered the copper market as a hedge to a doomed massive silver short. This rumor actually makes a lot of sense to me so its probably wrong. But the way it appears its a win win....Look at this from the point of view of the Ponzi. If they squeeze copper up whats the downside for the Ponzi? Right now the real consumption of copper is in Asia and developing countries. They are the only ones still growing. Therefore no real input cost to our inflation will occur if they pump copper to cover their silver losses. Tell me you don't love this game.

They could also push oil up, but they don't have the market cornered and mainly the input cost increase to our Faux recovery would be unrecoverable.

Don't get caught up in the noise the game is still intact. Buy the dips in the PMs. Remember the discussion on PSLV PHYS.....these are the bullion buys NOT GLD or SLV (these are JPMs vehicles to CONTROL the price).

DCTH still has a nice uptrend.

Start watching SWC closely here. I'd like to see another 10% but it banged off the 50 so you may want a little position here if you don't have one. Its also trying to get a 50 RSI here..

UEC MAY have made its lil correction...just be careful again take a position

I still like the ATPG trade here.....just don't get greedy if it breaks 16.5 it has nothin but daylight to 20....SGY is just a monster whata chart...

Remember one thing....this has not been much of a correction. China is coming out with a sneak attack this Sunday before the opening. That would give Ben a chance to take some more steam out of commods.....So keep plenty of dry powder in case we see another leg down. See ya at the open. gl

And as a footnote I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Duke and Duchess for their traumatic encounter with the ruffians yesterday while trying to enjoy their duty as opera goers. What is this world coming to when we can't raise the cost of tuition only 300% in Britain. After all....we can't be having anymore commoners gaining an education. So with that I must say hip hip cheerio keep your head up Carmela and Charles (that is unless the pleebs get the guillotines out)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The question now is it over? I doubt it....but here are thoughts to be considered. With the QE money flowing can there really be any further meaningful pullback on the miners and energy complex?? Stay tuned on that. My thoughts are to at least have a position in the stocks that you are playing in these sectors. I'll be watching a list that includes ATPG SGY NBR SSRI ANV EGO GFI SLW ...

As far as the PMs themselves continued pressure should exist by the JPM slime today...but I view ANY weakness as a buying opportunity at this level. I can only hope we get another 10% or so. Watch silver if it gets to the 26.50 level that SHOULD hold. IF IT GETS THERE.

Oil is a buggar to short and that again reinforces my belief that it will be hard to keep the PM sector down long.

Watch China Sunday for interest rate announcement that should roil some markets.... beware.

ASTM is sneaking around.DCTH is a monster....

Do not ignore DBA or DAG on the soft on weakness.

I dont like TBT now as much as last I'll sit on the sideline on this one.

BUY PHYS PSLV for physical silver or gold.....Sprott is 100% backed.....SLV and GLD I do not like....JPM proxy.

update I.....after hours

4:00PM Aastrom Biosciences announces proposed public offering (ASTM) 3.07 +0.08 : Co intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for general corporate purposes, including research and development expenses such as expenses related to its Phase 3 CLI program, capital expenditures, working capital and general administrative expenses. Stifel Nicolaus Weisel is acting as sole book-running manager and Needham and Roth Capital Partners are acting as co-managers

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How can we not love this? Does it really get any better than this? If you are a trader get ready. The boyz are assaulting the PM market. This is an all out frontal assault. They are calling up their rear guard to lead the attack.....boys and old men are in the ranks. Its the last major assault to hold the prices of the PMs. Will it work? I hope so. Silver needs to tank to about 22....but if you think it will then good luck. I guess hope springs eternal. My best bet is to trade the 3mo stochastics on your buy and then add on support. We will see how the attack plays out, but if you are holding long ....relax. SSRI ANV will hopefully pull back to the 50ma.

Now for the fat pig that needs to be stuck...that is OIL. I still have a pullback to the the 80 I am waiting for. I'll trade my position of DTO down. Its not a heavy position but if I'm lucky it could pay a nice divi.

UEC, URZ hopefully get haircuts here...I have very small positions and want to enter UEC at 5.65 if it touches.....better buy at the 50ma around 5.16

Keep your eyes on ATPG NBR SGY....for a pullback buy, watch for 14.50 touch on ATPG

DAG on soft under 11.

ASTM look for 50ma

I play TBT and it is good for gap trades ...nervous for longer term here....but it could move easily to 40.

So ..... there ya have it....patience here......root for the ponzi to beat up the PMs gl...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As we enter the realm of the mad world of Ben Bernanke I hope all of you can pause and give thanks to the Grand Hoo Hah for what he has given you... Another year of trading madness. First let us pause to recognize that the Grande Illusione could not have occurred without the complicity of the President of Hope. No not Hope, Arkansas.....but Hope, America. Don't argue with the game. It iz what it iz. This is all about the Grande Illusione. Its about extend and pretend and hope that somehow someone can figure a way out of this bus as it careens towards the edge of an abyss.

Today we have a salute to the Great Tax Cut. I myself am greatful for not raising taxes for income over 250K....I hope the rest of you that are in that bracket are as grateful to our president. After all we people too. Now for the peeps. I want you to "eat oil". My oil short is not fairing too well this am....but I didn't have a big position in DTO because I feared the top of the channel at 90 would be tagged. I don't like the POMO money pouring in and getting too heavy on the shortside of any commodity. So I will be very careful even here at how much DTO I buy today....but the price of oil is insane if you think the "Grande Illusione" can be they must control it or all hell breaks loose on them.

Sadly I reduced my core of miners yesterday and will pay a heavy price today for being too cute. My longs in nat gas explorers will help and some biotechs like DCTH and ASTM. Watta game. Stay long and strong...except oil. Remember too new POMO schedule has to be announced and emerging markets are getting killed by prices...oil too.....somethings gonna have to take some air outta this.......ENJOY IT...its all a game.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Fair to partly cloudy..........or MORE OF THE SAME. NOT to sound like a broken record,but this game is unchanged. We ARE IN BENYANKE LAND. This is a make believe land where economics and fundamentals are to be used as quaint old relics. Structural job losses can be fixed by monetary policy. You can reinfuse the animal investing juices by FORCING safe investing into RISK ASSETS. That's right boyz n girlz. YOU GOTTA PLAY THE GAME. IF you don't they intend to give you zero interest on your savings. That's right... old granny MUST invest in the stock market. NO CHOICE or watch her savings rot away with stagflation and dollar devaluation.

So....we have our clear signal. GO RISK. You can't change the game. If I am going risk then I want to own something that I think will benefit from the coming stagflation. Watch of course gold and silver but dont lose sight of the palladium plays PAL and SWC. TRADE UM. Soft commods will continue to benefit and DAG and DBA make trading vehicles...TRADING VEHICLES ONLY. For investment and trades watch your miners like ANV EGO GFI. GG is a nice hold here. SLW and SSRI have been monsters. HL has been good lately as a trade. ran off and left me gl. NOW start watching energy like ATPG here....and NBR and SGY. Contribute more if you wish.

Biotechs should be a nice area the next year so watch them. DCTH...still should run. enjoy Ben's game..and it is his game.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


We are well into the final stretch of 2010. As predicted this year was a treacherous trading year. AND as predicted if you traded the Channels you could make great money this year. Next year should be similar, but with MORE volatility. Watch for the currencies to slap each other back and forth with NO play those channels. ALSO be cautious shorting oil. We could be entering a higher range next year. Watch for oil to try to move up to the 80 to 95 range. Hehehehe...dontcha love it??? Consumer is dying on the vine. Unemployment unable to improve and they are taking oil up with their QE ploy for the banks. We are living in end of days stuff.

People like Immred have been very clear with their predictions and I am inclined to believe that this could indeed be accurate. It appears a complete breakdown is going to need to occur for the slate to be wiped clean. On the other hand I believe we may just easily morph into a completely controlled state such as a 1984 situation with martial law to protect the banksters. It will be an amazing tug of war. Either outcome is sad.

Anyway I HOPE the ponzi can be perpetuated with some improvements made...and somehow the fiat scam makes it another cycle. I doubt it though. Next year I like the energy plays like ATPG NBR ENER UEC URZ.....and DAG DBA for trades only in soft commods.......STAY Focused. This will be a harder year to make money.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Sorry........NOT. No matter what the number is it really is not important. If its only mediocre which I suspect, you still have to understand the underlying structural disaster that is "our job market". So be aware that good or bad, it is a reflection of paper pumping that has no real bearing on the actual monster out there. The "actual monster" is a STRUCTURAL loss of manufacturing. There is NO WAY this is going to get fixed on the backs of your savings......Because YOU HAVE NONE. Thats right, as opposed to the last thousand years...YOU HAVE NO SAVINGS. You only have debt. Oh sure..there are a few retired folks with a little money saved up. But we are devaluing that fiat paper so fast that they will be paupers within another year. Stagflation in essential food prices will have granny shopping for the best prices on Alpo at Whole Foods.

The number will be out in 15 minutes and YAWN....WHO CARES!!!

Pay attention to the ball. They are destroying the fiat to reinflate. Buy gold and silver. Buy the miners on pullbacks SLW SSRI GFI GG EGO HL.

For a little departure today I will also discuss Sprott. It is truly backed by physical. Buy PHYS its the gold. Buy PSLV its the silver. They are 100% backed. That is vital to understand......Stay away from GLD SLV...they are PONZIS

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bundesbank joins Fed in demanding secrecy for gold swaps

Bundesbank joins Fed in demanding secrecy for gold swaps


I love this game. A complete crock of chit. But this of course is reality for you. Black is white. Up is down. Good is bad. Yes boyz n girlz we have been cheated. Cheated by the banksters for years. Lied to by your government and you bought it. Yes you did. Don't lie. Just look at CNBS everyday. Its become nothing but a propaganda piece for the banksters. It doesn't even pretend anymore. Just blatant cheering now of upward market moves like we are watching a college football game. Obvious bad data is fluffed and buffed for the masses like a Chritie's auction piece. These are not accidents. These are coordinated efforts to restore CONfidence in the "Game". That is what fiat operates on. Just look at the revelations of the Fed yesterday. In 2008 the world panicked and there was a "run" on the banks and paper looked for the strongest place to hide in a hurry and it was the "dollar". Benyanke had to respond to save the Bankers and put YOUR money up against the run to prevent a true collapse of the grift. The "Big Con" continues today.

Just watch CNBS or Bloomberg today. It is trying desperately to give all of us a sense of stability. What is ironic, is that a person that has simple insight can see there is obviously something that is terrible that is still out there that must be scaring the PTB to death for them to daily....sometimes hourly....trot out another "breaking news" event to prop up a dead and dying financial system. Yes PTB ....WE GET IT..YOU ARE A ROTTING CARCASS. So go ahead and continue the charade. We can play too. When you decide to finally flush us all down the toilet in 2012 we will accept our fate. After all we are all good sheeple. Have fun today. Buy physical gold and silver. will keep the DTO short small. and add at oil 90 for a trade. yeehahaha.......Lets play. WATCH SSRI EGO SLV SLW ANV DAG UTA CBST GFI S ALU....ALU is very tasty here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Erin Burnett & Jim Cramer - July 23, 2007

And you think he REALLY didn't know........hehehehe.


Watta game!!!! Can it get any better than this?? Back and forth. Up and Down. As advertised here a year ago 2010 would be the greatest trading year EVER!! This type of volatility has allowed you to make money swing trading the miners and shorting the extreme overbought conditions in oil this year as it bumped the upper channel. It doesn't get much better than this for a trader. Probably the easiest money was made just by holding a strong miner core of EGO GFI ANV SSRI SLW SWC HL and Morla's new favorite uncle...GORO. That was a monster Joe brought in. Good old SGY has been a fabulous swing trade this year or you could have just bought and held. What a game. Joe is still high on DCTH, UTA, and ANDS. Let's not forget the soft commods. SGG was brought in at 39 here and touched over 90 in less than 5 months. Soft commods will continue to run.

ENOUGH NOSTALGIA. This is about making money and looking forward. We are skating on thin ice but this game has another year to go.....hehehhe....maybe. Doesn't really matter though. If you haven't bought your physical gold or silver and begun storing food and ammo.....then you will probably not benefit from any of your success trading. This is only an exercise in futility for you.

Going forward this week....look for the pressure on silver and gold to continue.... this is getting good. Silver should break 30 and form a double top too. Then a brief they try to scare you out of your position to save their ponzi and their massive short position. This is the game. Print money Ben. Those old people don't need their retirement savings.......DESTROY IT ...SAVE THE BANKSTERS!!!

update I... an Interview on King World with Jim Sinclair

Sinclair continues:

“What most people look at, no what almost everyone looks at is a picture in time, something like looking at a still. Up comes the chart, it’s a picture in time. Very few people will focus on motion, direction over time. And you can’t predict the future unless you can see things in motion. So, to the static thinker the picture in time has to have an excuse of why the market did this or why the market did that or what technical thing happened to make it happen. While in truth, you and I know we are watching something unfold.”

You nailed ahead of time the fact that gold would be strong despite strength in the US dollar.

“To look at it in a sort of surgical sense, whenever gold rises in one market, based on currency it falls in another. Looking at the dollar let’s say rising, it has really been taking the downside moderately. I mean it’s (gold) been very, I think, quite firm. More so than you would have expected over the last say 5 or 6 sessions...So the relationship is still there, it is just the overwhelming demand that has taken gold higher in terms of price.”

When will we see the first $100 move in a single day in gold?
“Before this year is out. That is one of the things which I’ve predicated my $1,650 by January of 2011 call on, and we are about to find out.

Look at Harry (Schultz) dean of the whole bunch, he believes that when confidence falls, it falls instantaneously. It may be ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing, and than all of the sudden wham, it’s gone! And that will be both the dollar market and the gold market, and it will be in synch.”
When will the sociopaths that are attacking the euro and European specific countries turn on the US?
“I think you’re close to that. When Bloomberg radio today talked about the US being like Greece in three years, I mean you are talking about Bloomberg here, that equates to me to three seconds. Probably means more like three weeks. You have news services that are listened to by the herd starting to talk about a default in the US currency.

There is no for and against in their (sociopaths) consciousness. Once the euro play is over, and it’s damn close because all you’ve got left is Italy, Portugal and Spain, and clearly they will do those all at once, they have already said as much, so the play in the euro is at least 70% done. So that means you are getting close to the play in the dollar.”

What would Bert Seligman and Jesse Livermore be thinking here Jim?

“They would have been looking for a big move here. They would have been buying for a major move. Here they would be expecting big, long legs on the upside.”

So they would not be selling into strength here, instead they would be holding their book?

“Absolutely they would hold their book. Listen, there’s no stopping this Eric. It just can’t be stopped because these fools have so screwed it up that whatever kind of camouflage that gets pulled over at any time, whatever plays there are that Goldman is making this week or next week, it’s all noise.

This stuff cannot be stopped because they have screwed things up that bad. I mean the place is a wreck, and nobody wants to fix anything. Everybody wants just to make it go one step further. They’ve kicked the can, and kicked the can, and the can has gone nuclear.”

Jim Sinclair is not a legendary trader by chance. He had access to greatness in trading and markets that very few human beings have ever witnessed. In his KWN interviews Sinclair has nailed this gold market with surgical precision, and now he is looking for a big move to the upside. My suggestion is to fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your book (positions).