Saturday, December 4, 2010


We are well into the final stretch of 2010. As predicted this year was a treacherous trading year. AND as predicted if you traded the Channels you could make great money this year. Next year should be similar, but with MORE volatility. Watch for the currencies to slap each other back and forth with NO play those channels. ALSO be cautious shorting oil. We could be entering a higher range next year. Watch for oil to try to move up to the 80 to 95 range. Hehehehe...dontcha love it??? Consumer is dying on the vine. Unemployment unable to improve and they are taking oil up with their QE ploy for the banks. We are living in end of days stuff.

People like Immred have been very clear with their predictions and I am inclined to believe that this could indeed be accurate. It appears a complete breakdown is going to need to occur for the slate to be wiped clean. On the other hand I believe we may just easily morph into a completely controlled state such as a 1984 situation with martial law to protect the banksters. It will be an amazing tug of war. Either outcome is sad.

Anyway I HOPE the ponzi can be perpetuated with some improvements made...and somehow the fiat scam makes it another cycle. I doubt it though. Next year I like the energy plays like ATPG NBR ENER UEC URZ.....and DAG DBA for trades only in soft commods.......STAY Focused. This will be a harder year to make money.


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  2. We'll get both Kli, Martial Law in more ways than one before and during the breakdown. Wikileaks attack is a taste of how the Statist will crack down on all forms of dissent as food, energy and other basic commodities start making new highs for the corrupt minions of the Tier 1 powers. The stagflation is not caused by actual scarcity but the flow of Quantitive Easing into the easiest source of returns, volatility in commodities and currencies; especially if you have the inside plays and funding from the corrupt banks and politicians.

    With the amount of loose money and looser trigger fingers to shift the fear from financial to foreign enemies, I am reluctant to short oil for more than a quick 1 day play and only after another brutal short squeeze. Seriously considering closing my main trading account, need to focus on preparations for late 2011 to 2012 and trading for digidollars can very easily distract you from seeing the fire rushing towards you.

  3. Joe CCME and UTA is really had a good move so far today, UEC so far is different animal