Monday, February 28, 2011


Our lead horse today is the sleak fast silver thoroughbred ....SLW with HL EXK SSRI to place. Precious metals are the horse to ride this year. Do not be shocked if they stumble periodically. It's bound to happen. Get back on if you are going to be in this race. Its hard to but getting bruised is going to happen.

The horse that looks much better lately to me is GOLD.....If you are conservative and hate the fluctuations take a look at PHYS. Look at this article and tell me that you don't want to be in this race right now.

If you have questioned why some of your gold miners have seemed to languis in gold miner's hell and need to be sent to the nag pasture, I ran across Trader Dan's article that certainly helped to explain the laggard quality of several miners. They can't controld the price of bullion completely but they have ways to accumulate large miners cheaply while bullion moves up.

After you read this article you get a better idea why certain miners had a relative performance superior to others that seemed to be as strong or stronger. Note that the hedge funds wanted no part of shorting ANV......not a good move if you have Soros lurking under the water.

Again I encourage the investors that don't want a heart attack to look at PHYS.
If you want a little leverage ANV GFI EGO.

Uranium appears to be poised for another leg up on the charts. Todays action may help to push the RSIs over 50 and off to the races. Play a basket UEC URZ URG DNN USU. If that makes you nervous just go with the etf....URA. Remember we are in a global oil mess and there will be efforts to go to this meterable

update I... "Poleaxing"..

update II.......Read the thoughts of your Wall Street elite..Bernie...poster child..

It’s unbelievable. Goldman … no one has any criminal convictions—the whole new regulatory reform is a joke. The whole government is a Ponzi scheme.”

And now there are limits to his sympathy. He sees himself not as some evil mastermind but as part of a system of corruption, maybe its linchpin, but he believes that people have lost their perspective on what actually occurred. “Look, none of my clients, even if they lost every penny they put in there, can plead poverty,” he said. “Look, it doesn’t mean I’m excusing what I did, doesn’t mean I don’t feel sorry for them. I’m embarrassed … It was the people that came in very late in the game that got hurt. All of my friends, most of my individual clients, are not net losers,” he said. “Now if you listen to [them], they’re living out of Dumpsters and they don’t have any money, and I’m sure it’s a traumatic experience to some, but I made a lot of money for people. Does it justify it? No.

“When you deal with people’s money, as I did for all my life,” he continues, “you realize how strange they are; it’s all like, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ If you made money for me, I was smart because I gave you the money and I went there, and if you lose money, then it’s all your fault. So you become somewhat callous about people lying.”

Saturday, February 26, 2011

KLEPTOCRACY (see Failed State) update II

You are seeing this term used more and more frequently. It is derived from the ancient greek words for "thief" klepto....and rule .. Seems to be very appropriate for our current state of affairs. I suppose all the persistent flag waving meatheads singing love it or leave it should stand proud. Perhaps our next feat will be to evolve into a theocracy so we can be just like Iran's government. Then the midget heads can really sing proudly and beat their chests in faux pride.

Let's examine Kleptocracy or "rule by thieves". This form of government has long been supported by the U.S. in many third world countries as our country propped up tinhorn dictators like Mubarak, Marcos, Noriega etc. etc. These "leaders" then transferred their country's wealth into offshore bank accounts over the years to the tune of billions as their country was controlled in virtually all cases by military law and/or an oppressive secret police force. There were no individual liberties and no rule of law for individuals to turn to.

The ruling class and the government officials will do anything to maintain power including torture and murder to maintain their systematic looting of the country. Typically this term has been applied to Third world countries, but you are seeing it lately showing up in reference to this country. Is this accurate? You can be the judge.

I want to look at just a few things that have transpired in the last thirty years in this country. When Reagan left office in 88 he set a precedent by traveling to Japan and acccepting 2million dollars for a speech to our then "nemesis" ...that he had helped to engineer several favorable trade arrangements during his administration. This was the first example of an "Overt" payoff in the history of American Presidents and paved the way for an entire freeway to be created for payoffs to every President following him. Clinton perfected this system with hundreds of millions in appearances.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander and congressmen to ex-generals in the military began receiving enormous payments once they retired from the ruling class. This began to strengthen the Kleptocracy and No One in government wanted to upset the apple cart.

Now you have this Kleptocracy reward system entrenched and becoming stronger everyday. It is a parasite that will eventually suck its host dry of its blood. Like most parasite it is unable to stop until the host is dead. Look at Panama Egypt Libya Columbia etc. ..... failed states. Nature will eventually rule in all Parasitic/host relationships.

update I ....speaking of ........

update II .... Amazing article......just amazing.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Complete slaughter of leveraged silver positions as ordered by the PTB. Too many sheep thought they might like to get to that greener pasture and eat grass with the big boyz. Lessons must be administered and mutton made. Hack up the fat greedy ittle sheep and pump them out of their positions. Its not hard to do. I am amused when I here the signing of petitions to the CFTC by the sheep to monitor the short positions in the Comex. Amazing.....just amazing....its analogous to sending a petition to a pedophile to stay away from children. The CFTC will never stop protecting the JPM short position. It is the CFTC's job to protect that position. If you don't understand this game then EDUCATE yourself now or get out. ONCE AGAIN for effect .... the CFTC is to protect the cabal..... that IS THE SYSTEM. At least to them its the system.....NOT YOU SHEEPLE.

Sorry if that is too harsh for this lovely friday morning but you can't play in the casino if you don't know who OWNS it. I like the pullback. I didn't play it perfect and my positions are taking a paper beating but it was expected and I had raised some cash for this. We should get a 20dma pull back in a lot of miners and to their resistance levels short term. I'll post a few in comments today. I'll also reload a little more SLW today yum yum. but it will probably have a couple more days of accumulation. Like i stated earlier ....there is mutton to be had.

Uranium miners may have put in a nice 50dma bottom. Watch them for their movement there. UEC URG DNN URZ USU. I can hear the speech now calling for energy independence and how we must engage a long term policy in alternative energy including uranium. Mind you I am not a uranium lover...but the PTB CAN and WILL put a meter on it. THAT is why it is coming.

Keep the faith in you holdings. Silver and Gold are going to do just fine. Let the sheep get sheared and if you have ammo try and pick up some bargains. Maybe Joe can short some of the miners to bargains for us......baaaa baaaaa.

Update I ......after a week like this a brief comment must be made. WATTA GAME!! Pressure on the ponzi's fiat confidence and government manipulation game continues as investors of all size run to gold and silver bullion. Look at the fear in the "true power" as millions of people continue to seek refuge from fiat in PMs. This is a problem that will be fought with incredible manipulation by the cabal. If you want to play in their casino then recognize its by their rules. This is the capitalism that many of you signed on for over the past thirty years. You turned a blind eye to the mantra of "smaller government" and "deregulation" as the same people gave you burdgeoning budgets and three wars ..... They gave you fear and promised you protection while they took away your individual protections. I could go on but the ones that get it .....get it. The ones that don't ......won't. Just don't whine to me about how they are cheating you by whipsawing the market...... its the game and it will end when the ultimate power says it will.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oil move this morning sending further signals regarding the precarious balance the Ponzi must maintain to create the illusion tha game is on a full recovery. It just can't be sold to the sheeple as recovery when it costs 4$ a gallon to gas up their car. However if you think this ponzi is going down right here and right now then think again. We didn't put 800 military bases in 125 countries to go out with a whimper. This is High Noon. We are Gary Cooper. We are all alone and exposed. Our townspeople (The dictators in Tunisia Egypt Bahrain Yemen Jordan Saudi etc) are getting the hell outta Dodge. Things are reaching a boiling point on the Empire stage. The President is pulling out all the stops.

Meanwhile Ben is watching the "core" inflation rate. Ha Ha... Thank god they excluded that pesky energy and food from inflation. That was handy. All of the pundits on CNBS are now saying QE2 was a mistake. I have a hunch that many of these talking heads will change their tune when this market starts to crack.

Here is the rock and a hard place. Ben is in trouble. This world is cracking up fast. The accelerated pace of deterioration is astounding as multiple governments (I use that word loosely) topple in the Middle East. Riots are popping up in developed countries here as reality meets Ponzi. Ben is juggling too many hand grenades now for me to remain cavalier regarding his chances of keeping this game going deep into 2012. Can he? Sure...but will he be able to??

This is preparation time. I think they pull this out soon but you have to buy your physical silver and gold while its still available. There is a real chance we are getting near an explosive move in gold and silver. Even higher than the gold and silver bugs are calling for. I just want you to be prepared. My hope and contention is that silver remains under Ponzi control and that is what I am predicting (with a little less certainty) and that we reach higher levels on a tradable pattern......but I am concerned.

This is truly Alpo time.... Its coming and its coming fast. gl all

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The top may be in. Then again the top of WHAT?? The top of the market?? The top of OIL?? The top in gold and silver?? A lot of people are worried the top is in. I guess if you are a trader you need to ask yourself the question if people are asking themselves that question (daily on CNBS) then perhaps we don't have a top yet in anything. One has to ask themselves if the top is in with 300 Billion in POMO coming. That money has to go somewhere. If one is familiar with tops in PMs then you know the volatility in either an intermediate or short term top just isn't there. If you look at the charts of PMs and the miners it is NOT a parabolic print. So you can make up your own mind on what to do. But just remember, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we were developing a "coiled spring" in these. This spring has not "sprung" completely yet.

We are in the midst of a historic rise in commodity prices. There will certainly be a collapse coming for any bubble but we aren't there yet. Central banks will print until they are forced to stop by extreme prices and we aren't there yet. Central banks will continue to print until we get an increase in the velocity of money...and we aren't there yet. Central banks will print until the market reaches a point that everyone gets in again. But I am hearing top calling. This is your game and how you decide to play it is up to you, but only a fool can't see what is happening.

This is my new channel we are in for the miners and gold and silver. It should be good for another 2-3 weeks. I am going to monitor my positions as I enjoy the day here. I hope that you don't overtrade your core. Calls on SLW are still reasonable. Buy pullbacks if you get them.


UEC USU URZ URG all in a core holding not adding yet.

Have not reviewed my DCTH....will do so today.

AEN RNN holding. GL

Monday, February 21, 2011


Now we are going to get serious. All of the talk up to this point has been just noise. "Conspiracy" bullshit is just that....bullshit. Now we get to the part where you start to say OK ...well maybe there is something to this. Maybe I had better pull my head out of my smug ass and pay attention to what is happening. Maybe all the smoke out there means there is something burning. We are on the verge of one of the biggest runs in precious metals history. The only question is how quickly we go parabolic. That's right I'm telling you again.....Parabolic!!

I have told as many people as I could that the biggest danger in silver and gold investing was NOT owning a core of miners and physical holdings (such as PHYS and PSLV). This is a trade that most so-called "market experts" don't have a clue how to play. Remember Dennis Gartman selling all of his Gold three weeks ago on CNBS at the BOTTOM of the gold move. OMG!!! AND he's an "expert"!!!... I told you when he did it that it marked the bottom and I did buy HEAVY!! This is a game that has at its very essence a balance of the economy/the geopolitical theater/the market/Fed/ and finally NATURE itself. In fact there is only one single factor that can stop the coming parabolic explosion and that is somehow we manage to grow this economy again with minimal inflation. In other words our world begins a long steady sustained growth again. That is like landing a 747 on an aircraft carrier...slightly difficult. Kind of like Joe walking into a redneck bar and not getting noticed.

We... and by we I am referring to most of the world are in some really deep shit tonight. We are entering into the danger zone that has been discussed numerous times by us on this forum as coming in this time frame. Are we right and can the piper be staved off until 2012....maybe.... but my confidence is least somewhat. Things truly are getting bad rapidly....contrary to the what the pundits on CNBS are trying to convey.

What we can count on is that one way or another Bernanke will have NO CHOICE but to continue QE 3. Contrary to what many are saying I believe that the pundits like Kudlow and the Faux hardliner pols will cave and cry like babies for QE. They will look like deer in the headlights when Ben starts to tank the market on them. What do you think these brave pols will do when the municipalities begin to buckle and Wisconsins start erupting all over the country....and they will.

We are in strange times. Black is white. Up is down. Bad news is good news. This is how a Globla Ponzi behaves in its death throws....but do not assume that its demise will be immediate. Don't assume that PMs will go straight up as the Ponzi collapses in a sudden realization by the masses that it is all a facade. NO.....this game has a little further to go.....and we all have a little more time to prepare and play. Forget trying to enlighten the sheeple. If they don't get it by now, they never will until its too late. There is no reason for you to yell about it or try and persuade them...just take care of those that want to listen.

I'm adding PSLV on pullbacks. I have some cash after profit taking and want to see how far they take my core up.

long ANV SLW PSLV PHYS EGO HL EXK GPL and a lotta others. gl and have fun.

update I... Oil exploding as the middle east deteriorates. These are end o days phenomena ... we still have time to play but the ponzi confidence level will begin to wear thin. Note silver/gold staying strong with the deteriorating market. VERY TELLING. gl all

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Recently I have had the opportunity to give my advice on whether purchasing real estate at this point would be a reasonable investment. During the course of the conversation, a number of points must be addressed. There has been a massive collapse in the second home market in a number of areas. But don't be fooled by the hype I believe its going to ultimately get worse. We have continued issues facing us with unemployment long term that will keep downward pressure on residential prices overall. Any positive employment prints this year will be wiped out in 2012 as the Ponzi faces overwhelming forces of deflation and the dislocations and imbalances it's illusions have created. We already are facing a worldwide disintegration of confidence in ALL central bank planning.

The revolutions in many developing nations are reaching a tsunami level that threatens to feed back to many developing nations. Wait until we try to bring our fiscal houses in order here. Note Wisconsin this week and that is only a test case. Harvey then brought up Nat gas vs propane. Nat gas is at an astounding level vs propane(which only supplyies heat to a small percent of homes). Nat gas should be up 200% at this point if it weren't being artificially controlled. Can you imagine if the average person's heating bill were up three-fold this winter. Yes that's correct there would be riots as people began freezing. Essentials in food will continue to explode as the base grains begin to feed into inputs costs more and more. THIS TAKES TIME FOLKS BUT ITS COMING!! If you haven't begun preparation for this inevitable outcome then bless'll need it.

Back to price discovery. Let's go back to our real estate dilemna. Do you buy that investment property in Florida or at your nearby vacation area now. After all its being discounted 30-40%. How can I go wrong you many ask? is how. First some basics. Let's assume a ten year investment horizon. You are able to buy a 350K house built 5 years ago for 200K. What a deal!! In Foriday and many vacation areas the property taxes can be horrific. That 200K home is carrying a 15K property tax bill...add in fees and assessments and it could cost you 20K a year with no problem. Let's say your rental income erases your utilities and interests carrying costs and incidentals. After 10 years you are ready to sell. throw in another 25K for new carpet/appliances....and you are ready to go with you now 500K home just to break even. Add in your 7% realitor and presto 535K. Now suppose you make a mistake on your original "price discovery" and you get a house that depreciates another 50%....and it could easily happen....just because of the previous details discussed as fewer investors get back in to this mess. OR.....the government removes the mortgage deduction. OUCH!! Back again to "price discovery" and why I am giving you the heads up on real estate. The illusion of a real estate recovery is being aided by a variety of schemes coordinated through the Fed, the Gov, and the media. Abnormally low borrowing rates, shadow foreclosure market, back door supplements to the banks for foreclosures, off balance sheet hidden sales, and on and on. In other words ...Who Knows what a "real" market in housing looks like. My final example and there are plenty of these out there. While having coffee last week with a friend of mine that is a prominent builder here...I mentioned a 2.2 million dollar home that had been auctioned this summer and the best offer was a million. The seller declined and paid his "fine". Later in the fall the seller was forced to put the home back on auction. Unknown to me as I discussed the story, my friends company had built the home.....and it was a premier quality home.....over 12,000 sq ft. The rest of the story...The home sells in the second auction for 400K and there was NO RESERVE. My friend tells me at this point that he had been the original contractor 5 years ago and was just sick when he found out after the fact this had happened. Unfortunately this was true "price discovery". At least as close as you can come in this rigged economy. Get ready this will ultimate affect many of the markets around the world. The ONLY thing that changes this will be if Ben can plug in hyperinflation and keep food and energy prices from asset hyperinflation......hehehhehe. GL Ben with that trick. One more thing buy bullion and farmland....this does not end well.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Unlike the 1980s silver market pump and dump this move in silver has been very controlled. In part this is due to the Hunt brothers infamous attempt to corner the global silver market. This move was ill-fated from the beginning. The brothers were attempting to corner a market that was controlled by the greatest banking power on earth and they had no idea what lengths this power would go to in an effort to stop their brazen plan. They certainly found out when the Treasury and Federal reserve used their influence in the Justice Department and the Comex to pull the rug out from under the bad boys from Texas.

Let's move ahead three decades. The players this time are more amorphous. There is no single target for the Fed to get their crosshairs on. This time the move up in silver is a combination of several factors. Unfortunately for the fiat ponzi system, the large naked short position set up to control silver's price is the very achilles heal for the ponzi. What wasn't anticipated was the large consumption of silver through its commercial consumption during the last twenty years. Silver is one of the world's best conducters and its special properties have made its commercial use extremely valuable int the new digital boom. With the large short position artificially keeping the price low the metal was ravenously consumed by the burdeoning manufactures around the world. Insidious accumulation of the metal was simultaneously being made by a number of large hedge funds that recognized the coming above ground shortage of the metal as no new mining was being established. Companies like SLW were making preparations with committments for very inexpensive silver contracts in expectation for the anticipated shortages and concomittant price explosion.

NO ONE could have anticipated the coming financial armageddon of 2008 (sarcasm intended) and the loss of CONfidence in fiat currency was well on its way around the world as liquidity dried up and Central Banks began printing fiat as fast as possible to prevent a deflationary collapse. Attention turned to Gold as people looked for real money to protect their wealth. Central Banks stopped selling gold and became net buyers, but no one was watching the poor man's gold....SILVER. It quietly moved up throughout 2009 and into 2010 until it exploded in a final 60% up move in late 2010. Now the PTB saw the trap that had been laid and were in full panic. If they didn't begin covering their shorts then the bullion buyers could accumulate the metal at low prices......and they did accumulate. The more the paper shorts pushed price down the more the bullion was accumulated.

Now we are at the ultimate crossroads of the silver ponzi. Don't expect an explosion overnight but the days of languishing cheap silver is long gone. We are in the final days of small silver price moves. From a traders perspective this is the last days of Pompei. Enjoy the theater. Full disclosure long SSRI SLW PSLV PZG EXK.

update I slaughter in Bahrain....our global empire and moral decay in real time. Do you think this just might wind up right here?

update II...POMO schedule..

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Enjoy the illusion. You know.....the illusion that all you have to do is get out of the way of the "private sector" and it will "take care" of gowth and therefore unemployment. You've been fed that horseshit sandwich for years now and like good sheep you ate it up. Guess who was at the trough of "government" as soon as their thiefdom of the working class got into trouble. Yes...thats right the "private sector". They lined up like starving hogs at the trough of the taxpayer in 2008. After years of saying that all they needed was freedom from regulation they had finally screwed the pooch with their greed and suddenly the future of your children and their children were put on the line for these mega corporations. Bastions of Capitalism like GE GM AIG JPM GS and on and on. We cried out to our leaders with millions of E mails not to bail these pigs out that had raped us. But our "leaders" did not listen....because in fact they are the paid shills of these same corporations.

Jack Welch the architect of GE capital which had hundreds of billions in derivatives and mortgage backed securities still appears regularly on CNBS criticize the government over regulation of big business. Funny....the reality is as we all know is government does over regulate...but the regulations are put in place very frequently by the same big business to prevent competition by their smaller competitors. After all do you really think the lobbyist of the small corporations that want to compete can really make change in this system when they go up against the army of lobbyist that corporations like GE or XOM have. You will never get innovation in energy with these oligarchs controlling your gov....

China is an interesting example of another side of this coin. It is a government that is looking 5 10 and 20 years down the road with their planning. They aren't planning on how much money they can steal in one year to fatten their boardroom coffers so they can retire in Boca Raton....They are looking at how to bring their country into the 21rst Century and the Global economy. They are not busy destabilizing nations with their 800 military bases in 125 countries. They are busy forming trading relationships and stable currency exchanges with countries so they can continue to sell their growing manufacturing base's goods. They aren't threatening to send in the Jackals to force these agreements and subjugate the populations of these countries to years of abuse by a dictator the robs and rapes the populations blind.

We are now in a new age of instant communications and as much as we would like to believe that the masses in these countries can still be controlled things are actually changing. They are organizing. They are tired of their bellies being hungry and their leaders living in palaces. That is what a global economic collapse does forces people to decide. To decide whether their children starve or whether they fight and potentially die. Without a future....the choice becomes clear. Without a future your mind suddenly becomes clear and your thoughts crystallize.

Go ahead an believe you have a middle class left. We are an empire in decline. We now have a desperate oligarchy trying to figure out how to maintain the thiefdom they have created. The sheeple here still don't get it. But when their bellies begin to knaw at them and they see the handwriting on the wall then the shit WILL hit the fan. That is what Staflation will eventually bring.

update I...

update II...for your evening perusal highest Chinese short interests

Highest Short Interest
CCME China MediaExpress 3.1 days 47.30%
CHBT China-Biotics 10.0 days 33.04%
CAGC China Agritech 6.8 days 32.89%
DGW Duoyuan Global Water 15.2 days 31.99%
CBPO China Biologic Products 18.4 days 27.18%
TSTC Telestone Technologies 1.6 days 26.31%
BORN China New Borun 2.4 days 26.21%
HRBN Harbin Electric 13.8 days 26.17%
CBEH China Integrated Energy 3.9 days 26.09%

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THIS IS NUTS!! update II

Insanity reigns supreme and I'm supposed to act like nothing is happening. The back wall of the hurricane is coming and we're supposed to act like the eye of this storm is a recovery. GREAT!! JUST GREAT!! Drink the Koolaid if you understand what's really happening and just shut up! It really is getting old. How can you just go out into this world each day and look around at your fellow sheep and not just want to blurt out "you guys are all toast"!! It is tempting isn't it? My advice is don't. You'll just be an ass and no one wants to hear negativity. Isn't that right? Of course. Munch the grass and go one. One thing you just might want to keep doing is "quietly" keep doing hopefully what we have talked about here now for the past two years.......buying gold and silver bullion and starting to store essentials. Preparing now for difficulties that hopefully will not be cataclysmic.

This morning I'm watching Becky and Joe on CNBS licking th corporate boot of Comcast's CEO as they interview him with hard hitting questions like "when was the first time you knew you were so handsome"? Or follow up in depth questions with "when did you know you were the brightest executive that we ever met?" I'm sure that the new corporate masters will continue to make sure that the shills at CNBS will maintain the Corpratocracy status quo going forward. After all this is the recovery and there are a lot of mantras to continue chanting.

My guess for what its worth is this game stays roughly the same until an overiding reason develops to pull the punch bowl away...and right now I don't see it. These overseas riots over repressive governments and the economic hardships are still being supressed so QE will continue until it reaches the crescendo of an inferno. Apparently riots now in over a dozen countries is acceptable. I'll bet those ponzi governments we installed are giving our president an earfull. They know we are stoking their inflation. YES I SAID INFLATION. They don't have "core". They have reality and reality for those countries is FOOD and fuel. It composes up to 70% of the income of the average citizen in these countries. When you double their costs you immediately bankrupt the majority of these citizens. They don't have the capacity to grow a garden in their back yard. So they are looking at their masters in their palaces and then at their wife and babies and saying "I'll go down fighting before I let these bastards starve my family to death." Fairly easy choice whouldn't you say? Such will be our first looks into the Kondratieff winter coming. Lovely isn't it?

When the talking heads tell you we are in a "gold bubble" just remember what's been happening and what you were told two years ago. Have fun .... Ain't it

update I.....keeps on Gaddafi has to start to worry...just can't make this stuff up.

update II if you haven't taken what I call the "ghost tour" of vegas you owe it to yourself to see what happened out there. I've take the "ghost tour" everytime I go out to see if anything is changing......its not and it is very eerie.....these buildings in person are shocking to see with their empty shells....and its a lot bigger than what they showed in the vid.

Fox News busted the whole vid

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


TUNISIA...EGYPT...ALGIERIA...YEMEN...JORDAN...IRAN...BAHRAIN...GREECE...IRELAND...destablizing riots brought about by economic hardship as the World Bankiing Ponzi convulses. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS?? What a remarkable time and people just stumble through their lives in a surreal fog as though this is all just a five minute segment on the evening news. As discussed here for over 2 years we are entering into the final stage of severe STAGFLATION. This is NOT overalll demand pull inflatiion. This is still the HIGH COST of GOODS AND ESSENTIALS within an overall ASSET DEFLATION CYCLE. For us to enter into true overall inflation we would have to reach a much higher velocity of money and we are not there.

This is the Kondratieff winter......this is the deflationary supercyle washout predicted by the Kress cycle that will ultimately wipe out the excesses brought about by the greatest overleverage ponzi scheme in the history of the world. As we stagger into 2012 and its election cycle the ponzi will continue to desperately trot out every Keynesian pundit they can find to laud Bernanke's insane charge at Little Big Horn. Central Banks all over the world are making their final stand. The remaining Hawks are being booted out of the Central Banks to clear the way for their final QE fight without dissent. The "true power" that pulls their strings wants to make sure their is no slip up on the "strategy".

So lets try to keep it simple. Play the come line. This is a continued reinflation game. I like the metals. ANV SSRI SLW EGO HL EXK PZG GORO... PHYS AND PLSV are more stable if the overall market corrects. In other words the miners have more risk with an overall market correction. Play your horses that run the best.

Uranium is really performing UEC DNN were nice yesterday. Stay focussed ...

AEN is being played...RNN ZLCS...

update I....Yemen: U.S. plans $75 million dollar boost to Yemeni counterterrorism forces; security forces violently disperse protests; four men accused of spying for Iran and supporting al Houthis; Saleh meets with local leaders in Amran governorate; Saleh telephones Emir of Qatar to discuss bilateral relations; minister dismisses reports that proposed legislation would legalize wiretaps

Horn of Africa: Fighting in Mogadishu leaves at least seven people dead; TFG soldiers kill four people during anti-al Shabaab protest; al Shabaab militants arrest eight religious students; al Shabaab official claims that TFG is lying about providing welfare to soldiers; President Sharif asks the international community for help; Mogadishu hospital reopens; Human Rights Watch calls for inquiry into war crimes in Somalia

Monday, February 14, 2011


POMO/QE and the beat goes on. CNBS trotting out retread Neel Kashkari the Goldman Sachs 37yo underling at the time that put together the 700Billion TARP spending for the Treasury (under ex Goldman CEO Paulson). If you read any of Kashkari's interviews after the fact it read like a high school economics review. Now he is in PIMCO's clutches and he is trotted out on CNBS regularly as an icon. Can CNBS sink any further....oh wait there is still Leisman Carrera Kiernan Francis Cramer Tyler Kudlow....I give up. I guess when your job is to put lipstick on a pig every morning you don't really stand a chance.

The new budget proposal gets submitted today and will trim 1.1 Trillion off the budget over the next 100 years....sorry for the slight editorial libery. Its a joke and everyone including the nursing home knows it. The sad thing is the cuts include a lot of cuts on the people that can't lobby. I'll guarantee you that the banks, insurance big pharma and my fav DEFENSE...will have virtually NOTHING cut. Oh..they will divert you with some cuts of some programs that NO ONE likes and has fought against for years but it will be puny.

In the end for us our concentration needs to remain fixed on the ball. Right now its severe Stagflatiion developing. These are changes that have been rapid and severe but to many on this blog it may seem slowly developing since we talked about this over 2 years ago coming. This will begin NOW a very insidious feed back cycle that will cause a horrific increase in our dailly essentials. As these input costs in commods begin to stress end use consumers will buckle in many areas of spending and the Bernank will ultimately be forced to withdraw the punch bowl. In the 70s the consumer had savings and could continue to spend. NOW the consumer has credit BUT it is overextended and when it collapses the shit will hit the fan. As Red has alluded to JIT (just in time) inventory controls will result in a very rapid deterioration in many essentials and your walk in the mud may turn into quicksand. We have never faced in our history this remarkable confluence of economic events. Should be absolutely mind boggling watching Ben juggle these balls.

Lets count on Ben keeping his word and keeping the casino lights on. Play the horses in gold silver uranium spec bio and soft commods like DAG DBA.

This will get jiggly so you have to understand these economics. Its a sick Game these guys want us in so you play with your eyes wide open.

The Central Banks are trying to hold gold and silver in check. These metals are the headline poster boys for the fiat scam. The more they rise the more the public sees that something is wrong with their paper money. ANY meaningful pull back in these is an opportunity to accumulate. PSLV ANV SSRI SLW EGO know the line up. gl

update I.....

update II look'n jiggly....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Do you wonder why during the course of a day on CNBS you hear the word confidence over 200 times on average. Did you think that was coinidental? Certainly the forced ebullient commentary seems contrived. It may be a dissapointing jobs number or a declining home sales number, or a missed revenue number, but there is ALWAYS a silver lining to be pounded home by the erstwhile pumpers of poop. Just like magic the market numbers will rally accordingly. This happens virtually without fail. Accident? Coincident? Unplanned? Think about that. Just all in the course of a normal working market day. Am I saying the financial and mainstream media is in on this scheme? Perhaps indirectly. After all no one could deny their jobs as "Mubarak supporters" would be in jeopardy if they didn't promote the Ponzi that provided their check. Subconsciously you have to realize that the 7 figure check you receive at the end of the year comes from a ponzi. Why do you think curmudgeons like Mark Haines on CNBS occaisional can't stand the hypocrisy and occaisionally lash out with a guest.

Do you every grow weary of having the same faces trotted out in front of the public everyday to tell you how strong the economy is in spite of the obvious information to the contrary. You may ask at this point why in the hell do you find this attempt to continue the Long Con SO objectionable. After all what does it hurt to feed the sheeple a shit sandwich and tell them its steak tartare. Before I answer that let me give you a BRIEF reason why the long con is necessary.

This is ALL ABOUT leverage. Overleverage needs to be delevered. After all this is what a Fractional Reserve system is based on. Its a ponzi that requires CONFIDENCE by the participants. The sheep must believe that their fiat money that is placed in banks as reserves is safe. Even though the bankers used their reserves in some cases to be expanded by a factor of 100......thats right. For decades banks (investment and commercial) maintained a semblance of control with the ponzi in the range of roughly 10:1 leverage. This alone can be a very dangerous game depending on your securities that comprise your assets. This became a very interesting mathematical dilemna when the bankers decided to embark upon a scheme of insanity in the early 90s after the savings and loan debacle of expanding a new product called derivatives. They needed some "boost" to their securities and they manufactured a new mathematically dangerous security based upon real estate (commercial AND residential). I will not go into the mathematics in depth so I will summarize quickly. Once real estate stopped appreciating the value of the securities became grossly distorted because of the complex calculus used to create the ponzi. Needless to say the ponzi was virtually destroyed overnite due to the asset deflation. Panic set in and the big money boys in the know began exiting positions in these banks post haste. You know the rest of that story.

The reason that this is all morally disgustingly wrong is simple. Forget whether you can reinflate a ponzi. Forget whether its important to perp walk thousands of these criminal bankers that destroyed your country and government. Forget the 75% of you government is in on the con already. What is important and the reason this is really reprehensible, is the malinvestment it has caused and the structural problems that now exist in our country. These problems would require ten years minimum to just turn around if we started now. I have talke about these in the security...medicare...a budget that has over 50% of it spent on defense spending (more than every country in the world COMBINED)....I don't think we are going to fall off into a sea of chaos....but I do see some very significant pain ahead. Then I see a long road of decline in our position as an Empire....and in that respect it will be positive. Its time we stopped sending our boys overseas to be killed for the bankers and its time we stopped slaughtering millions in other developing nations. Lets hope nature stops us. Meanwhile we will keep playing the game.

Friday, February 11, 2011


According to regular ponzi pumdit pumper Jim Paulson on CNBS this morning. What a thug disguised as a banker. Today's latest fix for all of you waiting with baited breath is the "Fix" of the GSEs by little Timmy Geithner. So all of you can now finish your coffee knowing that the taxpayer's liability of the GSEs has ended. Mr. Geithner confidently assuaged erstwhile interviewer Steve Leismann from CNBS explaining the delicate balance that the "process of repair" of the housing market and the GSE role. These are "options" mind you that are being given to Congress. "We now have time for a good debate" according to Timmy. Thank goodness! I thought we had solved a problem. Once we have the the GSE's resolved then we can turn to the Mortgage Backed Securities that the banks are keeping off balance estimated to be in the Trillions still. What do you think backs a large portion of the Securities and Swaps market that is still estimated to be over 1.2 Quadrillion. Can you say Houston we have a Liquiditly problem coming.

We have a compressed spring building in the precious metal market. I like it. The longer this sideway's action occurs with silver the better. Silver ran up at the end of last year and has been building a nice base from which to rip higher. Give it time and exercise patience. This can is being kicked and kicked. The malinvestment and concomitent structural disasters are going NOWHERE! We keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and we just keep singing as the CNBS band plays on. To think that this system will change itself without the collapse that nature is bringing is ludicrous. These spineless self-serving worms are going to continue to extend and pretend. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. They have telegraphed in bold letters their game. We are in a secular commodity bull and precious metals are only going up in the long term. There will be some nice pullbacks and probably one more big pullback in 2012 before the last leg up. That leg will be a monster.

Think positive. Just because you found out that the BS you have been fed your entire life was a horseshit pie is no reason to cry. Just recognize you were a dumbass and figure out a way to W.I.N. no....not whip inflation now, but whip ignorance numbnuts. You can try and understand this game or you can keep getting played. I for one want to try to understand. Use your google and search timeline of the european bankers and read about this game. google google google.

Uranium......UEC URZ URG USU.

Silver.....SSRI SLW HL PGZ EXK...and of course PSLV


Don't forget the speculative plays for the gamblers in you RNN AEN ZLCS OPXA

Congrats on those that played ALU (Joe's conservative play)

update I.....MUBARAK GONE...finally. whew! that was a very untidy situation for us...but alas we swept out one aging torturing mthfkr. and now we need to put in another ....shouldn't be a problem. Just let the sheeple believe they have a choice. Create a faux choice .....then wash rinse and repeat. We didn't give the billions in military to protect their country. We gave them billions in military aied to "control" their country. Baaaa baaaa.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

RISK ON RISK OFF update II Mubarak OUT!!...NOT!!

Mr. Market is not drinking its Kook-aid today and the long Bonds are killin the curve. Look for that to change going into the spring. It will be your last opportunity to load up on TBT. Give Ben some time to adjust the curve. Our Jobless claims report was a "surprise" 383 and everyone on CNBS was crowing about how great that was but then were shocked the market didn't respond with a green paint. Oh well..maybe they will figure out that Joe Shmo isn't in this market anymore. He doesn't want to play with loaded dice. You just have to learn to bet on the guy that loaded the dice.

Commods and PMs getting the snot kicked out of them today.....SHOCKING! Not really just understand that pullbacks are expected after the nice move we have had. Lets see what the next week holds.

Eurozone is getting into deep chit again. CDS spreads are reaching insaned levels and the breaking point has been exceeded. Now its just a matter of time until the headlines begin to appear.

For instance...look at this little tidbit. You heard about the Danish Bank Amagerbanken that declared bankruptcy this week...after passing the "stress test" just a few months ago. Well well look at this little one of their too big to fail banks is being spotlighted.

I guess when the next round of "terror" hits the headlines gold should be ripping to the moon as confused and panicked fiat holders begin to realize just how corrupt this mess is.

I still like QE as a driving force going forward in the near term and I haven't changed my long trend on gold or silver. gl

update I.....looks dicey for the "stability game"...I guess when you paint a Faux gov that tortures and kills its best citizens this is what you're gonna get. Wonder how much money the Fed is sending in?

update II..... Mubarak to resign.....pending speech Al Jazeera live link has booted Mubarak out...(per our command)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL CRISIS IN HISTORY update I Rogers 5 part interview

Not my words...Vikram Pandit's...not once but multiple times during his lengthy interview on CNBS this morning. What is also interesting is that these same words have been used by Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke during multiple interviews. Now here is where I become completely confused. If indeed we are going through the worst financial crisis in HISTORY, then how in the hell didn't ANYONE see it coming? Remember that quote? "No one could possibly have seen this coming." Was that after your propaganda campaign in 07 to convince us to stay in our asset and equity investments, with statements like "We see no down turn in housing coming." or "We see no recession coming." hehehhe....ok maybe he was just parsing words and really wanted to say we see the "WORST FOCHING TSUNAMI OF LOCUSTS EVER!!"

I guess we are supposed to turn off all that noise and listen now to our fearless leaders when they tell us that indeed we did go through the "worst financial crisis in history" but now its all going to be fine....."just trust us". I don't know about you but somehow I find this all somewhat preposterous. How stupid do they think the American people really are? Wait...we know the answer to that. "Weapons of mass destruction"..."yellow cake uranium"...."fight um there or fight um here".... "change you can believe in"...."we will bring transparency to the banking industry"...."we will punish those responsible for fraud"....

What does matter? Truth? NO..sorry.....reality matters. At least in the casino you are playing in. You take your fiat chips and you play on the table you are given. Can this house of cards collapse on you and all of your casino chips be lost??? YES! A million times YES! That is what these charletons are trying to pull off. They are trying to keep the casino lights on. They are using methods that are absolutely playing with grenades here. We are observing the breakdown globally of this process in the form of severe and unrelenting STAGFLATION. Remember when it was discussed here by several of us two years ago. This will strain the very fabric of government. Particulary the governments with wealth disparity. Egypt had a gini coefficient ( a measurement of disparity) of is good 30 is bad...the U.S. has a gini coefficient of 45....and you thought you had money?

What does all of this mean for us as investors in an equity market. Simply put it means MORE QE MORE MONEY PRINTING. They will push this game until they break the bank so to speak. These are bankers. They are driven by greed. That is capitalism at its purist. If you don't like it....tough! You CANT DO CHIT...except quit. AND I DON'T BLAME YOU IF YOU DO. For now I'm gambling. I still like uranium this year. DONT go crazy but with QE and the fact they can meter it...I'm in. Let China Italy etc build those reactors WE KNOW HOW TO FIND YELLOW CAKE...hehehe. diclosure I own UEC URZ USU DNN URG...

No reason to bring up gold or silver or palladium......we all know that game..

Joe is hot on RNN AEN and of course DCTH. These are less effected by the general market and provide you a real shot at a big score. They are also speculative beware. Don't play if you can't afford the game.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Preparation for Tuesday's trading must start off with the usual admonition that trading in this casino is an extremly high risk proposition. We are highly over bought at this point in the equity market and some consolidation is in order shortly. If we get a hard take down then our mining stocks in silver gold uranium palladium will all take hits to some degree. Remember though we are in an extremely treacherous market and this current uptrend as overbought as it is can continue even longer. There is a concerted effort to destroy as many short positions as possible by the inside team. Shorts are providing a source of liquidity for the proprietary traders that are tied to the Fed. You may find this unethical or even illegal....but this is the game. You can fight the tide or you can try to understand the game. Be aware there is only one power that can stop this and that power is nature. It has its own time table and when it does intervene it will be brutal. The nature of this intervention will not be predictable. It may begin with a Black Swan event of some sort....or it may begin as a set of economic or political dominoes triggering a more controlled collapse. For now you have to assume this game goes on as predicted by the Bernank and his various programs including QE. I see plenty of warning signs and strain from the inflation/stagflation we are exporting but I don't see the tipping point.......yet.

The goal of this is to avert inflation by trying to shift the equation of the velocity of money to full steam ahead. So far the needle is barely moving. There is still not enough CONfidence reinstilled in the world for this to take hold. Good luck with that game and good luck with fiat currencies in general. This blog does not predict the end of all fiat or for that matter the end of the dollar. It may happen to some degree but that is not our purpose. The question is how do you prevent the mass loss of confidence in the value of paper currency when you are printing Trillions of it and the public KNOWS its losing value. Guess a twisted way THEY are trying to create that very thought process. In other words....they want you to put your money BACK into risk whether you want to or NOT. Take that money out of your savings accounts and your mattress and INVEST it. Put it anywhere but savings or your mattress. GET THOSE ANIMAL SPIRITS GOING AGAIN.

Ok ....that's where we are. So lets revisit uranium is a great review article that has all of our favorites discussed......UEC URG URZ USU DNN etc.....

Precious metal are still your best play in this environment. At least holding the physical metal is. Paper trades like SLV GLD are NOT SAFE. Miners are trying to make another leg up but we could have a consolidation for awhile. I just think you need a very good core in them NOW. Silver is my favorite....PSLV SLW SSRI HL EXK PZG...

Stand on the sidelines and watch or throw the dice. Either way you are taking a risk. One way or another they are trying to take your savings. That is the nature of the greatest BEAR of all bears.

Egypt is not over. Even the short term looks dicey for Mubarak. A lot of people asking for accountability and no torture and no corruption and no cronyism (golly this sounds too familiar) have died there and I have a feeling a lot more are going to very shortly. Enjoy American Idol.

update I.....Chit hittin the fan???

Update II.....watta monster day for the silver and gold traders. We broke through critical levels of resistance and should spend a couple of days backing and filling. On the other hand who knows in this game. I took a small ammount off the table for a trade but overall my core remains very heavy still. Look for more fireworks soon in these PM markets and buckle up. Should be one heckuva ride.

update III..... Look!!! Can you imagine??? Italy doesn't want to take their medicine for good ol team Euro. They don't believe they should be forced to have any fiscal responsibility....of course why should they. Isn't that the way we roll these days. After all commander Bernank is setting the example for all the world to follow. The Krauts are not going to take this much longer........just watch!!!


After completion of you flight check we recommend runway 22R. With a clear sky above your silver bullion rocket is ready to ride. Well well well....have we Really rode out the silver short beatdown by the great silver manipulators? Hmmmmm.....maybe. Let's see what our week brings us. Never underestimate the greatest power on earth.....well...the second greatest. They will not go down easily but you cannot ignore the monsterous predicament they are developing in the future's pit. Backwardation in silver is unprecedented and portends some very interesting trading coming down the pike. The high wire act of silver manipulation just had its safety net removal.

You cannot ignore the pressure that commodities will have as Ben continues with his QE full court press on killing deflation. You can also expect that the Eurozone will continue to scream for bailout. Will the stagflation stop the madness???? The answer is eventually. For now expect more governments in emerging markets to crumble as the pleebs say enough. You can put up with oppression as long as your bellies are full, but once you can't feed you families .....all bets are off.

Maintain your sanity and have a core of miners now...but always remember they can still inflict pain on this trade.

ANV looks very tough and SLW has a future that should be a shocker. Just remember they all have risks.

UEC and URZ were late day rallies so we will see if its just rumor or the big boyz knew something. Fun Fun Fun....

update I Paulian Theater....should be great entertainment. We will see how good Ron's protection is.

update II

update III This is not a test...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Friday evening mainstreet media headline.....Economy improving as unemployment drops to 9.0. Can this become more surreal?? What kind of slop can they expect the sheeple to keep swallowing?? Apparently ANYKIND OF SLOP!! 36 thousand jobs created and the headline should have read DISASTER FOR THE "RECOVERY". But of course the spinmeisters will continue to defend their strategy of monetizing their way out of the worst liquidity/deflationary crash EVER! Guess what?? Unless you are unemployed, this is barely affecting you. You are out spending and living as though we are hardly in a recession. In fact you are officially OUT OF THE RECESSION. That is how contrived and absurd reality is.

Housing numbers this week indicate we are now heading into another prolonged drop in home prices. With negative equity in homes the norm for most homeowners. The question is why would anyone view homes at these levels as a long term investment? Moreover prices have now dropped further than the GREAT DEPRESSION. It was 25.9% then now we are at 26% and dropping like a rock.

But guess what? We are in recovery. Ben Bernank tells you so. Ben told you in 2006 there was no housing bubble he told you in 07 there would be no recession. He told you in early 08 that equity prices would not fall. Do I need to go further? Would you trust this man's ability to predict the future. He even had the audacity to testify that no one could have seen this coming. Hmmmmmmm. NO ONE??? Really. I guess he didn't read Lewis's book the BIG SHORT ( I highly recommend this). Logically one can only reach one conclusion. This is just one big orchestrated game. So that is how we're going to play it.

Our investment philosophy here incorporates the Kondratieff Wave theory which forms a basis for our overall economic outlook.

This is a dynamic process that is useful for overall inflation/deflation/economic cycle predictions. It is well known to the Federal Reserve and the Bernank is fighting nature with every bone in his one dimensional body... but he will fail. It will be a monumental meltdown and collapse. Hopefully you will be positioned to survive these natural forces and you own demons of greed and fear will not overwhelm you. This will be a time to reinforce the aspects of life that are truly worthwhile. Those are your family and spirtual selfs. This board spend most of its time at the alter of wall street and will remain there for now..... for I am an inveterate gambler in the casino of wall street. Maintaining a "balance" with that game and life's true importance is self defeating but I pretend I can. An honest analysis for all of us is... we just like "the game".

Don't forget to look up from your computers and your analysis and look at the rest of the world going on. You need to pitch in and help someone.....not just for them....but for YOU. You will never understand what I am telling you until you go out and help a stranger. A total stranger in need. Then you will begin to find why you are still breathing and polluting this earth. GL gang.

update I...

update II... It pays to be a dictator...

update III... Nice articles addressing the issue of Silver's backwardation I mentioned last week....This is a Big development. Saturday afternoon, this article, Near Zero Contango in Comex Silver Futures, came to my attention in which the author noted that silver was in zero contango throughout all silver contracts. I have verified that this is correct. This means that silver is in very short supply at the spot price as investors are not willing to sell their metal at spot and buy a futures contract for fear that they will not get the physical metal. This is the first time this has ever happened in silver

Friday, February 4, 2011

JOBS FRIDAY ANOTHER DISASTER!! update III lies and more lies

We have beat this dead horse every first Friday of the month until we are exhausted with the topic....but here we are again. A STRUCTURAL destruction of jobs in an economy cannot be repaired by MONETARY POLICY. It can be "talked up" with the CONfidence game that is being employed but to the ultimate dismay of the Jersey Shore public the game will fail. The "animal spirits" that are trying to be force fed into the economy cannot be achieved without true STUCTURAL changes. These require fiscal and moral changes. This requires a complete revamping of how we view our economy and its path. Our emphasis must begin at the base of any economy and that is its educational system. Our emphasis must be on math and science for our best and brightest and we must pull out all stops to reward innovation and achievement in these areas for our economy NOT the financial sector. The finacial sector MUST be placed in it proper balance and it is way out of balance now. Our engineering, science, math, and technology is our future. Our legasy students in our most prestigious Universitys must END NOW. Our crony educational system must be revamped completely.

The numbers today of 36K are being spun to show how meaningless they are for the current monetary policy on CNBS. Keep your attention focused on the game like a laser. There is a guarantee of MORE stimulus and more QE. THIS IS THE GAME. It is still going to be commodities. Our soft plays of DAG and DBA in the grains will do well, but I view them as trades. I want you to focus on the precious metals for a safer trade. PSLV and PHYS are poised for a nice move here. Leverage on precious metals will be in SLV HL SSRI ANV EZK EGO GFI....

Don't forget Uranium and the Bioteks we play.....DCTH is comin' fast.

Bill Gross BLASTED the finacial culture yesterday. An amazingly candid report from Gross.

update I.. SSRI resistance 23.55 ANV resist 29.01 supp 27.58 SLW res 34.79 supp 32.74....GORO Supp 23.92 .....don't sell that one.......

update II breaking news on Egypt. Announcement pending. Watch for live

update III I guess when tens of millions of Americans sit down to their evening meal tonight paid for with their food stamps, they will be comforted to watch the headlines delivered that unemployment dropped to 9%....instilling a Confidence and renewing the animal spirits needed to get the "economy" rolling. Of course it may induce a wave of nausea and a need to rush to the lavatory. For this viewer it just brings up another quote.

"There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies."
— Walter Lippmann

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Camels and horses charging through thousands of people with whips in their hands. Thousands of stones sticks and knives being used to fight with. Just as we though things could not get more surreal with watching the Bernanks manipulation we get to watch a medieval riot on high def television....strange times indeed. Rumblings have from the Federal Reserve meeting show that QE 3 is already on the table. I know that readers of this blog are "shocked". Just remember...there will be NO SURRENDER in Ben's book. He is a "student" of the Great Depression. He was chosen by the "Bankers" for this job for a reason. He knows his duty and he will not stop until he is forced to by the entire world in riot over the cost of essentials.

A purpose of this blog is to help you understand basic economic principles and how they interact with your investment decisions. We can't be completely accurate predicting the timing of the market but we can give you some confidence in what you choose to invest in. For example gold and silver should be trading at 2000 and 50 respectively, but of course there is an effort to mask their true value by the Central Bankers. If fiat holders lose confidence in their paper then the game is over. Gold and silver are important public markers of fiat value (or lack of) and the bankers have to keep a lid on them. Of course there are people and countries that know this and are accumulating the bullion steadily. Not to mention the possibility that a group could be preparing to squeeze the Fed's short position in the Comex. All the more reason to own the metal. I have noticed lately that the effort to take the metal down has weakened. If this is the bottom of the correction then we are going to see a very nice move in both metals during the next couple of months. Of course are fighting the greatest power on earth.

One last reminder. This end of days scenario playing out in Egypt is a very dangerous situation. The threat of contagion from this is real. The overnight developments are unsettling and will not be soothing the other countries where we have our tinhorn dictators installed. Imagine the insanity .... the so called "greatest democracy" defending oppressive, torturing dictatorships. Now we pretend we have "moral authority" to address this terrible situation.......sure we do.....No one out there takes us seriously.

update I..... Celente interview... must listen


update II..... watch the video on the left.....,skf,cs,ubs,db,aib,faz

update III...... Mo Money and Mo Money....

update IV..... shocking (not really) must read.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Worst case scenario may be developing in Egypt. A coordinated effort by Mubarak and his Vice President to intimidate and crush the opposition is ongoing this morning. This could become a worst case scenario if this becomes a stagnation scenario. It's very fluid now and the impact on the Middle East could be dramatic. Watch out if casualties start to mount. Right now the Mubarak forces are attacking Western media in an attempt to keep the reporting out. No way this situation can be predicted.

The military leaders are complicit in this counterattack by Mubarak. If the military gets drawn into violence with its own citizens then watch out...this region is a tenderbox right now.

Don't lose sight of the value of gold here. The PTB are trying to hold it in check and I am impressed but not shocked that as I type it remains negative. Silver seems to have a head of steam here and reports of bullion shortages are becoming commonplace. This can be explosive here if the Middle East explodes.

Do not lose track of the global disruption in commodities this can create. We have too many dollars created looking for a place to park...and they want to own commodities. Add in the current Australia disasters and displacements and a recipe for disaster.

The Uranium trade remains intact and Horatio brought up DNN which I found to be worth watching and plan on taking a position in. gl to all and now that Mubarak has released the Kraken be very careful in these markets.

Live feed....

Be aware that Ben has a spillover effect in other areas also...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As the ponzi works feverishly trying to maintain world liquidity through the Bernanke Press...hedge funds are pulling liquidity out of emerging markets faster than a honeymoon love fest. This is NOT what the ponzi counted on as their next test. They were preparing for Euro fires to put out. Now they wake up to the breaking news on Bloomberg just now that Jordan's Prime Minister is being dismissed. Bloomberg's on the ground reporter said VERY CLEARLY that Jordan's revolt is due to the HIGH PRICE OF FOOD and ESSENTIALS that are taxing the poor populace to its breaking point. You can do a lot to a population but when they start to get hungry....all bets are off. Of course the Bernank will maintain that QE has NOTHING to do with this.

Gold and Silver are barely moving. Never ever question the power of the Ponzi. They know that these prices have to be contained to keep the picture of the dollar and other fiats as "safe havens". If they lose the fiat CONfidence then what do they have to maintain the ponzi?? .......answer..NOTHING! So lets root for least for now. We are playing a game here that needs the long con to continue. Hopefully you have positioned yourself well. Accumulating physical gold and silver here is a gift. Don't be fooled by the shills on CNBS telling you how its the end for Precious Metals. This is a coordinated attack by the PTB to cool the trade for a variety of reasons not the least of which is their threat to fiat and their short positions. There are critical shortages developing in silver bullion and I like it the best for the near term "next big move".

Uranium..."the clean fuel" is still in massive move up. It won't be straight so try and buy on weakness.....URZ UEC URA USU....etc. BTW...uranium is not a "clean fuel" its carbon footprint to mine is very high. It is clean regarding the atmosphere when its used but storage and accidents are always potential risks. I still like it as an investment because the PTB can put a meter on it.

Silver and Gold are in a consolidation here and could be near their next leg up. ANV has been in a very nice consolidation bottom here. GFI and EGO are close.

Enjoy the game and marvel at the power of the ponzi....Heck...Markets in the middle east are up......does it get any better????? LOL

update I