Saturday, March 12, 2011


Right now there is a race against time for all those affected by this disaster in Japan. Not only are authorities dealing with a devastating earthquake with survivors trapped...but they are trapped WET and in Near freezing temperatures. With that type of exposure I fear that very few will ultimately be saved. If we were dealing with these temperatures and dry rubble conditions then survival is possible but with these wet and cold conditions very few will be found alive in the rubble. Many alive will die of exposure tonight. Temperatures tonight in this area will be near freezing.

The second disaster taking place that many cannot get a grasp of is the meltdowns in at least three reactors occurring in various stages. It appears that the meltdown has reached a critical stage and more than likely cannot be reversed without the arrival of generators for massive cooling of the fuel rods. Even with this power source it is unclear as to whether the flow structure is even in place any longer to cool the fuel rods effectively. Apparently they are desperate and are flooding the fuel rods with Ocean water in at least one reactor. This sounds beyond desperate and a search basically to do "something". There will not be a nuclear explosion, but there could be a lesser explosion with the gasses formed from coolant substances and the expulsion of high levels of radioactive contaminated gasses into the atmosphere. Another possibility is the concrete base of the reactor is compromised and the molten rods in a meltdown penetrate into the earth's crust contaminating the areas water supply for years to come....effectively turning many square miles of precious Japanese Real Estate into a dead zone. No one can predict the current state of affairs but right now I suspect many people are in the process of killing themselves at those reactors. Some will die in the next few days some over the next months and years.

Lets hope these facilities can contain their toxic brew and lets hope those souls fighting this are never forgotten. gl

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