Saturday, April 9, 2011


I received a call this week from an old friend I made during the free fall of 2008. As the collapse progressed we became "educated" on the intricacies of our current system and just how completely manipulated the electorate of this country has become. What became more apparent is just how little input the 99% of the population has on the sytem that purports itself to be a democracy.

You go through a process. It's similar to the Kubler/Ross five steps of dying. In this case number one is denial. can't be? NOOoooo....surely there cannot be a complete control of every aspect our "free market capitalism" by an "elite few"?? Com'm are you serious? A Corporatocracy? It has been that way for centuries. Its just evolved into a much larger more dangerous system now. We have the capacity to wage war that can destroy the entire populations of countries....even the world. We can literally create diseases that surrepticiously destroy entire segments of society under the guise of "natural selection". Very effective population controls I might add, but that is another thread.

Secondly you will enter into the stage of ANGER.....furious that you have been betrayed. You blame the messengers. You lash out at your friends. You believed there was a choice and thought that by voting for that scoundrel would give you your 10% tax cut that you so richly deserved. Putting that 5 grand back in your pocket that year so you could go out and put a down payment on a new truck and stay a debt slave for five more years and burn 2 dollar gas while you cheered the evening 2 minute videos of kill shots from Iraq to maintain "price control". I love this game. Its so simple. You don't dare question why we are still in two wars (undeclared I might add) after being promised they would only last a matter of months, because you would be called "unpatriotic". And don't tell me that you weren't guilty. Part of the process of evolving from sheep status is to accept you were USED!!!

The third phase is bargaining.....we all have our methods here.....just let me make enough money that I can get to retirement and live in a shit hole until my unemployed prodigy in the basement that I've stuffed with MickeyDee can become self-suficient. Or....just let me trade the market a little bit longer.....never mind I know its all smoke and mirrors....and certain death lurks behind the curtain. become miserable. Your friends avoid you for fear of listening to your doom. You feel like you have a disease that is contagious and no one wants near you. BTW......don't waste your time trying to only will make them more sick of you. Get off your ass and do something productive for someone else and quit thinking about yourself.

Finally......Acceptance. You realize your fate. You realize there is NOTHING that can change this system.....Built on centuries of human emotions and behavior. It wasn't that difficult. Simple techniques like divide and conquer worked very predictably. You wanted free market capitalism.....THIS IS FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. Its the ultimate extension of letting the Market's strongest participants dominate. Now they truly dominate the weak. Eventually they have taken over every aspect of any controls that bridled their dominance. You wanted it. Now you've got it. Don't complain. Its the game. gl


  1. Very Good. In between Second and Third phase for me. So I will keep yelling. I have heard thru the grapevine that Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein hate to be called welfare millionaires and utter incompetents. As long as I can cause them some indigestion with there meal I will be happy. Oh thank goodness for the simple pleasures.

  2. here's dark....By late 1923, the Weimar Republic of Germany was issuing two-trillion Mark banknotes and postage stamps with a face value of fifty billion Mark. The highest value banknote issued by the Weimar government's Reichsbank had a face value of 100 trillion Mark (100,000,000,000,000; 100 million million).[14][15] At the height of the inflation one U.S. dollar was worth 4 trillion German marks. One of the firms printing these notes submitted an invoice for the work to the Reichsbank for 32,776,899,763,734,490,417.05 (3.28×1019, or 33 quintillion) ended with stabilization of the Rentensmark backed by mortgages and a basket of restored confidence in the paper having "assets" backing it

  3. Kli - I love it when you are all optimistic and cheery and bubbling over with good tidings. Hehehe. Hell, I accepted a long time ago - I couldn't change it so I got my small slice of the pie and hope to be left to eat it in peace.... I refuse to let the chit bother me and intrude on my serenity.

    I posted updated charts on HL and MMR for those in PMs and miners.

  4. This is just hollywood bull crap or is it, heheeeee!

  5. kli,

    Is this the essence of what you are trying to say, if the answer is yes then shame on you, heheeeeeee!

  6. "you control the control everything"

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