Monday, April 4, 2011


There is nothinng that can bring more discomfort to an investment position than to wake up and find that CNBS is bullish on your position with pundits galore suddenly touting its luster. Thats what we are seeing in Silver now. It will soon be time to take a short term break as the PTB slap the snot out of this metal. Does that mean we need to call a top?? NO NO NO.......Just be aware that we have talked about the round numbers of 40 and 50. The PTB just might take it over forty very strongly and really pump the metal through the press before its first beatdown. I like a position now in PSLV for a hold. But if they take this through 40 strongly I will only sell a third of my position and try to hold for another dollar on PSLV. It would be very headline grabbing to retail sheep when silver pops through 40 strongly and we know very well what they can do with the paper trade. Purchasing Morgan and Peace silver dollars is very hard to do now and many are predicting that the scrap silver coins are next. They really disappeared fast.

Energy remains a focus. ATPG SGY NBR GMXR HNR HERO WPRT. I'm trading them actively and holdin a couple here.....but have reduced significantly SGY NBR HERO and WPRT.... Its still in bullish trend but I just like my cash more right now.

Waiting on DPTR OSIR OPXA...need to see some action.

Added CGR friday to my miners....I am not heavy on miners so that means they are going to have a nice run this all


  1. Yea is this the week Blthye goes to Venezelula and blows all her cash on blow and whores LMAO!!!

  2. Joe Take a look at ASTM, news , a good move on volume . also OPEX

  3. Jim,

    ASTM yes and AEN is on fire as well.

  4. Market smells to high heaven here which is why it probably has more to run......chewing shorts to the maximum puke level

  5. ran off and left me.

  6. joe jim
    wow they have took the sails off of uta joe what do ya think

  7. Back to that nuclear issue: I live in a country where the population has decided to NOT have nuclear energy. Decades earlier.
    If they would ask us again today - 100% sure same outcome. And we have no lack of energy at all.
    Now the question is who is brain washed?
    We - as we have decided against it - or those that "defend it" and argue that it is safe?
    See all the accidents - how safe it is.
    It is cheap yes - soooo cheap that no inssurance company on this planet is willing to insure such a project.

    The point is not to compare a evil1 (nuclear) with evil 2 (fossil). And then to argue for evil 1 or 2.
    The point is whether I (or something you all forgot about: your kids, or the kids of the kids or the kids of the kids of the kids etc.) deserve it to carry that risk?
    A deadly or a complete destruction of life carrying risk???

    Same goes for living near fautlines. Risk is low. But odds are higher that an earthquakes strikes near a faultline than not.
    Same goes for living near the beach. Or near big rivers. Of where the aeroplanes come down.
    And similar risk - which is easily to avoid.

    For me it's a matter of a sound mind, to be able to be aware of the risks - and then, if possible and plausible, to lower or eliminate the known risks. Especially if it goes for families and generations. In that case is is even a matter of responsibility.

    For me there's not a millimeter to discuss.
    It's the same as playing russion roulette with 1000 or even million or more bullets.
    It's just insane.

    Just as an example: I have learned in school 40 years earlier, that japan is on a fault line. Small kids have learned that a generation earlier already. Later in high school again the lessons about probabilities, stats etc.

    So why do these idiots place nuclear facilities near these places???
    And if there is that risk - why do poeple live there and place their houses there?
    Yes I know - low probabilitly, bad luck, bla bla bla - for me that is plain shit to build that facilities there - and it is the same plain shit to live there.

    Everybody who refuses/refused to accept these facts - or probabilities - got the bill.

    And the bills will continue ... maybe tomorrow, maybe in 3 months maybe in 40 years. Somewhere else. As sure as hell.

    And hence it's a matter of a sound mind - to live where you have the lowest risk. Especially if that risk includes to be eliminated or to become sick for decades.

    He who is not able to do that math - and is not able to recognize and is not able (in his mind) to move or change - for sure doesn't belong to the Alpha-Animals. Again - matter of IQ. Matter of survival instincts. Matter of having been brainwashed. Matter of being average. Period. Based on "Low odds" ... what a joke.

    My kids will not grow up near such stuff ... and also not the kids of my kids etc.

    Not living near a coast, not living near faultlines, not living near nuclear facilities, not below mountains where other stuff comes down at times, not below or near huge electricity stuff, not near this and that .... and for the same reasons not in cities and towns.

    And there's not even something to argue about this topic. It's like 1 + 1 = 2. It is risk I can easily avoid and eliminate for myself and my family - and hence it's a no-no.

    You may well live near such added risk locations. It's your choice.

    But I agree that there is other stuff with higher risk parameters - we should avoid too.
    I.e. not becoming to fat because of this and that ... another story of course, though again it's a matter of increasing risk ... no question. Not a second.
    Because yes - a sound mind needs a sound body and opposite.
    There's again nothing to argue about it.

    It just had to be said.
    Because I really was wondering about some replies. That it is soo good to lieve nearby added risk locations.

  8. CRYP at 1.55 was a good one, moving nicely now.

  9. Amaya owns about 400k shares in CRYP, it starting to smell like a buy out of CRYP,mmmmm!

  10. kliguy38 - I will wait with (main market) shorts until end of may.
    Then starting to build a sky high pyramide.
    Even more in 2012/Q1.
    Though until then it's just up and up ... GSR ratio (increasing liquidity) tell's it all you need to know.
    POMOs and Market shorts (except for very shorterm trades or scalps) - a no-no for me.
    I do not even think about it.

  11. ultimate arbitrator of risk is nature agold....and nature is on its own timetable. Your analogy of russian roulette is appropriate.

  12. Agold that timetable bothers me because I feel the same timetable....

  13. kenny,

    GFRE is a good trade today, at 52 week low it bounced, it's been taken to woodshed along with other small cap chinese stocks but this company looks to be real, so far so good for trade today.

  14. kenny,

    Most small cap chunese stocks recently are suspect of being scams and cooking the books so they are being taken to the woodshed, guilty till proven otherwise, GFRE how ever seems real to me, an hedge fund keeps unloading lots of shares there but short squeeze around 5.55 took it up. GFRE is worth a look but proceed with caution, your buddy is taking UTA to the woodshed, heheeeee!

  15. kli,

    CRYP getting interesting, there might be buy out cooking behind scenes, some heavy hitters are taking position based on link above I posted, it bounced nicely from 1.53 today.

  16. kli,

    In the case you do not know what AMAYA who has bought over 400K shares of CRYP does, here it is, the minute I saw AMAYA investing in CRYP my antenna went up, something is up especially the fact that CRYP also hired delloite to handle transaction for them which smells either like buy out or sales of some asset and either way that can be positive for CRYP:

  17. Looks like ZLCS is forming a "Cup & Handle" pattern. I have an order in to buy more.

    There was always talk about CRYP getting bought out.

  18. Doctrader,

    Based on movements at least so far something is cooking with CRYP which was just talk before, we shall see, I agree with you that do not count the chickens before they are hatched by it's definitely interesting.

  19. Joe,
    I actually meant my statement to be positive for the buyout. Now that the company is debt-free and online gaming in the USA seems to be becoming a reality, CRYP looks attractive for a buyout.

  20. Doctrader,

    AMAYA does not invest 400K shares just for the hell of it and combine it with recently CRYP hiring delloite, mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  21. Doctrader,

    Find these undervalued puppies, it's very important for kli's blog, after it's all said and done, that's what's all about when it comes to his blog, we have good conversations on other subjects but the bread and butter is still $$$$$$$.

  22. There is a recent gap for CRYP at 1.21 which has not been filled yet and it might not but I like to see MMs fill that gap, so far the retracement from 2.19 stopped at 1.53 today.

  23. Joe,

    With all the concern over these chinese small caps, it feels to me like the financial stocks a few years back. All of these chinese small caps are being lumped together and getting slaughtered. The ones that come out to be legit, should skyrocket. Just need to know which ones and when will the reversal begin.

  24. Ryan,

    Have a list of small cap chinese stocks which are not delisted yet, do your DD and then watch the tape daily which includes volume & price action and when you see volume picking up heavier to upside resulting in reversal of down trend then you get an idea. Studying the tape of a particular stock is important NOT predicting the date since date of it in future is not realistic unless if one is a future mind reader and no one is.

  25. When some one brings a stock here, start doing your homework and do not wait to be spoon fed since that person could be wrong in their assessment, look at it as having another JOB. The best blog is the one which most contribute to making it succesful, having only a few contributor and the rest being followers is not GOOD. Trading/investing in the market is a JOB by itself and requires every one involved to do their homework.

  26. <---- will try harder to bring forward good ideas.

    Busy selling VHC covered calls today. Wish there was more premium on SGY options to do the same.

  27. Joe,

    Thanks for the comments. Totally agree with your statement of "having another job". Two small cap chinese stocks I am looking at are UTA and SKBI. Two other wild cards - LTUS and DYP (both down huge today, hehehe)

  28. Do not be discouraged if a stock you bring is not responded to....there are often times its overlooked so bring it back again for a response...if you don't get a response after 2-3 times then you are on your own.. ;-)

  29. Ryan,

    Add GFRE to the list which means look at latest news, price action, recent SEC filing telling who is dumping, who is buying if any, cash flow,,,etc!

  30. Joe,

    Thanks will look into GFRE.

  31. since Joe wants to be a CRYP this morning I will take the role of a BLUD. MOdest short interest that will go higher after pulling back.

  32. ALPO man,

    You always do your DD even when you are not in the market, so BLUD ha!

  33. One site I use for Chinese stock info is
    For what it's worth.

  34. The whole idea is to help KLI making his blog successful and attract more readers including traders/investors. He is busting his but for you so help him out, bring ideas, stocks. He is a doctor who works many grave yard shifts but that has not stopped him from trying to help out so help him regardless of whether me or RED post or not. The only reason I post here is because of kli.

  35. look at ANIK...hmmmmm...think they've bled out enough weak hands yet?? hitting the bottom of the channel here......added now

  36. This blog is for everyone to have a forum for trading info and current event input. Hopefully we all benefit in what is perhaps going to be a supercycle economic event that will impact ALL of our lives....We at least have an exchange that has integrity....sorely lacking from many of our institutions today.

  37. Red,

    BLUD seems very interesting, modest outstanding shares and float, 50 and 200ma close around 19.30, institutions holding over 70% of shares and more importantly you sense SOROS and blackrock's footstep, you devil you:

  38. kli,

    You see how sneaky RED is, that naughty boy always senses the food step of heavy hitters including SOROS, he waits and then says by the way BLUD. Devil himself is scared of ALPO man, heheeeeee!

  39. my 2 best ideas this year for this blog have been GMXR and LNG 2 worst have been peix and epct 2 turds under a buck..But thanks To Kli for bringing up and writing about Jesse Livermore....Cut your losses quick and add to your winners...Damn good idea.....

  40. Foot step in my previous post turned out to be food step, thinking of ALPO man always reminds me of food.

  41. creditguy,

    CLDX has had lot of accumulation around 3.75/3.80 and seems like MMs have decided to let it loose after big boys covered their shorts from $9 and also after allowing them to go long around 3.80.

  42. Alpo man hates to dance with the devil.....

  43. Fed governor Evan's just stated that he wouldn't be surprised if the next rate hike wouldn't be a 2012 event.....hehehhehehehe. Well much for the 2011 gang

  44. creditguy,

    CLDX will start their phase III later on this yr and this puppy can get very interesting.

  45. yup kli, devil is going after ALPO mans main focus which is ALPO and so far ALPO man has had the upper hand, it's a good fight to watch, last night he got a visit when devil came in his dreams and the result was a middle finger shown by ALPO man to the devil.

  46. Like I said I am a rookie. But this chart is what got me interested in CGR. A Canadian gold miner.
    It was posted on the Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the chart. It's trading around $2.60. And Joe you where right I need to read things more carefully.

  47. Palmerjoe,

    looking at ClDX closely....not sold on buying in yet...might pass me by...lking for other plays right now...lots of action all around...

  48. Kli -
    Have a couple of neighbors that keep telling me I need to buy silver. Neither probably have $1000 in savings, but they are experts on silver. So it is not just CNBS - I figure these 2 guys are about as good as it gets as a contrary indicator - at least for an intermediate term pullback. hehehehe

  49. CBST Exploded AH.....damn I always unload too early....hehhehehe

  50. GoldHamster - There are a lot more people killed and injured in autos than ever by any nuclear event. Probably more than will ever be by such an event. So I suggest we ban motorized vehicles. It will save lives and oil and be great for the greenies.


  52. is funny that some people are getting it finally but if you took a true poll I doubt that 5% of the population have more than a thousand bucks in silver it does have a long way to run....just gotta figure out its path.

  53. AGoldHamster, do you consume asparatame? Do you drink alcohol? Do you take any medication that hasn't been observed for 40+ years for long term risks? Do you drive in the rain? I'd have a hard time believing that you hold other extremely improbably dangers to the same standard you're setting here for nuclear plants.

  54. Hell, asparatame and high fructose corn syrup are probably more hazardous than nuclear or fossil power. You'll get more support from me if you call soda drinkers insane and incapable of basic math than with your current line of argument.

  55. I think the issues with the reactors go further than how many get killed compared to cars, etc.

    I think arguing about what's safer based on how many hurt is futile. Using that argument, space travel is awesome as very few people get hurt getting blasted off the face of the planet...

    Its a risk reward, there is a risk to driving and a reward to doing so. The point was is the reward for nuclear outweigh the risk for the people located next to it.

    Also, I am still meaning to look up the science behind the new reactors and almost "personal" reactors being developed. Will post tomorrow if I get a chance...really looking for advice on what it means for investment purposes...

  56. Blood is the currency of death. What better way to profit by those in power than to control the means by which it is transfused during times of man made wars and natural disasters. The nuclear incident is just icing on profiting from death.

    Blood transfusions and antibiotics are the main treatment for acute radiation sickness, after that stage its a pine box.

    Everything is hidden in plain sight and sometimes with a play of words for irony. Immucor (BLUD) will rent or sell its equipment in Japan and the West.

    As for the devil, I inadvertently was given one of the Aramaic names at birth.