Saturday, May 7, 2011


Alas....another week in the Great Ponzi passes with bruised and battered precious metals players licking their wounds and still trying to figure out the number of the bus that hit them. Just as they had the greatest power every conceived by mankind on the ropes...battering it with lefts and rights....bleeding from every orifice of its stands up and biatch slaps the hapless traders that fell for the rope a dope tactic. The greatest power EVER doesn't just slap them it kicks their ass across the ring and laughs while they do it. It then walks over to the battered wannabes and laughingly didn't really think you were going to win .....DID YA??

But it seemed so OBVIOUS. EVERYONE could see it. The JPMorgue was in major trouble with their short position in the COMEX. It was inescapable from all mathematical calcualations regarding the price of silver and their exponential losses. OF COURSE silver was going to the moon. Just one problem....someone forgot to tell JPMorgue they were finished. The "unaware" plebes had unwittingly stepped into the trap that had been laid by the "prey". A slaughter then ensued, and cries of foul erupted from the proles.

Don't cry for me Argentina. Wipe those tears off your face then use the tissue to clean up the other mess down below. You have either just learned a very valuable lesson or you will remain just as clueless as you were before this happened and blame everyone but the person you should blame.........yourself. I mentioned several times in this blog that I had gone to mostly cash when silver hit 40. I missed most of the trade to 50 other than some day trades in SLW. I wanted to buy/trade SLW on the collapse and had to fight to take my own advice and not get too heavy on the dips. Usually I take a beating on these kinds of moves and fail to have enough cash to hit the lower trading bands. We'll see how this one works out....BUT and a BIG BUT...if you read this blog you have no excuse for believing that the house was going to go belly up and be broken by the silver trade. They just have too many guns to throw against us.

Is it futile to resist? Maybe ....but one thing is certain now. YOU MUST be AWARE....THEY control the paper trade.....NOT YOU. If you are going to survive you cannot get greedy. Secondly ....physical gold and secondarily physical silver is your main store of wealth. enjoy the game.....or GET OUT. THEY will most likely get you before this is over. gl

update I... lol.. (BTW, the liberal critique of the Ryan budget proposal is dead-on: Paul Ryan’s proposal is a bunch of bullshit. Any budget proposal that doesn’t touch the Department of Defense cannot—and should not—be taken seriously, period. I say this as an anti-choice, anti-welfare-state, anti-vegetable, pro-red-meat, pro-gun, pro-Catholic-Church Conservative who is eagerly waiting for the Constitutional Ammendment that will make it legal to shoot hippies for sport.)


  1. found this on a comment from steve.... All the talk of inflation and 'evil Fed' is silly, even with the foot on monetary policy gas, any wrinkle in the 'debt- time continuum' results in deflationary reaction and zero- bids in critical markets. At some point all the markets will become critical, that is when the carnage is going to start and liquidity will completely vanish. The is the 'Fed Risk' ... that more easing will flop.

  2. Good find Kli, I'll have to check out his blog from time to time.

  3. On Friday, I wrote I would post some info. from John Mauldin's book "Endgame" about Greece.

    This describes some of the origins Greece's massive debt which was actually obtained from a 9/2010 article in Vanity Fair.

    --the wage bill for the public sector has doubled in the past 10 years
    --average government job pays 3 times that of a private sector
    --their national railroad has annual revenues of 100 million euro, but just the annual wage bill is 400 million euros + 300 million in other expenses
    --Greek public schools are among the lowest ranked in Europe, yet has 4 times as many teachers as the best ranked, Finland
    --retirement age for "arduous" jobs is 50 for women & 55 for men. But now 600 professions are now listed as arduous including hairdressers, radio announcers, waiters, musicians, etc.
    -three government defense companies with billions of euros in debt
    --Greeks never learn to pay their taxes because no one is ever punished
    --bribes are common as well and government supplies are plundered

    How can the Greeks repair their situation?

    1) Since they are stuck with the euro, they simply cannot print more money (like the US does)

    2) Large drop in labor costs/wages(more then 15%) and austerity measures. This however will lower tax revenues & thus can worsen GDP

    3) Leave the euro and resume their own currency. Because Greek contracts are in euros, leaving the euro creats massive legal problems/bills. It would go on forever.

    4) Default on their debt. Apparently, countries in the Eurozone are not allowed to default. However, John Mauldin sees no way that Greece can grow out of its debts and adding more debt just makes their problem larger. John believes Greece will default at some point. No timeline given.

  4. read it ..... "the other" side of the silver trade




  8. gamechanger


  10. Dr. Cornel West has switched sides against Obama, now calling him a pawn of "financial oligarchs". The word "looting" is used as well, it seems the good doctor is waking up.

  11. You have to know at least a bit about the real situation to even know that "oligarch" is the proper term to use here.