Thursday, June 9, 2011


This was a rather long and well written post on comments that deserves its own post. kliguy38 said...
"We will always have fiat and we will always have a fractional reserve system to steal your money. If gold is the standard then they WILL leverage it and destroy over time whatever fiat it underlies."

While I enjoy immensely your superb analysis and commentary most of the time, I beg to differ with the above comments.

The fundamental issue here is power. Money is power and the kind of power that can and has purchased political power. If you want to defeat the bankers, then a free people must come en masse to understand that any form of concentrated power is inimical to the interest that free people anywhere and has been at every point in mankind's history. This is the axiom, premise, or foundational prerequisite to a just political and monetary system. The idea is to keep the power spread amongst the people, broken into the smallest units possible, whether it be monetary, political, or the power of knowledge. It has always been the concentration of power that has led to the dissolution, destruction, and deterioration of all civilizations; their rise and fall. Until mankind grasp this concept on a broad scale we will never defeat the bankers, the elites, or their correlative political henchmen. So when forming a government, the people must make as their first principal the absolute necessity of preventing the concentration of any kind of power and/or monopolies of any kind or form.

When anything is legally permitted to act or function as money, as is every individuals contractual right, you have made it virtually impossible for any kind of monopoly or concentration of power. Under such circumstances, then almost anything can act as money, the only caveat being that the contractual fiduciary relationship be honest and involve no fraud or deceit. Formally and legally in such a system you might have competing forms of money in the form of any kind of metal that has value. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, whatever could be used as money. Also, warehouse receipts,coupons, tokens, bills of credit, all have been used as money in the past. So, the simple principle is as in the division of labor, let there be a free division of monetary power in whatever form people may contractually care to establish. If people have control of their political system they can easily outlaw any form of fractional reserve systems, such as the Comex, SLV, The FED, Gld, or any form of hidden secretive non transparent market such as derivatives. The key is knowledge the ultimate form of power, and that power being fully divested with every member of a body politic. We can form such a society now that we have the internet.

Remember for five thousands years both GOLD and SILVER have been the most preferred form of money. Both have been debauched when the power has been concentrated in the hands of a few, as in the Caesars of the Roman Empire.

Thankyou Ben. The problem is we are NOT a free people, and if you think we are then you obviously have missed most of the last 30 years. Especially the last ten. If that isn't clear enough you had an exclamation place on your lack of freedom in the Supreme Courts decision giving corporations status as indiviuals. That just "told" you that you are owned. To regain your "freedom" is NOT possible without a complete destruction of most of the people residing on this earth and only nature can do that....... I admire your writing.


  1. How many centuries are we going to give mankind to learn the problems with centralized power and unchecked capitalism? Personally I think it's just not happening. Ever.

    You are of course correct, but being correct and $1 gets you a cup of coffee. If there's any evolution in our species it damn well isn't political. Fundamentally we're no better than the jerks who let Rome collapse around their heads. They let it all go to hell because they were complacent and distracted, we jerks appear to be doing the same.

    I admire your fervor but I am unable to find many signs of hope that we have a snowballs chance of getting our act together unless nature forces us to. Even then we'll only give a damn until the good times start to roll again. Certainly we'll go back to our old ways once all the people who lived through the last scam/depression have died.

    People read history books as if they were talking about some different group, like everyone in the book is a primitive barbarian and because we have cell phones this time it's all different. It's not.

  2. From a Glen Cook novel:

    "Something he had heard some wise man say. About the three stages of empire, the three generations. First came the conquerers, unstoppable in war. Then came the administrators, who bound it all together into one apparently unshakable, immortal edifice. Then came the wasters, who knew no responsibility and squandered the capital of their inheritance upon whims and vices. And fell to other conquerers."

    -Toadkiller Dog's musings from The Silver Spike

  3. "The problem is we are NOT a free people."

    Exactly, our first step is to return to the constitutional republic form of government we once had. Clearly, such an act would be revolutionary, yet again. We may have that window of opportunity when the fiat monetary system collapses, which it surely must. On the other hand, we may descend into a full blown one world tyrannical order. It all depends upon how many people are fully awake and aware of the fundamental problems that we would face under those circumstances, and how many of them would be willing to fight to restore our fundamental liberties. Once restored, then with it will come a new monetary system that spreads the monetary power to the people instead of to the central bank owners.

    We still are an armed populace, and through the internet we can use our remaining free speech rights to spread the truth as has never before been possible in human history. These two factors are extremely powerful. Essentially, these are all we have left of our basic liberties which also keeps us from being fully enslaved. If we ever lost those, there would never again be any hope of freedom and liberty for mankind. The technology available to the tyrannical elites would enable them to pare down the global population to their stated goal of no more than 500,000,000.

    I do not believe it would be at all necessary to destroy most of the people on the earth to restore freedom, what is needed is only a willing minority who would lead the braindead brainwashed majority to victory, and only in this country where the two most fundamental freedoms still exist, as mentioned above.

    Most of the existing commercial codes would have to be repealed along with the corporate fascist system of law protecting them as persons. But, the insidiousness of this area of the law is a whole other debate too complex to consider here.

    Regardless, thank you for your kind remarks as I hope this discussion will enlighten many who may frequent your blog and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

  4. Ben,

    What you mentioned eventhough is CORRECT and the reason why societies are not free will not get corrected because if it ever does then there will be no reason for humans to be on this earth. The main reason goes back to the concept of CHOICE and freewill which means our lives as human beings is supposed to be a STRUGGLE due to concept of CHOICE which means the good and dark side of our nature has to be in existance and in opposite direction of each other within humans which makes the concept of CHOICE possible and along with it comes struggle. If we did not have the capability to choose which means having opposite entities within us which without it there would be no choice then we were nothing buy other animals, being a human being means having the natural instinct and the capability to go against that instinct and part of that instinct is the dark side. The reason societies as a whole have not been able to truely be free is because it's easier for masses to go along with their darkside eventhough in longer term it's not healthy for them. Most human beings do not have the decication and awareness to be SELFLESS which is what's required to be truely FREE. You see individuals throughout the history which have accomplished true freedom but never as a society. This world is really about struggle and if societies accomplish what you mentioned then there will be no reason for humanity to continue since most have chosen selflessness, justice, and morality and therfore nothing left to choose. In order for choice to continue, the struggle needs to continue which means you will never see societies as a whole reach to the level of real freedom and maintain it for good. Selfishness, pride, ego, lust, hate, envy,,,etc is not possible for societies to conquer, some individuals will accomplish it but not as a society.

  5. Typed too fast, so forgive the typos, meant but other animals, not buy other animals. By the way, none of us here on this board are GOOD. We talk about what's right and we know what's good but we do not have the dedication, commitment, real selflessness in ACTION to do the right thing. We are gamblers here in the corrupt market, what do you think that makes us, even kli himself knows he is a piece of crap otherwise he would not participate in the casino. It's one thing to talk about good and freedom and another thing to LIVE it. Being good requires real sacrifices and in the society like ours which everything is measured based on WEALTH, well helloooooooo. Not too many ghandis in this world. ME ME ME comes first and as long as it does well you know the rest. My point is it's one thing to talk about good and another thing to actually live it, living the right way requires so many individual sacrifices which I do not see in most societies especially ours. Our system is based on money talks and B.S. walks, nothing good about it but it's the way of life. People want more and the minute you use the word WANT, there goes good out the window. Also most people are not honest with themselves, it's easier that way and do not have to feel guilty facing themselves which takes us to denial and twisting what's right and wrong in order to justify our lousy existance.

  6. All,

    Even though I enjoy reading kli's blog and great analysis about problems and injustice,,,etc, maybe it's better not to talk about it much, afterall what do you think it makes us when we say one thing and when the day starts then we are talking about how to make money from where we all agree is corrupt. At what point do you guys think we should stop hypocricy and just focus on the real reason we are here which has nothing to do with walking the right path. Let's just focus on what we really want which is making money from the market and not talk about right and wrong since we are all part of the problem and not the solution. Talk is cheap, we are what we do, always remember that.,

  7. As a people we are still vastly too divided and prosperous/comfortable to begin hoping for real revolutionary change. Most people (and by extension politicians), probably myself included, will take the easy way out right up to the point that there is no food on the table. Rock bottom is still quite far away for us 1st world nations, radical change will come about in many places in the world well before it comes here.

  8. The successful pursuit of money is to be totally ruthless while you do it. Winner takes most if not all and losers are thrown out onto the streets. That's more than just capitalism, that's the nature of power. Justice is and has always been in the eye of the beholder, for the Bilderbergs amassing fortunes and staying at the top through cycle peaks and valleys while playing the sheep off one another is righteous. Ben's revolution to replace the current banking elite with a new ruling elite is his version of Justice. Last time that happened, Rome was transformed from a Republic to an Empire, suffered numerous civil wars and became even more corrupt. It's easier to deal with the devils you know than the ones you don't.

    As much as I respect Joe and his picks and plays, I avoid getting into the pond with him because it's like trying to do laps in a pool with a whale, Joe can move these POS small float stocks by himself throw in a few other sharks shadow trading Joe and most small traders reading this will get crushed in the cross current.

    For those still insisting on trading fixes. a little patience will get you in a more liquid trade as the markets are made to puke like a bulimic fashion model before going on the next binge.

    Since we all have a very short time in this existence, we have choices as to what want to accomplish with that limited allotment of time, totally giving in to our dark side, seeking balance with our dark side, working hard, playing hard, loving hard, or just not caring about the outside world.

  9. Palmer Joe well said!!I know where I stand...I need to make money from the casnio...All the other stuff is noise...Would I like a utopia and everyone is equal and wonderful sure but hum 2 world wars a bunch of deaths and why was this country founded...Democracy!!! oh yea thats it....Well the reason why I think US was founded was certain elites were pissed at English rule and got peeps to fight as they always do and low and behold a huge risk on elites part but they beat the big bad british lol and our Free nation was formed....all sarcastic but here we lie just no better than the peeps befre us unless you are one of the few cheers....