Sunday, July 31, 2011


Make no mistake who the hunter is.....It's nature. There is no escaping nature not even the smartest minds the greatest economic cabal have, can outrun what is coming. Unfortunately the highest members of the food chain seldom have to pay the piper. Its almost always the weak and infirmed that suffer the consequences and in this case they almost certainly will (and are already) bearing the brunt. One in five families are on food stamps in the U.S. right now. What an astounding number considering we are not even in recession. The unemployment U6 is over 17%. Again we are not even in a recession. The revised FIRST QUARTER GDP was 0.4% and we are not even in a recession. Announcements of coming layoffs in many sectors are starting to pour in and no one is batting an eye on the MSM. CNBS is still quarreling over the threat to raise taxes on "Job Creators" while Rome burns. I guess they think that the great sucking sound of jobs wasn't a structural issue over the last 30 years but a burdensome tax issue on the billionaires and trillionaires. Maybe if they could push away from their own 7 figure salaries and look at the real peeps out their struggling to just make ends meet they might find a different America than their personal puppeteers want them to depict on air. Nevermind that is NEVER going to happen. Its amazing how much support/silence a 7 figure "reporters" salary buys you in today's MSM world. Loyalty is always for sale if the price is right.

Its Sunday and its just another day in the world of breaking news. Last night's lead story was the same as the previous two weeks of evening news......the Debt Crisis Showdown and how many anchovie pizzas the hard working pols had delivered to the capital while they tried valiantly to save our economy. It's amazing that in a precious 18.5 minutes of "Evening News" you get the same manufactured crisis for two straight weeks with a continual beating-up of the "tea Party" patsies without a single deviation from the story line. Worse yet they manage to trot out another Royal Wedding of the 13th in line of succession as a "filler" for the feel good peeps for THREE successive nights. I wonder if these journalistic Ho Bags can look in a mirror without puking.

Enough of the Sunday sermon. Just pay attention to the ball. Joe is lurking again and wants you to look at ABAT. Chinese company with a lot of potential in a sector that will be a monster. I still think Miners are in position to take a little further downside this week but long term you can hold them. Eventually they will move when the boyz have filled their stockings full. The SHTF eventually.....and it needs to but we've still got the lights on so don't bitch about the game....Its what keeps the lights on.


  1. More consumer cons in action.
    There's an article today in our Sunday paper about "Liquidation Sales". There have been several retail stores/business that have gone out of business and needed to sell of their remaining merchandise. Third-party liquidation companies are used. Apparently, all these companies do is post the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and then discount the price by a small amount. Then "Going out of business" signs are heavily promoted to the public. There are times however that the liquidation sale price could actually be higher than it was before.
    What I found interesting is that these third-party liquidation companies readily admit that they have perfected the "art of shaping consumer perception".
    So, be aware & do your homework.

  2. thanks kilguy38 for the Martin post..

    the reason for this post...

    background info.
    Bill Murphy at had this post and link to this site....

    this is a great work up the new 100 bill...

    so will they put a time stamp as to when you can turn all the old 100 bills in and prove where you got them..

    counterfeit will be rejected...


  3. My personal take on Martin's article is that it is a psyops piece. I will not elaborate other than to say "read between the lines". There is subterfuge within the "truth"....other than that I liked it and found it "entertaining"......I love to read Armstrong but realize he is jockeying for position. Joe knows EXACTLY what I mean.

  4. How long before unemployment claims climb back over 500K? I am thinking 1-2 months and we will see those #s.

  5. "subterfuge within the "truth""


    if he is being deceptive, what goal is he trying to achieve, does he have ties with people in GS?

  6. There is an old saying that I'll paraphrase......"if you wanna work in this town again"......

  7. Kli,

    thanks for hitting me on the head with a big stone, i understand, and I wont comment any further, but geez. what people will do to survive. haha

  8. Everything will depend on how long they choose to take this either a bounce soon or after the 1250 neckline fails on the S&P. ABAT will follow the S&P which will follow the tv shenanigans.

    MACD daily does have room for a puke but who knows.

    Banks locally are getting more stringent on what counts for a loan, overpriced lots are not allowed these days. Major $125 million hail storm has every roofer within 500 miles showing up going door to door.