Saturday, July 23, 2011


I mean it? Really Really SERIOUS! Stop laughing at me. I'm REALLY REALLY mad. I'm not going to budge or sell out my principles. So TAKE THAT! Just to prove I'm serious all of this theater is going to happen over the WEEKEND.....after the stock market closed and before it opens.

Ok Ok enough sarcasm. Apparently our "leaders" have staged a last minute weekend play for the peeps and the MSM to portray them as "adversaries". Look gang, my cynicism has no bounds with these people. The world is literally blowing up around us and they are engaging in this macabre game of faux chess. Its just too much. There are now millions of people suffering in this country alone from the strain on this system with the STRUCTURAL BREAKDOWN of the faux economy we've had the last 30 years. You say faux economy???? FAUX??? Yes an economy that was being structurally destroyed as trade imbalances developed as corporations moved their manufacturing jobs overseas year by year as politicians proclaimed the trade agreements would benefit all of us. Now here is the kicker. While they pulled this multi-decade scam off they needed to create jobs in a sector that could provide a MASSIVE number of jobs to these manufacturing workers. There were basically three sectors created. Defense and Military, Home building sector, and Retail. These areas required money to go into these sectors and that money creation was pure brilliance. So diabolical that even Bernie Madoff looks like a piker.

Trillions of money needed to be created and we used the Housing sector. We all know that the bulk of derivatives were created off of the mortgage debt. A trillion or so in new mortgages were bundled, chopped, diced, and leveraged up to a few HUNDRED TRILLION in derivatives. Then the fun started. Then a game of hot potato ensued until the music stopped. You know the story. However a lot of people are now in the position of believing all we need to do is turn the spigot back on and ouila the game is back on. Sorry this is STRUCTURAL. ALL of those jobs are in China, Mexico, etc. They aren't coming back. ALL of those Home building/mortgage/real estate/commercial Re/ jobs are GONE.....they aren't coming back. Not only that there is another wave about to hit the retail sector and banking sector. THIS is STRUCTURAL.

So enjoy the Faux Theater in D.C. this weekend. As Red says its Kabuki.

Here is a clip below from Marti that deserves a true

Quotes from Martin Armstrong's "The Sovereign Debt Crisis We Print Bonds Not Money "

The war in Afghanistan cost over $1 trillion. When Ronald Reagan came to office, the National Debt was $1 trillion and that represented two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and all the social programs of the New Deal. Politicians spend as they like, take no responsibility, and then want to pass the bill to the people. Is that fair? Where is there any democratic process in this decision? We vote on nothing and the elected representative is subject to lobbyists and party bosses who dictate what they shall vote on if they want party support for the next election.

This sovereign debt crisis has been metastasizing in Europe for the last 15 months ever since the Pi Cycle hit on April 15th, 2010 (2007.15 + 3.14 = 2010.291). The Greek riots began right on cue.

Yes, Greece and France will put up more cash to bailout Greece and this is much like sucking the poison out of a friend from a king brown snake that will succeed in only killing you both.

Until we begin to face up to the fact that we are debt junkies and unless we revise the world monetary system, all we are doing is destroying the strong to help the weak. They never heard of reform. The system is BROKE!

We are addicted to debt and the Primary Dealers are keeping it going.

This whole problem of DEBT stems from the insane proposition that it is LESS inflationary to BORROW rather than to PRINT money. Had we printed the past 30 years instead of borrowing, the debt would be about one-third of what it is today. We live on a credit card and we are using the credit card to also pay the interest without ever making a payment.

You have to understand the political game at foot. You can point to something and say Mr. Politician if you don’t do this NOW, 1,000 people will die next year. Unless there is personal gain out of acting, they will let those people die.

But we have not changed the nature of the beast. We are throwing a sheet over the 800 pound gorilla, but he will figure out how to pull it off soon enough.

The fed ended the $900 billion in their QE2 program but it will embark on a new plan. It has to.

Public government is in a downward spiral and the low does not appear to be due until 2020.

You can chop every program and people will starve on the streets. But guess what! The debt will keep growing until you stop this insane game of borrowing perpetually.

A financial crisis is certainly looming on the horizon. What we undoubtedly face is the continuation of the Sovereign Debt Crisis that is truly an ongoing CONTAGION.

Did anyone notice ALL government have the same debt problem? That means we are dealing with a STRUCTURAL PROBLEM on a global scale!

The SYSTEM of debt is collapsing. This is not unique to any one country, for everyone is going down the drain. We are NOT printing money! It is much worse.



  1. Couple articles from Phil's Stock World:

    From Russ Winter (Winter Watch) of the Wall Street Examiner.
    He explains how our companies manage to beat earnings estimates--they are simply paying less corporate taxes. For Microsoft: Foreign income increased to 19.2 billion (15.4 billion last year) while US income dropped to 8.9 billion (9.6 billion last year). Thus, their effective tax rate dropped from 25% to 18%.

    As for corporate taxes collected this year: CY2011 = 131.5 billion and compared to a similar time frame last year = 167.2 billion. Thus, a corporate taxes collected so far this year down 17%.

    So, by paying less in US taxes, easier to beat earning estimates. (and of course they are not hiring anyone either)

    From a Mark Kreiger, he wrote an article stating the "Luxury bubble" will eventually collapse. He explained that the Elite have sucked so much money from the masses, that there is very little money left to exploit. Credit card use by the masses to buy fuel and food continues to increase and was up sharply last month. He speculates that companies (stock prices) that cater to the luxury/elite class will eventually drop.

    Phil is writing an article about the US debt crisis and the Dem's/Repub's, but it is not finished yet.

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  3. kliguy38

    I see you posted on Harvey,s site

    I do not know if gold/silver will save me....but it is the only game in town..

    I will post this..

    The Reagan Diaries, which follows Ronald Reagan's 8 year term through
    his daily dairy entries, and lo and behold, early on at page 25 comes this obvious bombshell
    from economist Arthur Laffer: "Art Laffer dropped a grenade on his colleagues when he said we weren't going to solve the fiscal program until we returned to convertibility of money for gold. I would have liked to heard the discussion among the economists after I left" - Ronald Reagan

    also this..


    Dear Friends,
    Here is my New Years gift to you, my extended family.
    There is no way that the CONSEQUENCES of the largest creation of paper money since it was invented can be avoided or even modified. Odds now favor Alf Field’s price objective.
    January 14th 2011 to June 21st, 2012:
    The best part of this gift is not the one you already know, which is January 14th 2011, but rather the date that a new currency form will replace the form of the US dollar as you know it today which is the third week of June 2012.
    Don’t laugh! Write this down and do not forget about it!
    Happy (sort of) New Year,

    Turd had a wright up on Jim Willy of the hat trick letter..last month

    Trud is making a name for himself....

    did you ever see ...The Warning


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  5. This sounds serious. I guess Boner and Barry won't be playing golf together again any time soon. Hehehehe

  6. they probably concocted this kaubuki theater ON the course two weeks ago

  7. This is just one incredible piece especially the links regarding the whistleblower......just breathtaking how we are owned.

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