Tuesday, July 12, 2011


With futures dipping to a low of down 168 early this morning and the EURO crashing a rabbit had to be pulled so ouila the ECB begins to buy bonds?? Did I hear that right? Well did they really?? HA! Don't bet on it. But it put a stop to the slide momentarily. Futures rebounded and the EURO stabilized. Yup.....that's the market you're in now. Driven my rumor and fear. Get ready to trade the volatility for awhile. At least until the be enchilada is brought in by Uncle Ben. You know what I'm talking about.......QE3. We need it. We want it. We are free marketeers.

The desperate attempts to keep this game alive is gaining a life of its own. The life blood of any financial ponzi is its liquidity and right now they are scrambling as the CONfidence is being sucked right out of the system. The talking heads are racing to put the best face forward on this to keep this blood flowing but the contagian is starting to overwhelm the lies.

How long have we got? I still maintain they have plenty of rabbits. Short and Inermediate term the EURO looks weak. I think we see 130 break on the EURO this summer and maybe 120 before they hold it. EUO makes a nice bet still.

Look for some bounces to play today ......energy is due. This is end-o-days stuff gang. Its not gonna get any better for a long time.


  1. Per Phil Davis, he wrote that the treasury needs to sell 66 billion in notes this week and there is no more POMO. What better reason then to crash the world's markets & thus force people into treasuries.
    There is an auction of notes today & tomorrow, so maybe after that, the world will "fixed" again.

  2. rxii volume move...barrons article says buy....

  3. miners catching fire...RIC woooohooo GFI too

  4. LDK is taking a major bath today.
    Looks like they will drive it all the way to 6.
    I might take a chance there.

  5. Kli,

    i got this link from another board, what does this mean for the gold/silver trade.?

    Gold and Silver Trading To Be Illegal Starting July 15, 2011
    http://www.forexlive.com/blog/2011/07/1 ... y-15-2011/

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  7. LDK just turned for the negative on daily and weekly, MACD. If S&P continues lower for a few days or weeks on this leg, LDK bottom could be around 5 +/- 0.25.

    The strength of gold is more telling of the distrust of paper at the moment.

  8. no worries Rude......still good

  9. Still waiting on Joe's call of LDK to 5's, will start nibbling then, TSL also getting blasted today, looking for 15's before jumping in...

  10. gold break out......to da moon alice

  11. Ireland downgraded to junk just before the close. NICE trading if you can get it, lol.

  12. Red,
    Thanks for posting about LDK.
    When I saw the precipitous drop this am, I thought I might play a bounce at 6 dollars. But, never got to 6, so it is a moot point now.
    I do remember your's & Joe's comments about the 5-ish range.