Wednesday, August 31, 2011


And its not going to be long. Brasil lowered interest rates by 50bps unexpectedly last night due to unexpected deterioration of data. As Gomer Pyle used to say... Suuprize suuprize suuprize....

Then of course our fudged jobless numbers will come out this morning...Market Consensus Before Announcement
Initial jobless claims in the August 20 week 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 417,000 but were skewed higher by a labor strike at telecom provider Verizon that has since ended. The Labor Department says there were at least 8,500 claims related to the strike in the week and at least 12,500 in the prior week (these levels are before adjustment). The four-week average ended its seven-week run of declines, rising 4,000 to a 407,500 level that shows a 7,000 improvement from the month-ago comparison.

Here is the anticipated what? Reality is....its done for and WE KNOW IT! SO......WGARF (you fill it in)

We're in a bad spot with a ramped market elevated to a sugar high from the candyman Dr. Bernanke....thats triggered riots and political upheaval globally due to his exported inflation and now he's entered the danger period. What's the danger period? He knows very well that the "extend and pretend" to "work out" the excesses so that a deflationary washout can be avoided is hanging by a thread. He knows that realistically he gets one more shot at immortality. He misses this next "bazooka move" and the "danger" will erupt.

This is the part that doomers get giddy about. War, pestilence, global starvation....end-o-days stuff. The kind of scenario that Celente drones on about.

Nearer term we get a choke and puke with a readjustment of the markets so that we can at the very least retest the lows or whatever it takes to bring in some cash sitting on the sidelines to give us our next market move. Maybe we get the announcement at the next Fed meeting in a couple of weeks....but I'm not convinced that we'll get the low then. Without a real market beatdown before the meeting then the meeting may turn out to be a sell the news event. It doesn't really matter now...the market is going to tell you. Keep a heavy cash position until the market cracks. Trade around your core and remain CAUTIOUS.


  1. Found the book by Perkins for $10 shipped on glyde (I know I didn't see it at borders), thanks for the tip Joe!

  2. I sorta knew that book existed, forget if I saw it here or Jesse's or Denningers or what but I'm glad to have it coming in the mail.

  3. BTW Kli that euro news was a couple days old, now they're saying Merkel can do it but might face a recall election of some kind when she does.

    Of COURSE she's gonna do it, getting de-elected is better than fighting TPTB (ask Kennedy), maybe there's a $1M/yr secretary position open for her at Deutsche Bank if she can make this work.

  4. john perkins interviews before you read the you insight on will be impressed.

  5. Morla,

  6. By the way Morla, the rest of the world knows very well how BUSINESS is done overseas and john perkin's memoir is nothing new or shocking, it's only here that folks have had amnesia for many yrs and it's partly due to indoctrination from childhood, controlled education, lack of care, complacancy and not realizing that bill of rights stops at the border. The nature's law is bringing the karma within which means what was practiced outside of our borders for many yrs is finding its way inside by being practiced on average person who used to be partial beneficiary of that practice outside. Karma which is nature's equalizer is a real beech, nature's law does not give a damn about people's excuses of we did not know, nature proves thru karma that most did not care to know as long as it served their interest. Every one reaps what they sow and that's the fixed rule within nature.

  7. is it time to start considering YCS..

  8. Dave,

    Ask kli, it's working out exactly the way I told kli yesterday, heheeeeeeeee!

  9. Joe,

    What did you tell Kli..I did'nt see a post...

  10. Chuck,

    It was not thru post, I said to him some of the arrogant hedge funds needed a lesson on the art of deception, first thru short covering around $8 to 9.20 so they dump their shorts and then thru re-shorting at 9.20 so they get back in their shorts for another round of squeeze, wash, rinse, repeat.

  11. So you think this is good right here at 8.30?

  12. thanks Joe!

    DAX and euro looking weak right on rwm

  13. Dave,

    Do not guess, watch the volume, price of silver, and the action and you will know when it turns. As far as down side, 7.70 is the support, if it breaks down then more fun on the down side.

  14. Joe,
    Thanks for heads up! Just ordered the book you recommended to Morola looking foward to the read. Added RWM yesterday and today. If Inlet's September projections come to pass should make some nice coin on RWM.......

  15. Tom,

    Take the time and listen to the utube interview of John Perkins I posted above, he connects the dots and the process of how the game is played.


  17. Sorry guys, been away, what's the book? svm is making me crazy--over 9.6 mil. shares traded yesterday.

  18. Nancy,

    You mentioned:

    " SVM is making me crazy"

    Well sister, this song is for you, heheeeeeeee!

  19. Something might be going on with CRYP.
    The volumes have been very low, and I am not sure how well TA works in the situation.
    But, the chart is showing an inverse H&S pattern. Nice move today so far with above average volume.
    I will see if I can find any news.

  20. This is from Silvergoldsilver. Hope he doesn't mind me posting here.

    optionsExpress raises SVM (silvercorp) Margin
    Well, its gets easier and easier to point fingers at the manipulation game doesn't it? I mean SVM?? So are the shorts about to get annihilated? I give this stock 2 months before shit hits the fan.

    "option xpress raises margin on svm
    This email is to notify you that the margin requirements on SVM have been changed to:

    Stock Requirement: 60%
    Naked Option Requirement: 50%
    Portfolio Margin Theoretical Range: 40%
    If your account is not currently using margin, the only impact this change will have is in an increase or reduction in overall buying power. If your account is already using margin or is short uncovered options, this change may result in a margin call, if so you will receive a separate e-mail notification.
    If you have any further questions or concerns please reply to this e-mail, or you please contact us through Live Help for further assistance.

    Fred E. Cadena, Vice President, Margin

    optionsXpress, Inc. (Member SIPC) and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. "

  21. Joe, that's what I'm talkin' about! I love that song, the video is great, never seen it. I had a flat day, guess it's ok considering market is down. By George I think I got it, bull/bear/bull/bear/bull/bear! except for svm, bear/bear.


    uh oh...tuesday might be a labor day hangover...