Friday, December 23, 2011


Let's face it...the game is up. Hopefuly not for the world like the picture may indicate but for the market. Last summer after a few weeks of the market leaking in its usual pullback for another ponzi push upward to keep the peeps in the game by maintaining CONfidence....something extraordinary happened.....the market cracked like an egg and plunged 500 pts in a day. I wrote a piece that day proclaiming it was over....not because I believed the market was going to just start crashing, but because it was apparent that something had changed internally. There was no way the PTB would allow that type of crash without having made a decision that the peep's CONfidence was no longer paramount to their overall plans. My guess was they had determined the effectiveness of that aspect of manipulation was a waste anyway and that the bond market ultimately was the much bigger target to protect and extend.

Now we are entering into the shark's least those of you that are still in the market. Perhaps you feel its necessary to continue trading in the market for your IRA money. Just remember that you do have a choice there. You can take the penalty and pay the taxes. You don't have to keep this rigged game up. I do not disclose what I do in this regard and you have to make up your own mind on what suits your needs and peace of mind.

A lot has transpired since my last post here. For myself the rest was welcome and helped to recharge my battery. For the rest of you I hope you paid attention to the MF Global hit er collapse. This should serve as a warning to all of you that you are now playing in the shark's pool and the shark is getting more hungry with every passing day. There WILL be more collapses like MF. This game is in the early innings still. Many of you have investments in large institutions believing they are safe from the shark. You may be get a rude awakening.

The Kondratieff winter is now beginning in earnest and my warnings mean little unless you act. You act by developing awareness. You look to prepare for all of the events that you CAN prepare for. You don't live in fear. Life is to short for that but for most of you there are loved ones that depend on you and planning without frightening them is your duty. I will not go into detail on the guns, food, water, or shelter ...there are plenty of sites available if you look. What I will talk about is the capacity that each of you have within yourselfs to help others. It may be a small job for an elderly person you do...or food you bring someone..or a little money.....but it is what will sustain not only them but YOU too.

I will continue to post this year on the market...or what is left of it. If you feel inclined to comment then by all means do so. This site has NEVER taken a penny of donations or advertising and will not do so ever. This site depends on the community of commenters for it to exist and sustain it.. SO YOU are the site. IF you wish others to join the community then link this site when a good post warrants it and others will join. For now we will see the momentus events that await us as the K Wave begins. gl all.

"Surely you understand?"


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  2. Nice commentary. Agree that the winter is starting. We will need to help and support our brethern.

    Studies suggest we have been in a secular bear market since 1999 which will not bottom until mid 2014 at the earliest. Kress suggest the last 1/8 of a long cycle has the most momentum (1/8 x 120 = 15 - the secular bear; 1/8 x 60 = 7.5 - down since 2007; 1/8 x 30 = 3.75 - should be hard down by now). So the 3 Super cycles should all be hard down NOW....

    Markets and the economy don't always sync, but the market is almost unchanged over the last 12 months suggesting the economy is stalled. Yeah, I know they tell us GDP was up 1.8% (second revision down from 2.5%) and will be 2.5-3.0% the 4th qtr. They never mention the GDI (2nd part of the GDP report - which measures the same thing - GDI was barely positive the 3rd qtr at .3%) and when these diverge the updates favor GDI.

  3. kliguy..

    been waiting for this site to start again..

    been reading your post on other sites...

    as I have said.....I am sitting this one out..
    good luck with all who chase a beaver down a rat hole....LOL

  4. Amazing photos you find, the picture alone is enough to tell the story...

  5. So glad you are back Kli!!!

    Hope you and your family had a good Christmas and I will be reading the forum daily. Thanks!!!

  6. thanxs all.....enjoy the movie above

  7. Hey all, Happy new year almost...

    DMND is a scalp today, shorts are trapped...46% of float is short...

    it could be a scalp thru friday to pump up some fund mgrs end of year bonus...

    tight stops..

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