Thursday, December 29, 2011


Can it be it was all so simple then? Indulge me.... I just want it to be like it used to be, you know, like it was when we weren't living the illusion of a free market.....say maybe 1828 or so....whenever Andrew Jackson had thrown out the bankers...before 1913. JFK was the last President to try and take us out of the Central Banker's control...and that didn't quite work out. Maybe just paranoid internet conspiracy theory but it makes for a great discussion. Strange how LBJ with a stroke of a pen reversed it immediately after being sworn in. At least that's the story.

While we enjoy the remainder of the holidays we can at least pretend that we are a republic and that we do count in the democracy that so many Americans died for. I know I can delude myself. Its how I maintain my daily optimism. Its a belief that somehow the evil that man participates in ultimately is returned in full. It is a belief that I can make a difference in at least ONE other idividual's life. Maybe its just a small thing to help....but to that person or their family it could make all the difference in the world that day. You underestimate what simple acts can do for other people. I'll never forget that day in the New Mexico desert 32 years ago when my girlfriend and I had a flat. The Texas family that picked us up and drove us 30 miles into town AND BACK with a tire disrupted their vacation for two strangers. Would you have done that? Time's running out for all of us so I hope you take advantage of everyday that's

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." -- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)


  1. Hi Kli
    Great story, our actions do affect others in ways we will never know.

    Stupid question time, at its simplest The US government borrows money from a Private bank (the Fed), which means that the US government owes 15 trillion dollars to private individuals (the Fed) plus the interest on the borrowed money. Is that right?

  2. Kli - I believe strongly in a hand up (insted of a hand out) even though the last 3 years instead of buying things for Christmas I have made a donation to the Salvation Army. I believe that is more in the spirit of Christmas than the corruption for the sake of commerce.

    On a personal level (hand up) my next door neighbor lost a good paying job about 3 years ago. We talked a lot about the minimum needed to live (versus wants). He is working at a job (waiter) making about 25% of what he made before. I try to reserve jobs (painting, minor repairs) for him so he can make an extra $100-200 from time to time. So far he is getting by, but without health insurance coverage, etc. This way I help him out a little and he gets to keep his pride (no hand out - but a hand up).

    If each of us finds one person to give a hand up we can make a huge difference. The future depends on people helping people not sending a $1 to Washington so they send 50 cents back.

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  4. KLI: What can we expect in 2012? Are we going to see a total collapse?

    Also, if the bankers are in complete control, how can this be changed? Would something as simple as going back to the gold standard solve the problem? Will it take a complete overhaul of our system? Will it take a revolution?

    Your post makes it sound so bleak... like our votes are meaningless and DC is just a puppet show.

  5. collapse will not occur untill2013-15...just close calls and stick saves next year

  6. Money is money, a gold standard neither solves any problems nor creates any new ones. If government were honest and responsible there would be no currency crisis, if government is dishonest and irresponsible then the gold standard = the tungsten standard. Good luck even finding the physical tungsten if we decide to trust the modern day political establishment to preside over a gold standard. I like Ron Paul and would vote for him but I admit his head is in the clouds on some issues.

  7. Now I suppose if we went all the way back to actually carrying silver coins around and doing all our banking at the safety deposit box it would be a different story. Even then you'd want a constitutional amendment to ban confiscation..

    I know the 4th amendment covers it but those first 10 amendments are treated as barbarous relics by the political class. Maybe we ought to ratify the Bill of Rights again, like renewing wedding vows with our civil liberties.

  8. kli look at vhgi ask jim why did he jump

  9. Silly me. I actually waited until today to see if you did restart your blog 12/31/11. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

    Glad your back!