Sunday, January 1, 2012


This year will mark a year of turns. East meets west and the battle for financial and political survival begins for the sovereign nations and their despots. The outcome will not be determined for several years. The hope is to avoid a worst case scenario which is a loss of the entire central bank control of the developed world and most of the rest. Realistically the hope is that full blown nuclear war does become a reality. If you wish to believe this is the likely outcome then by all means help yourself, but I will not waste the time I have on this earth expecting this bleak scenario. I do forsee turmoil and global instability proceeding as we stress our resources after binging on credit for the past three decades. I also see worsening restraints on our freedoms across many continents as governments try to protect the PTB from increasing citizen outrage as the promised recovery sinks into the sunset over the ocean of lies.

Many of you that have followed my posts over the years may view this as too morbid but if you read closely I have always maintained that a cleansing and a restart is going to be necessary in our bloated and narcicistic world to create a more sustainable future. I am not intellectually capable of telling how this will play out but I am optimistic enough to believe that we will make it to the other side. Most of us that take simple precautions will arrive intact. Some of us might even be in a stronger emotional and economic position when the journey transitions into a more positive experience. I think the time period for that to begin will be about the 2020 time period. Most of you have also read enough of this blog to know that the 120 year cycle will end in 2015 which will leave us very crippled in a number of ways economically and politically. So it would be unlikely that meaningful recovery or dramatic technological changes will begin to show major dividends until 2020 at least.

Should you go off grid now? Of course you should if that fits into a good, acceptable lifestyle for you. Simplifying your life is commendable. Unfortunately many of us are social animals and live in more urban areas and off grid lifestyles in many areas of this country result in increased isolation so that won't be practical for a lot of us. Will your friends and family still be involved in your lives as much off grid? In some cases the answer could be "even more".

There are many changes ahead for us as these excesses and social changes are made. Don't make any sudden changes without contemplating their longer range impacts. Some of you are cashing out of your retirement accounts expecting paper assets to collapse. Maybe that will prove prescient, but what if the PTB navigate a landing of the paper ponzi in such a manner that paper retirement accounts survive. You may wish you had let some of that money stay in those accounts. Be careful jumping onto the latest doom and gloom solution.

The oligarchy and their largest global corporations are not going away. How it resets and renews will be for us to figure out. If you wish to read commentary here this year then help this community and participate in the comments as often as you can. I am in an accumulation of miners and physical gold and silver now ON ANY WEAKNESS. I am still in a good cash position. I look for a very nice low in PMs in the next month. gl


  1. Great to have you back! Happy New Year! Hope you and your family had a great holiday...encouraging that Ron Paul is doing so well but cannot imagine that this will ultimately be allowed by the elite.

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  3. Paul will not be a winner simply because Paul as President CANNOT be allowed.....

  4. guy refresh me on the statinary bike you suggested after the stint and where one could be bought by the way feeling great energy level has risen big time thanks doc

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  6. The consequences of QE and wars to keep the machine going can be seen everywhere. Nigeria drop of the gas subsidies doubled the price overnight, even if temporary Alpo Winter for the Nigerians. As for Iran, all the theocracies involved in that 3 way dance want to see false end time prophecies come true.

    On the domestic front, another innocent killed by a discarded crazed vet.