Monday, January 16, 2012


Terrible weekend news hits investors with waves of panic rolling through markets sending the indices to record bottoms. Sounds plausible after hearing that the rating agencies have down-graded most of the European sovereign debt and countries are massing off the Straits of Hormuz for a showdown for a final reckoning (to coin Doc Holliday). Yes my friends we are in...........CAN KICKING. That's right...the real power...the stretching this as far as they can and they still have some rubber on that band. Don't get too attached to the immediate crash scenario...BUT here is the qualifier...careful getting too comfortable on the upside. This year will be every bit as terrible as last year was if you are unable to adjust to the volatility.

Most major market corrections will occur quickly and dramatically to load up the shorts for the inevitable squeezes. If you are going to short with etfs then use the non-leveraged etfs and accumulate a position as we reach overbot conditions on the longer term weekly now....I use RWM SH.. Also I play with tiny TVIX here for fun....that is only for those of you that like to play with fire. I also play the leveraged DTO. I do this for the obvious reason that I feel the PTB must maintain oil under 100 this year....and I only play a very small ammount. THIS is pure gambling so always exercise caution.

The volume has become abysmal in the market which creates desperate conditions for the participants. As volatility and volume decreases floor traders are literally withering on the vine with pain.......This is all characteristic of a failed be aware this can end very badly when we least expect it. I'll stay with the "hope" that we get our last cycle uplift through the majority of this year. If we see the expected push into election the WATCH OUT AFTERWARDS....ALL BETS ARE guess is we will get predictions of a year end pump, but instead we'll get a year end dump.

Gold and silver is your trade. I'm in accumulation.........if you don't know how to play that game...get out now...but essentially it is you carefully add on dips and you sell a little on rips keeping a nice core slowly building. gl all

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    this was an Iraq war veteran ...his uncle said that when he returned "he was sick".... as discussed here this will become a more evident problem with a "sick economy" NOT supporting addition his father was homeless living n a big rig truck.... there are many soldiers out there bearing scars receiving no help....this will get much worse

    1. That sick man actually killed another veteran....comrades in arms separated by blood and class....sadness envelopes me like darkness in the night

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    Thanks for the Droke article.

  4. Mr. Kli,

    TVIX haha. i have been watching that one for weeks. a pure gambling play, but i will watching it in the morning. as you said, not something that one would or should recommend, its something one uses silly money to buy with. interesting market, the "thieves" are really playing a good a game. wish i new if this was going to be a gap and crap tomarrow or another wicked bear squeeze. good luck everyone.

    question to whoever, anyone have any thoughts on natural gas. the beatdown on nat gas reminds me of the solar slaughter months ago. solar found a tradeable bottem, it would seem nat gas has to be getting close to a tradeable bottem. i have been following CHK,WMB,SWN,LNG ect. amazing how low it is in relation to oil. i guess a mild winter and lower nat gas costs is a plus to the consumer.

  5. Kli nice call on the Baltic dry Index. She is a going down like a Italian Cruise Ship..
    Things night not be as they seem on the surface...


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