Friday, January 20, 2012


Maybe we get the big move in the very near future......maybe not. But everyday that goes by it gets a little closer to a breakout. All of the doom just a few short weeks ago when gold was trying to break 1500......and crash to depression depths has faded into the sunset......maybe. One thing is certain ...the dip in gold and silver is being bought heavy by those accumulating the physical metal. A record number of Silver bullion coins were bought this month. Sprott just closed his purchase of an enormous ammount of physical silver. Go ahead....wait to buy physical may be right....I will not argue that prices could not take a dip lower. After all the PTB can manipulate the price with impunity. The problem with that is with the suppressed prices as they are the moral hazard that was feared by the PTB IS happening...and that is the cheap prices are not suppressing the physical buyers but INCREASING the buying. The hazard of clearing out the massive short positions in both metals has resulted in a surge in physical accumulation and that is not good for the PTB. The headline price of gold has always been suppressed to keep the almighty dollar the reserve go to currency. Gold's surging price is a threat to the dollars status as THE SAFE HAVEN. How does this play out? Only a guess of course but more than likely more of the same. Controlled increases in gold coupled with price suppression then surges only to met with more naked short suppression. In other words continued paper trading opportunities. The biggest problem for those of you trying to trade the miners is what happens when they have a similar run like they had in early 2011 or late remember that don't you....when they ran off and left you as you tried to trade them for 3% gains...missing out on their 30% move. Just remember we are going to get one of these moves and it will move the weekly charts on the miners into overbought and into the upper longer term trading channel. It will be large and it will certainly be followed by another massive beatdown. Can you catch it?....I guess you'll find out. One thing is certain...with physical possession you have a lot better chance of succeeding. GL to all of you and I hope you registered your objection of SOPA to your won't do any good but what the heck......ya have ta try. For desert before I go......I will be picking up YCS.....short leverage on the Yen....its time to trade some currency.......and this pig is gonna pop.....more later on this today
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  1. took position in YCS......Japan can only take this Yen price so long

  2. bought a little BOIL with tight stop...

  3. YCS is a loner term play.........

  4. kli,

    something is euro authorities will allow ABS to count as liquid assets...
    silver is on fire it a setup for expiration next week?

  5. black swan is coming....2 weeks or 2 months...

    how about that OSIR...