Monday, January 9, 2012


Did you ever ask yourself why these government statistics are riddled with manipulation? Why is it necessary to engage in a constant barrage of lies? Of course I suppose we might assume that these people are narcisistic, sociopathic, habitual liars. We might be correct, but does that explain it in its entirety. After all....this has reached the point of absurdity. At least from my perch I am finding people having a hard time believing virtually anything now that comes out on the economy or for that matter anything on anything! (see Bin Laden assasination)

So why? Why is it so important to manipulate and lie about all of these parameters on the economy? I am going to narrow this conversation now. Let's just look at JOBS. I listened to an ex CEO of a very large Fortune 100 corporation talking about the job situationa and corporations not hiring. He distilled his response to something that was simple and easy to understand. When asked what it would take to get hiring going again he did not respond with the usual answers he kept it very simple. He said that companies viewed hiring simply as being able to look ahead with CONfidence (remember that word, its been stated here many times) CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE! He then went on to elaborate that confidence is lacking most companies for many reasons. To put it simply there is a complete BREAKDOWN in the belief that this country and indeed the WORLD is going to grow in the near or intermediate future.

This is a structural job collapse and no one is going to invest in the future with small or large companies with the complete breakdown in our economic and political systems. Its over. The big lie has finally come home to roost. The lie is all they have to kick the can...and the lie itself is destroying CONfidence. The extraction of HUNDREDS of BILLIONS from our large corporations by the pirate CEOs and their executives over the past thirty years has destroyed many of the largest corporations that made our economy grow (see KODAK). You cannnont rape a company year after year by paying the very top of the companies execs hundreds of millions and plundering the retirement of the 99 percent of workers and expect your country to survive. Sure you can blame the bloated unions but guess who was stuffing their pockets with billions while they "caved in" to the "terrible" union pressures. CORPORATOCRACY/ wanted you've got it. There is now NO confidence in this dying system of extraction of which YOU and I are members of. DONT LOOK AROUND NOW ....LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Back to the game.... we are in accumulation with another leg down before we find a bottom to trade.



  2. Just a footnote. I believe the unions are in on this scam as much as anybody.

    Maybe not public sector unions but ask yourself what good has a private sector union been in the last 30 years.

    They get money for doing nothing. Perhaps they should get paid by performance.

  3. Lolz.

    Kli you should be applying k-wave/cyclical theory to the jobs and confidence issue.

    We are in a period of job deflation. You should know firsthand how automation, AI, and robotics are supplanting all sorts of jobs previously thought untouchable.

    And it's only accelerating.

    I know firsthand - my last project at work took an entire IT department for a large F2000 and replaced it with a self-service cloud computing solution, where computers are provisioned and decommissioned at the click of a button.

    Elsewhere in healthcare IT my friends tell me gastroenterology is about to be replaced with software that can diagnose and advise therapy as well as any dr in that field.

    Sometimes I feel the CEOs just use confidence as a scapegoat for this fact.


    smash 'em miners down for me so I can reload. Lolz.

  4. AUQ is having a good day--really punched through resistance, but now falling back. I know you think there will be another flush --and that's OK.

    I didn't look at the video yet. But just to comment, say you have two groups of people (workers). The first group is working hard and doing reasonably well. The second group is working equally hard, yet struggling. It seems to me that our "leaders" want to take away from the first group, thus lowering them down to the income level of the second group. Shouldn't we be trying to find ways to improve the status of the second group and thus raise them up?? Just a thought!

  5. Hey Doc, thanks for writing about your experience with Kodak. Bought back memories for me. My dad worked Aerospace in the 60's and 70's. My mom never had to work. It was a much different world..that I miss.

    GBG seems to be in accumulation.

  6. make no mistake doc....I have a significant core of miners and I am holding a nice wad of cash to trade with and to add to if they get tanked...I watch the weekly and monthly to see how low

  7. i need a long answer fitzy but here is a little answer to you and doc.... Free market allocation of investment represents the best chance at not having this case a crony capitalism captured ALL three branches of government and crushed the bottom 75%....bottom line is the bottom 75% buy all the cars refrigerators etc and now cannot afford them....its a viscious cycle but when you create an extreme imbalance in a society then a healthy democracy will not last long. We began that process when thousands of CEOs THAT NEVER STARTED OR BUILT the company began extracting the wealth from the company ...destroying everything about the company and its workers and our country....look at many of our greatest companies

  8. there are a lot of smart people that can find and create solutions to structural employment problems but they require a washout of the current crony capitalism....and guess what....they are NOT going down without a fight....they've got it made...they own the government...theyve convinced the sheep its a liberal problem or a conservative problem or a socialist problem etc....its simply a broken system taken over by greed...the top of the food chain is calling the shots...not you...

  9. I know that it is probably wishful thinking, but maybe there are some good people at the top of the food chain too.
    There maybe some, but fearful to act.

  10. Wishful thinking Doc... but it would take a critical mass of people at the top who are willing to lose everything they got by climbing up using the current system...AND the system would fight to squash any dissent before it could reach a critical mass.

  11. Established small short at S&P 1295 level, short term could see a little more upside, but overall cannot see much sustained consumer spending immediately after the holidays.

  12. added to some RWM and trimmed a little of my miner core

  13. If anyone did not watch above vid on CME takeout please do.....the masters are trying to take out the CME which in my opinion is about the only market left with ANY semblance of transparency....take it out and you put a big kick into the commods price and PMs price

  14. Unfortunately, I worked at a rather small co., but it was (and is) a mini-version of the Big Boys. Not only did the top get enormous salaries and stock options, but they paid for nothing as their expense accts. were close to $1 million/yr. That's TAX FREE baby! The ceo belongs to 8 country clubs. I could never figure why the shareholders put up with this...