Thursday, February 9, 2012


The worm is gonna turn.......sometime. For now however we remain in limbo land. For those that want a prediction....I'll stick to only guessing......I will guess that they keep printing money out of thin air.....Ya wanna argue that brave prediction.... I will guess that the Eurocrash continues to be stretched out for many months and probably multi-year before it finally burns itself that is also a courageous prediction. I will guess that the bears are about to be rewarded with some ugly down days in the next few days that suck in some more shorts for a slaughter on the squeeze from the freshly printed casino money....brave indeed of me indeed.

If you are trading the question should be just how can I make money here? I guess you could flip a coin but you may save yourself a lot of heartache and just enjoy the gift you were given. Hold a core of PM miners and forgettabout it...the weekly and monthly charts say they still have a lot of room to the upside....that may be a few weeks off or it may be a few months but its coming. Otherwise you can just try and trade a small part of your core on the daily and shorter term charts with the intra day moves. It works. If you get trapped....hold on......these games will continue and your miners will shine one day.....Those kids don't have money up above and you don't need it to be happy either. My happiest days were when I had no money in grad school. I lived on a 25c pancake that I put free butter and syrup on in the Hospital cafeteria at 5 am after clubbing at Deja Vu until 1am and discussing the finer points of a brunettes gymnastic ability from Stephen's College for another hour or so. No money.....No food.....No sleep.......but true all and never forget what truly brings you happiness.


  1. Heheee,

    I know a small part of our population that are Happy today!!

    from Zero Hedge:

    There was a time a few years ago that I thought you were a bit out there with some of the things you were saying that lay on the horizion.

    Time has proven you correct, I'm amazed given what has gone on in the past two years with the speed and hubris in which things are being done, I think you could give Nostradamus a run for his money......

    I read this piece yesterday and when you see blatent stuff going on in the above link it's no wonder we are in the place we are

    again from Zero Hedge:

    One a lighter note:

    Hehee could'nt resist!

  2. I am going to keep my eye on AAPL. The Keystone Speculator believes the the Nasdaq should lead the other indices. Thus, the Nasdaq should be the most green when the markets are rising, or the most red when the markets are falling.
    AAPL has been on a tear skyward and is a major component of the Nasdaq. The chart shows a huge gap. Perhaps the chart will give a clue/candle that AAPL is due to come back to earth. When AAPL falls to cover that gap, the Nasdaq should then fall, and drag the other indices with it.

    We'll see

  3. Gold is bumping on the 1750 ceiling will break today

  4. just sold some YCS nice coin.....still holding half if the yen breaks the baseline then booooooom

  5. LDK having a big day.

    I can't believe AAPL is nearly to 500 bucks.
    Could that be the target,...then down?? I don't want to stand in front of a train though.

    1. AAPL looks like a "buy and hold" non leveraged short......hehehehe.....but if they push the market out of this bull flag to next high then it would be perfect

  6. cup and handle formed on the 60min gold chart......should be fun

  7. Gold will break the to the upside if the attempted coup and civil war against the existing government fails. Israel will then only have a small window before the Syrian government regains the high ground on the attack corridor from Israel through Jordan and Iraq onto the Iranian targets. The Russian aircraft carrier that was providing protection to Syria is now transiting UK waters on its way back home for resupply. If Israel cannot neutralize the Syrian high ground over the attack corridor, most of their planes won't make it back. Plus plenty of new cool EMP toys that will real world testing.

    Greece will cut a deal soon followed by massive riots which will cause the collapse of the government there.

    They will keep the markets at this level or higher as long as possible to hide the scheming in the background for the next war.

    Only thing I picked up recently was more toilet paper, as electronic paper trading seems to be getting more wasteful. Water and food stocks will also need addressing over the next few weeks.