Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It is virtually unimaginable that one could look around themselves and see anything but a deteriorating world economy with political damage that was not even conceived of a few years ago. No one would have believed you if you told them that three major developed nations in Europe would have their duly elected national presidents replaced by unelected bankers....REALLY??.....REALLY?? Would they believe that this country's banks could have created a THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR MORTGAGE PONZI without a single prosecution of a criminal case.....and to add insult to injury the United States of America Justice Department ask for only 25 BILLION dollars in Civil settlement from the Banks and guarantee the VERY perpetrators a safe harbor from any criminal charges from the states attorney generals offices.

Well I for one am relieved. 25 Billion is less than 0.1% of that thirteen trillion...Heck....Tarp alone was almost 800 billion that we donated to save our banks. WE have to save the banks....they are the LIFEBLOOD OF CAPITALISM!! 

OK let's get back to the business at hand. This is Amerika and that is questioning your government if you think this smells to high heaven and we will not stand for that on this blog!!! Today should provide us insight into the market's next directional move.....(SIDEWAYS) hint hint.

Anyone that can predict this market's direction with the printing machines running wild and the bankers in complete control of the casino deserves your attention. Maintain your core of miners and buy on weakness. I'll provide the charts and your can roll the dice. gl to all.........YOU'LL NEED IT!! 


  1. Thought this kinda works in with today's topic....

    from Zero Hedge:


    This is from the last paragraph, sound familiar?

    Our complicity in the corruption is never mentioned: our votes for kleptocractic politico toadies who promise us that our share of Federal swag will not be sacrificed, our interest payments to the banking cartel/oligarchy, our acceptance of bogus statistics, bogus "reforms" and ceaseless propaganda as legitimate, and lastly, our silence in the face of destructive deficits, lest our share of the swag be cut.

    This is how once-great Empires end: toothless regulations are passed by bought-and-paid-for legislatures for the purposes of perception management, and a populace addled by constant entertainments and staged combats in the Coliseum listlessly pursues their "right" to bread and circuses of distraction

  2. I know this artical may not get too much sympathy round here but I though it worth posting because you don't see this to often.

    It falls right in the "Lyin' Eyes" department....


    I think we're gonna need more than LUCK!!!

    Collecting Phys/Pslv

    1. forgot to complement your new pic tom

    2. Thanks for the article Tom. Kliguy after reading that you want take 2 minutes of your time to vote.

    3. you shoulda taken two minutes of your time to buy GPL.....Ron Paul bought it today

  3. Tom,

    I think that is the challenge for those of us that are trying to be aware & find the truth.

    What news can you actually believe in? It would be nice to go home after a hard days work and just flip on the TV & watch the news. But, we know that it is not that simple. So, I guess we have to search around the Internet in hope of finding something truthful.

  4. Looks like they are taking AUQ down to 9 bucks.
    Then maybe a bounce??

  5. i like gpl here look at new chart i just posted....and yes i bought auq today added

  6. gold moving green.....last two days looks corrective.

  7. market red ......gold turning hard green.......the rest of today will tell

  8. http://www.forbes.com/sites/charleskadlec/2012/02/06/the-federal-reserves-explicit-goal-devalue-the-dollar-33/2/

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