Friday, February 3, 2012


Great Britain and Belgium are in back in Recession. (as if they were ever out) but at least officially Belgium is now...   England has too but just not officially at least not according to the Bank of England.......but make no mistake its already there and will be made official very soon. Spain is already in actual DEPRESSION....with an official unemployment of 23%. No one wants to talk about that. Imagine how austerity over their debt is going to affect that number. 

I know that readers of this site for the most part are way ahead of this curve but the constant main stream media propaganda parade makes you doubt what is in plain view. Sometimes when you tell a lie enough times even the most stalwart of you doubts what your eyes are telling you. Constant printed money by the Trillions does have an ameliorative effect on what will one day become the Greatest Depression as predicted by the Kondratieff Supercycle. 

What does this most recent news indicate? Simply that more QE is coming. One way or another its coming. In many ways it is obviously already occurring but this just tells you more and more is on the way. Adam Posen of the Bank of England was just on Bloomberg tonight calling for more QE from the Bank of England. This is merely a ploy to prop markets with the "call for QE"........IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!....This is just a way to let the peeps believe that markets are functioning normally WITHOUT QE..... and that MORE QE is going to help. Try and sort through that twisted logic. They are performing multiple QE or money printing/bond buying/ swap arrangements etc. and want you to believe its not "QE" and that the "Real QE" can be called in at any time to the rescue......essentially providing a bid under equities....another form of the Bernanke Put.  

It may sound fine from a distance but what is really apparent is that we are in the final stages of the collapse of confidence as time rolls further out without addressing ANY of the underlying problems that led to the Greatest Depression....such as MALINVESTMENT and OVERLEVERAGE through toxic derivatives by BEHEMOTH BANKS that act as casinos for world investment vehicles....simply put the system is still broken and RECOVERY IS PARALYSED. That means there will be no meaningful jobs. NONE!

My take is that DENIAL is not a river in Egypt but a tactic that is used to levitate public sentiment by the mainstream financial media......SO DON'T FALL FOR IT!  Start some simple preparations now and make sure you continue to keep your LYIN EYES OPEN.

Does this chart look overbot?!!


  1. The Keystone Speculator site today again shows charts about Natural Gas. Keystone believes there is positive divergence and the media is trying to scare investors out of their shares with stories of the warm winter, etc. They believe hedgies are buying.

    1. thnx doc......readded my SSRI i traded out of yesterday.....still need to get a little more to get what i traded out of over the past two days

  2. I am still holding AUQ, but it is down today. I suspect that it is just profit taking.

    Crazy how the market just keeps going up. People trying to short are getting burned. Who knows how high they will take it.

  3. making a lot of little day trades on my mining core has been keeping me occupied....not a lot of money but it adds up over time....probably a dozen small trades on SSRI over the past two weeks....yum

  4. I grabbed some SSRI this am. Liked the upside more than SLW. Took me about 5 minutes of reading data behind the Labor report to regain my conviction and ignore the headlines. That 5 minutes coincided perfectly for a bottom buy. Yum.

  5. ken......i want ssri to go back and touch that green support line....i may not get it and that is why i readded some i had sold....if it gets near that line i will buy some more

  6. support is around 16.20 area.....on ssri

  7. From Lyin' eye's to Pryin' eye's............

    Only in America!!

  8. some great links within that link too tom....thanks

  9. Thanks for the commentary once again kli. With all this political bs, your thoughts help keep it real for me. The markets are up due to election yr. imo...and b/c large cos. are showing profits, why wouldn't they? Traded some dht for a nice profit the last couple of weeks. Holding miners, gold/silver look to be consolidating.

  10. I got it--it's not rich v. poor, it's people who have played by the rules v. the people who game the system. I remember this Jim Rogers video well...