Wednesday, March 7, 2012


" Fort Apache was released at a time when Hollywood was afflicted with realistic rigor mortis. Critics of the period lacked the language to describe and evaluate myth and romance. Problems and polemics were the order of the day, and Fort Apache seemed to have nothing new to say. The film's attitudes towards Indians, women, and military discipline seemed either conventional or conservative. Indeed, the final eulogy of John Wayne's Captain Kirby York for his fallen Custer-like commander, Henry Fonda's Colonel Thursday, tends to glorify command decisions to the point of incompetence and even insanity. Moreover, Ford seemed unduly sentimental in healing old wounds incurred in the Civil War by proud soldiers on both sides. Hence, much of the tension between the Fonda and Wayne characters is generated by a series of Yankee-versus-Reb insult routines in which Fonda's officious nastiness is allowed to play against Wayne's submissive exasperation. What unites them — the Seventh Cavalry rather than the Union — is much stronger than what has divided them in the past largely through an accident of geography" was a different place and a different time for many of us but the simple truths of mixing fact and fiction remain. What masquerades as fact in the glorification and depiction of the Colonel Thursday figure continues today in the constant parade of figures purporting to be patriots in our current debacle and collapse. The pompous, elitist character of Colonel Thursday could be virtually any of our current demagogues.....leading a country into certain slaughter and ignoring all of the obvious signs along the way.....The big difference with our current situation is "they" know they are leading us into slaughter, but they think they are going to get rescued........and they might. But they know most of you will NOT.

Today's weather is partly cloudy with sprinkles of gold dust on your hair enjoy the game....and suck it up way or another NO ONE gets out of this game alive.

I threw up an interesting timeline for you on a miner.


  1. Phil Davis of Phil's Stock World continues to write that this rally is fake, and only "sheeple" bought the market yesterday.

    The Keystone Spectulator continues to write that AAPL is doomed to fail soon and this will bring down the markets. Apparently, there is the feeling that the new ipad sales are lackluster.

    Inlet on his Swing Trade Cycles blog suggested buying RWM if it gets down to around 27. We might get that opportunity today.

    I saw some posts today that said: "The Greek Dept Crisis Is Over". Can you imagine that?? Wow!

  2. gold trying to hold and make the long turn up....sitting on a lot of support lines and trendlines in many miners......ya have to wonder if tomorrows unemployment number is going to miss.....if so then print money is guaranteed and PMs "should" catch a bid..that is IF my short term PM outlook is correct....i know many people are saying blowout numbers we shall see


  4. please read carefully it should sound familiar

  5. Hey Doc,

    re: "The Greek Dept Crisis Is Over"

    And you wonder why, well for now anyway

  6. interesting day.....miners and gold/silver reversal ......just a controlled accumulation/short should be playing the same game