Thursday, March 29, 2012


Precious metals trader
Throw those punks in the street and make the plebes beg. After all we're the greatest game on earth and we OWN IT! If any of you had any doubt when Joe used to tell you who ran the casino then by now you should have NO doubt. This was never a fair game and it was always fixed. The difference now is the end game. The end game is survival. YOUR SURVIVAL. To paraphrase advice I was given one time when asked what the purpose of the stock market was.......and I tried to answer with a detailed answer, but was eventually interrupted in the middle of my lengthy explanation with a very simple answer by my questioner.....THE PURPOSE OF THE STOCK MARKET IS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Think about that simple statement and this was by a very inside insider.....the purpose is to take your money. There is little doubt now after the breakdown in 2008 and the exposure of all the ugly warts of the system that the prolls that are still in this market are being taken apart. Right now we are seeing a breakdown in many of the confidence measures that have been propped up by the fiat printing over the past two years. The damage done by letting the boyz slaughter the plebes last summer in the breathtaking takedowns and volatility has NOT been repaired. This has done irreparable damage to the pathetic volume that existed in the market then and has placed us on the edge of a no bid market. I bring this up just to let you know HOW dangerous of a casino you are sitting in. This is NOT your MOMMA's market. It will rip your head off if you lean to far with leverage.

Having said all of the above negativity I will now shift to the next game. Seven card stud with the one-eyed jacks wild. I like this game.....especially when one-eyed jacks are wild. I included a video that I want you to watch. Notice VERY carefully Mr. Nenner's choice of words in the vid. I hope he was given clearance for his use of language. Enjoy the day. You are all in a chop shop right now but it won't last forever. If you don't like it then buy AAPL. It's supposed to go up forever. But I can assure you someone wants all of you out of this trade.


  1. There was some type of error with Blogger this am.

    I had posted earlier that Keystone felt the the higher futures this am was simply end-of-the-quarter antics and that the market still needs to sell off.

  2. Apple will show their hands and it has, every hedge fund has had a nice qtr in that ride...I would sell too..

    I had held SNSS for 2-3 weeks and sold the other day because it was just not doing anything...whoops...broke even..

    I did jump into DCTH at 2.99

  3. I agree with your comments Kli. All money at work in IRAS and Pensions have a bulls eye on them. Sooner or later they will figure away to take the other side of those long only trades again.

    PM's continually quashed. The attempt to KILL nat-gas before it can take root. The media campaign of disinformation or no information lest the sheep be rattled and not spend.

    Meanwhile MFR's like MF steal in broad daylight.

    Truly sick.

  4. morning all....blogger fkd up...see if this posts....busy day for me so gl

  5. Joe posted PPP as a miner to some looks good

  6. How is Joe and where does he post? If retail ever does get back in, means it's time to get out. Anyone own pzg? It's been decimated by huge sells of 10% owner. Go figure.

  7. Great! Nenner's last vid on his website says s&p target of 1449 on the 19th and the PMs will bottom a bit before that. Wondering whether miners will continue down with equities or go up w/price. Tend to think the former & I'm usually wrong, lol.

  8. we could stay in a range for a while on the SnP to take some of the overbot conditions out and not scare off whats left of retail....this could go on for a couple of months with rotation into some of the underplayed sectors that have been under the expected beatdown of PM equities with a big SnP pullback may not take place over the next six months. Instead you "could" get very strong move up in PM equities over the next few months...... hehehhe.....take your emotion out and let them play their game here. I'm an "investor" now.

  9. I mentioned emotion because I very happily see a tremendous amount of negative sentiment and commentary in the media and blogs on PM equities....this makes me feel more sanguine about the future