Sunday, March 4, 2012


No big surprise last week contrary to many of the blogs out there. Keeping the trade and headline price of gold and silver in check is not a big surprise relax. Over time this is still the trade to be in. Did you really think Ben was going to go in front of Congress for two days and let you dunk on him. Seriously???? Would I have loved to have dumped my holdings before the beatdown? Of course...but I am not that good nor do I trust over trading at this juncture after last year's monstrous beatdown. Most of my weekly indicators remain in potentially breakout points and as far as I can see the risk is being out of the trade. Sometimes you have to take your medicine if you want to get well. In this particular case time is on your side.

One thing working in your favor is there is virtually no chance this current debt collapse is not going to result in continued printing and continued printing eventually is going to push these miners into the stratosphere. If you like to trade then good luck. We are at that juncture where longer term core holding may be much better over the next few months. If you have some reserve cash then hold on to it. we could get of course that severe flush catching all the newbie longs flat footed flushing them like the bunch of pukes they are. If you can't hold on if they throw the kitchen sink at you and throw your reserve cash at them then get out and stay out and get into physical only. There is NO shame in staying out of a rigged casino. gl


  1. Shadow banking system and the U.S. dollar.

    There has been much said in recent times about the Federal Reserve’s actions causing the dollar to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. Many seem to think the U.S. central bank continues on its course woefully ignorant of its own self destructive folly.
    I simply do not believe they are this naive.

  2. Just bought some SVM June 7 dollar strike calls.
    This was a successful trade for me last Fall.
    Will give it another try.

  3. Good seekingalpha article on gold stocks: Hope all is well.