Monday, April 30, 2012


As the world devolves into oblivion and black becomes white and light becomes dark a golden hue falls onto the world of economic chaos. As the elite scramble for the last scraps of wealth to pilfer and politicians pick apart the spoils of privilege from their peeps, a few of us cling to the belief that one last ride to glory exists in a world of decaying morality.  The picture above embodies a different time but it is emblematic of today in many ways. Even while the world around the characters burns, they find something between them that isolates them from the madness. Even the war they are caught up in becomes meaningless in their story and only their survival and a sense of morality becomes paramount. It is still ageless and ranks even today as a classic love story. You remember it don't you?  You see....morality and nature will always survive even if we do not.

Now back to the game. By now you must be aware of the the gold beatdown premarket that unleashed a tremendous amount of fear in the peeps. Never fear......buying resumed immediately and the onslaught was reversed with only a minor amount of casualties. 7500 contracts in one minute were sold.....That's 750,000 oz of gold..........and the miners and gold closed green....hmmmmm. gl

Sunday, April 29, 2012


The time is ticking on the final showdown in the game. Maybe it won't happen this week, but the clock is ticking on the illusion of the greatest game. The game of fiat. The illusion that a piece of paper will hold the secret to value. After all its about CONfidence and its always been about CONfidence. Hundreds....even thousands of times the pundits, politicians, and media have mentioned the three simple syllables.....CON-fi-dence to the sheeple. Apparently just the mention of the word instills its meaning for the game. Without it there is no game and chaos follows. Apparently lying, cheating, and spiritual rape can instill this illusive quality in us.   Will we lose CONfidence and therefore control? Maybe..... I hope not, but I fear that perpetual violations of nature's law do have moral consequences eventually...... In the end we really are just pawns in a much bigger game that none of us really have ANY control of and NEVER will. We can make some decisions however, that will influence possibly our own mortal existence. Most importantly these decisions will not involve whether or not you bought physical gold or silver. Instead they will involve whether or not you dedicate yourself to an act of altruism or sacrifice. It may just be one simple act. It may be very simple but completely out of character with your everyday selfishness that has come to define so many of us. Your masters will never overcome this simple act of yours.... for they live in the darkness that defines their centuries of existence.

Now to the game. Gold and silver will break out......The accumulation by the peeps of the physical at these prices will not be allowed to continue much longer. Eastern powers pose formidable opponents and this current spring has been compressed quite tightly. Enjoy the ride, but I warn you, it will be quite bumpy and to call it an emotional rollercoaster will not do it justice. They don't want you in this trade and they will use every trick at their disposal to unload

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Can't be but it is. Your lyin' eyes tell you it isn't but it is. This could be it. Just don't get too excited if you get the snot slapped out of you with another take down. One way or another the PTB are NOT going to let you in this trade easily. One way or another they are going to make sure you don't make a big profit on the next up move in PM equities. Its not that they don't like you. They just know how you're going to react to what ever method they use to drive you out of the trade.

I won't trade the miners here.They took it down to bargain levels and I'm in the trade for the haul. So bitch slap away boyz. Most of you are seasoned in this trade and I don't have to remind you that this trade can get a lot uglier before the worm turns. Just look at the liquidity takedown in 20008.  I think the worm is going to turn and turn hard but that could still be weeks or months away. A lot of horrific news is coming in the economy and we aren't going to have a lot of  hard choices soon so gl .


It should be funny when this turns on the shorts. That doesn't mean now but when it does the true power will crush them like bugs. If you aren't in the club when the PM trade turns it will be truly brutal for you. Not only will the shorts be crushed but most retail will be wondering when to get on the train and of course the train will be so far out of the station they won't even try to get on. Of course that is how the game is played. Some of my friends try and trade these moves and usually wind up taking their five percent and change and feel lucky for the coins the big boyz throw them. I can't really blame them for puking up their profit quickly after the long beatdown they've experienced but its just exactly what this type of beating is for. Its to make you HATE the trade. Its simple mass psychology. It works everytime and of course is very predictable. Couple that with the adjuncts available to the casino ( such as owning the press) and you have the perfect game. gl peeps.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well DO YOU? Apparently we may need to have some patience while we are bled a little more in this trade. We can't get a quick bullet to the head and save us our misery. It just doesn't work that way. This is going to be a war of attrition. It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to know how this plays out. Its going to play out just the way the bankers choose. Its already scripted. The only fly in the ointment is the ACTUAL bullion thats going out of the London bullion vaults to maintain the illusion that gold is only 1640/oz. During the last several weeks several hundred tons has left the the vaults and more is to follow. This will not be received well by the owners of that bullion.This will NOT be allowed to go on indefinitely at this price. Unfortunately for the governments that are on the next target list like Syria is its give it up or die.Control of its production will continue as the next enterprise. This task will have to be completed before the miners are allowed to rip upwards. But rip they shall. So if you do not have the patience here then you're in the WRONG trade.....

More importantly you may wish to start spending more time storing essentials in your home. There is nothing wrong with preparation. The worst that happens is your spouse rolls their eyes at you at your new found love for storing toilet paper and cans of food. I can identify with that. Guess what happens though if the need does arise from hyperinflation or a natural disaster or other man made disaster. You just might wish you spent a little of your free time preparing. I don't know if its going to be a SHTF type of scenario but I can afford to prepare.

Enjoy your free time if you are fully invested and waiting for the next long term move up in the miners. If you are still trading or you wish to comment daily then PULEEEZE do......that's the point of this blog.....YOUR COMMENTS! gl

Monday, April 23, 2012

Someone seems to have a problem with Wally World today and decided to give them a little smacking. I guess Wally World didn't pay the bankers according to the rules of the true power. Maybe they tried some of Wally's hardball tactics on the boyz. Someone should have told the Bentonville bumpkins they don't treat the boyz like they treat the rest of the vendors they shakedown. There is a rule that has to be followed in the pecking order in the jungle and it is you don't shake the boyz.......they shake you. The next order of business to cover is our precious metals trade. Rest assured, nothing has changed as the last loose change is being scraped up all around the world and it is NOT going into your pockets, but you are welcome to guess who's. Here is one example.

(Reuters) - Syria is trying to sell gold reserves to raise revenue as Western and Arab sanctions targeting its central bank and oil exports begin to bite, diplomats and traders said.

Western sanctions have halved Syria's foreign exchange reserves from about $17 billion, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Tuesday after a meeting with about 60 nations aimed at coordinating measures against President Bashar al-Assad's government.

"Syria is selling its gold at rock bottom prices," said a Western diplomatic source, declining to say where it was being sold.

A second diplomatic source confirmed the information, adding that Damascus was looking to offload everything it could to raise cash, including currency reserves.

On February 27, the European Union agreed more sanctions including prohibiting trade in gold and other precious metals with Syrian state institutions, including the central bank.

Two gold traders in the United Arab Emirates said the Syrian government had been offering gold at a discount, with one saying it was making offers at about 15 percent below the market price.


Its just a matter of when and how much pain they wish to inflict. Accumulation could reverse with a short covering explosion soon. On the other hand if you are the most powerful financial force in the shark pool then why not bleed out all the peeps and steal their shares for pennies before you take the miners and PMs to the moon on the next ride up? I could easily see another nasty beatdown but I will NOT lose any sleep over it. Where are you going to put your money anyway? Unless you are in physical only and in your possession then I can't think of a better parking place than the miner stocks here. Have fun with the casino but essentially the beatdown is only a curiosity for me here.Folks the ONLY game in town is the Fed and the ECB and the game is to aquire gold. gl oh....and don't forget this little gem yesterday....its going to be a hot hot summer

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seems like the same quicksand bath everyday now. Well .....that's the game for this trade. The other side of this trade is a very powerful entity and they have a printing press behind them. HOWEVER and there is a however....there are some very important events happening surreptitiously that you need to be aware of. It may seem counterintuitive but these same people control the bulk of the world's physical gold bullion and are being drained very slowly by some very big buyers on the other side of the current gold trade. But it doesn't stop there. The big boyz on BOTH sides of the bullion trade want to control the mines and that is the war that will develop more overtly over the next few years that will be staggering when the money flows appear out of nowhere and reverse this consolidation/accumulation phase. Enjoy the paint drying. gl