Thursday, June 28, 2012


......again. Evening shenanigans and printing games by the bankers bring futures roaring back. Or maybe I should post the headline. Nuts of shorts squeezed by the bankers. This means WE'RE SERIOUS THIS TIME! ...........or maybe TAKE THAT YOU SHORT BAASTIDS!  Oh my how can you not watch this kind of rip and not laugh yourself into a stupor. Jim Rogers is on CNBS Asia right now ranting about how this solves nothing with more printing.....and that the world is drowning in debt and this will solve NOTHING. I completely agree but of course I also think that they will continue to print. and print. and print. At least they print until the cost of essentials reaches the breaking point. The last few weeks of Fed jawboning commodities down with the suggestion that QE is not on the table "near term" has provided the necessary cover to start the ramp up of the presses. Will this ramp result in a monstrous near term move in precious metals that all investors have been waiting for? Maybe but my guess is we get continued volatility in this trade to shake out as many investors as possible. I don't mean just retail either. I am talking about pros too. They do NOT want you or other hedges and banks in this trade. It needs clearing.

Are they that calculating and are they able to plan that far in advance? Do they have that much control? You can give your own conclusion since the answer by now should be apparent. Of course there are those that wish to hold cash here and may wind up making the ultimate trade if the miners wind up taking one more major move down on the monthlies. On the other hand they may still be holding that cash in a few months when the charts show an extreme move in PMs that leave most bystanders gasping. I know how I'll play it. If you have a better way then by all means use it, but I know the strategy that I am employing for this shakeout game. gl all

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

from ZH...
  • Squawk Box (6-9 a.m.) is supposed to prime traders before the bell. The show posted its lowest rated its time block since Q4 2006.
  • The Closing Bell (3-5 p.m.) is supposed to wrap up the day’s action. The slot posted its fifth-lowest rating in total viewers and second-lowest ratings in the key 25-54 demographic since 1997.
  • Fast Money (5-6 p.m.) is focused almost specifically on swing trading stocks. That time slot showed the lowest rating for the 25-54 demo since 1997 — and lowest in total viewers since Fast Money launched in 2006.
Okay dokay.....ZH did a piece on CNBS's ratings plunge and suggested several possible explanations. The comments were hilarious as usual and I thought it was worthy of a little comment here. First of all CNBS can only give out the party line of "everything is just fine" for so long before even the fattest sheep wise up. Watching Joe "the blow" Kiernan is nauseating in the morning slot and has to turn off a large viewing segment, but getting his lips unlocked from his nearest boss has always been an ordeal from anyone wanting to clean up his slot. 

Becky Quickie is a waste of a perfectly good chair, but she still can dangle candy in front of Warren Buffet (like anyone wants to hear that douchebag)..

You can go down the list of shills like Liesman, Cramer, Krudlow, etc.....but its become a farce to even critique the list. No one is watching this charade any longer with the expectations of gaining incite into the real economy or worse ...expecting a sudden change in character of this Fedspeak propaganda tool.

I like to listen to the misinformation to see which way they are trying to lead the sheep to slaughter. Just now I listened to a piece on The Call (CNBS's Asia counterpart) about Gold crashing to 700... Some little twerp without any crede and snot hanging from his lip spouting the company line. Oh well.......guess I better sell my gold and gold stocks again. Wish I had made that trade 4 months ago when CNBS was touting gold. Bottom line is what would have happened if CNBS just tried telling the truth. What if they allowed more Rick Santelli types on instead of the sycophants like Buffet, Kiernan, and Krudlow. We just might be having a totally different discussion on them. It was NEVER to be.

Nothing to report from the charts other than these stocks need to rip sooner rather than later or they are going down to retest their recent lows. gl all

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"It is 50-50 whether the euro zone breaks up," Soros says. "The damage that breakup would cause is so great, that I think that as people realize it, they will pull back from the brink."

He told the Financial Times that "we are at the brink now ... a solution has to be found in a matter of days."

If “Greece has to borrow at 6 or 7 percent, it cannot make the target,” Soros says. 

“The IMF is in the business of making emergency loans with conditions and that is what Greece needs.”

Soros notes that “having a common currency was very sensible for a common market,” but added that if “the political will to keep Europe together” is lacking, disintegration is the most likely result.

“Currency traders find it very difficult right now to speculate because public opinion is very much aroused,” Soros observes. “If I were running a hedge fund now, I would be wary of making money because the political consequences would be too severe.” 

 Soros Warns Europe of Disintegration Over Greece 

Is it really THE WEEKEND OF DISINTEGRATION??  Don't get caught up in the noise. This is theater. There is no solution. There is only chewing gum. You know.......chewing gum......remember the movie with Chevy Chase and the dam springs a leak and he stops and puts chewing gum in the leak and walks off and two more leaks pop up. Unfortunately that is the analogy of where we are. You may wish to come up with your own solution. Maybe we should just completely stop printing and abolish the central bank system immediately. Maybe that is the solution but I do know I do not have the answer and will not spend my valuable time left on this planet elevating my blood pressure and alienating everyone around me by trying to change this ingrained sick and degenerative system that the sheep have helped the PTB to get into place. Unfortunately this power structure will not be turned over without tremendous sacrifice by those that are enlightened. It is coming but Mr. Soros is NOT predicting it in real time but he is trying to influence his trade. Make no mistake Mr. Soros is still in the hedge fund business and he needs Central banks to create fiat and money. He knows and accurately points to the danger of collapse for the elite. Not only the elite but for many of us that don't view ourselves as the elite but will be identified as that elite class if breakdown does occur. In fact elite may be identified as those with food. Many of us that have some degree of wealth and success will find ourselves cheering for marshal law and curtailing our own civil freedoms to save our own skin.That is what is designed. This is what a spiraling collapse will look like for many countries as "the breakdown" accelerates. Of course order can and most likely will be re established but at what price.With chaos comes opportunity. Soros knows this. He has seen hell first hand and knows the evil that exists in man. Soros knows if Europe goes into nationalism that we are going to see some serious pain before we get to whatever is on the other side. He doesn't know what that is and neither do I. So pay attention to the things that you can control. Your family, your friends, and people you CAN help.You can educate. I still say that I like my miners and physical gold and silver. The rest is all noise. The trade is still under control but when reality hits and the fiat music stops there will be a rush to gold and silver that will set your hair on fire. Its coming and its not that far off. I still know people that know this and do not even own one ounce of gold or silver. I'm still shocked. They will rush to get there hands on physical one day but it won't be least not in the price they could have bought it at earlier. Just keep stacking those greenbacks. You aren't wanted in this trade, but don't feel slighted.....its the game. gl

Monday, June 25, 2012


 Baruch is the sharpy on the front right
Gotta love the gamblers. These are some some of players from years ago and they were playing the same game you are now. Sure it was rigged too. These guys had some inside draws but they knew they weren't the only sharks in the water. Just be aware, contrary to what the hyperbole says, this game has always been for the house.

Bernard Baruch was born in Camden, South Carolina to Simon and Belle Baruch. He was the second of four sons. His father Simon Baruch (1840–1921) was a German immigrant of Ashkenazi Jewishethnicity who came with his family to the United States in 1855. He studied medicine, became a doctor, and served as a surgeon on the staff of Confederate general Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War. He was a pioneer in physical therapy.[1] His mother's Sephardic Jewish ancestors (likely from Amsterdam or London) came to New York as early as the 1690s, where they became part of the shipping business.
In 1881 the family moved from Camden to New York City, where Bernard and his brothers attended local schools. He studied at and graduated from the City College of New York.


Baruch became a broker and then a partner in A.A. Housman & Company. With his earnings and commissions, he bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange for $18,000 ($434,000 in today's dollars). There he amassed a fortune before the age of 30 via speculation in the sugar market. By 1903 Baruch had his own brokerage firm and gained the reputation of "The Lone Wolf of Wall Street" because of his refusal to join any financial house. By 1910, he had become one of Wall Street's best-known financiers.
In 1925 he endowed the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) Mrs. Simon Baruch University Award in memory of his mother, to support scholars who have written unpublished monographs for full-length books on Confederate history. His mother had been an early member of the organization and supported their activities.{ from wikipedia}.

Don't try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can't be done except by liars.
Bernard Baruch

If you think you've got it bad right now just remember that these guys are long gone but they went through the same ups and downs and believe me they played for keeps. It was a long time ago but in the scheme of things the same power structure existed then that reigns supreme now. You're all playing in the historic Supercycle Wave collapse. Embrace it and don't be afraid. This is history and you're right in the middle of it. No matter what happens you will never have a chance to relive any moment so savor every second right now. Someday you'll be only pictures like these men. gl luck on your trades.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


And I want it now. As we devolve into the end of the greatest fiat bubble experiment in the history of the world there will be many more bizarre spectacles like the RBS/Nat West fiasco. Whether it is a glitch or an actual cash problem, it does not matter.......its trouble. Its CONfidence. Its just not what we need right now when we have 12 million angry customers frozen out of their accounts. Its disastrous and its going to have repercussions. We may not see them, but this is more than just a bump in the road for the Eurozone. As this is written there is still no guarantee the issue is solved. Hopefully by Monday it will be or the mainstream media will be forced to cover it. Sandusky can occupy 90% of the news time for only so long. Of course maybe some of you think that a little college town in Pennsylvania deserves that type of attention. After all we've never heard of a person in a position of power/privilege committing these type of acts before. sarcasm off.

The beatdown on the metals last week left a lot of the PM investors devastated. I can't say it made me happy...since I had no trade on prior to it...but it is what it is. I will hold and I have no intention of moving. This is the trade and you need to get out if the paper game leaves you sick to your stomach. Because folks its going to get even worse. When people with the history of Sinclair is crushed by this action you know its getting extreme. What do YOU expect. THIS IS THE WAR TO KEEP THE SUPREMACY OF THE DOLLAR. And not just the dollar but many fiat currencies are at war here for their survival. See ya all on the other side. gl

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have lost CONfidence. Not just here but throughout the entire Developed world. This takes years to establish, nurture, keep.....but only a 2008 to lose. We are in a malaise that only nature is going to cure. Like most chronic conditions there will be years of pain before nature will repair the toxins that ravaged this system. And like most chronic conditions death may be the final benefit for those stricken. Bleak you say? Okay then answer this ....if you are a heroin addict and have lived the life of addiction, engaging in the heroin high and accompanying  malaise without feeling any pain but only euphoria then of course you do not ask the hard question of whether you should stop or not or whether you are doing something that is unethical or illegal or may ultimately kill you are create some unspeakable harm in your life. Did you ask yourself how you can work at your job until the age of 55 and retire with a salary even higher than you were making when you were 50? Did you ask how you could fight wars on multiple fronts with a Tax decrease? Did you ask how you could afford to build a military industrial complex the likes of which the World has never seen and Occupy 125 countries with 800 military bases? Or for that matter WHY??? For what reason could we possibly have? Did you ask how we spend 17% of our GDP on a medical system all of the rest of the world spends about 8% of their GDP. Now we have nurse practitioners and physician assistants providing primary medical care in offices and ERs and hospitals with patients never even seeing doctors. Its over. CONfidence is gone.....and it is not coming back.....not this decade at least. There is a day of reckoning coming soon... that I believe. Its unraveling first in Europe as planned and it will come here. Just look at the Dimon circus in front of Congress this week.  If that doesn't send chills up your spine how bad we've fallen then nothing does.

 I ran across a well written essay and just pulled this account from Spain last week. Here is just an excerpt.
However -- and although Spain is not Greece -- there is something different in this economic crisis that disturbs me: the deterioration of confidence in the democratic institutions that represent the powers of the State (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial).
We have horrific examples: the political parties finance themselves illegally -and with total impunity -- via generalized corruption in the real estate and banking sector; the conservative government has lost what little credibility it had as it is doing exactly the opposite of what it promised before the elections of November, 2011; judges are hyper politicized and partisan and rank the lowest in social esteem.
Grotesque and ridiculous situations take place: Carlos Divar, the president of the Supreme Court, has lost all prestige after his 22 trips, accompanied by an unknown "public official," (whom he appointed) to deluxe coastal hotels in Malaga and Cadiz (long weekends of Friday to Tuesday with poolside lunches and dinners dubbed "Carribbean weekends" by the press), all paid for by Spanish taxpayers. -Jose Martinez
Turkish air command preparing for Syria

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Of course you are....its designed that way. Up is down and black is white. This paradigm must and will continue to buy time as a solution is designed to alleviate an overleveraged banking system. The real issue should be how to restore the structural impediments to the economy but that is supposed to occur as a result of a strong banking system. Its all being contained for your own good. Now lets move along. Next on the confused agenda is the reaction to the FOMC with the metals and metal equities. Once again....its designed...but there were some clues. Ben was very clear......the economy is weakening (er failing)...and that monetization will continue. Forget the rest of the doublespeak. Its only there to keep you guessing. He wouldn't get any bang for his buck with the QE announcement today so I suspect it will happen sometime during the next couple of months maybe even a couple of weeks but we need some squealing and fear first for the shorts to get squeezed. More importantly for us today the action of the PM stocks was very encouraging. The limited movement down today as gold was taking it on the chin indicates that the game is intact for the move up to continue in PM equities. Hang tight we could get some kind of limited takedown here but you have to consider the bottom is in.  We will see of course. Don't expect it to be easy. This trade does not want you in it. gl

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You hate government of course. But then who do you think built this bridge? Private enterprise? Doubtful. Should this bridge be private? Should investors be responsible for deciding the infrastructure of our bridges and highways? I won't go into privatizing police, firemen, prisons...etc. These post are for entertainment only and that would entail a little more work than the Fed eve deserves. The purpose of this post and the picture is for you to realize the 30 years of massive debt spending and liquidity creation from the derivative ponzi created a terrible problem for our nation and much of the developed world. We spent like drunken sailors on shore leave with no tomorrow. Now we have tomorrow. Now we face many issues ahead that are from a MALINVESTMENT nightmare we have created. We spent on "banks" and bankers. We churned out "business majors" and MBAs and not mathematicians and scientists and engineers. We failed to build infrastructure for the next decades. We wanted our "things" and we wanted them NOW! WE PUNISHED THE SAVERS AND THOSE THAT WERE OUR TRUE CONSERVATIVES......THE STRONG HANDS. Instead we gave unfettered access to our government and constitution to the ponzi...and they spent our future. Of course they threw us some cheap Chinese goods to placate us and make us believe that greed is good and interest rates so low that anyone saving for the future is a complete idiot. Well, here we are. Everyday is now another day of denial. Everyday is another sovereign in dire straits. Everyday is another fixit for the collapse. It has become so bizarre that the average citizen doesn't have a clue what to do. They don't understand and feel betrayed but they don't have anyway to sort out the daily cognitive dissonance that is being thrown at them. Professional investors have grown disgusted but they don't have any other game to play in their narrow perspective of markets. Back to the picture. That's real. Its not paper. It is what happens when a country ignores its future and lives for today. We will pay. We will pay in ways most of us cannot imagine after 30 years of binge koolaid drinking. GL if you are one of the gifted ones that believe this all ends well. Try opening your eyes. Government is you. Or at least it was. I'm not really sure what it is now or what it even does anymore.

Pay no attention to the markets initial reaction to the FOMC. It will all be sent in the direction Ben wants over the next few weeks. He needs cover before he unleashes the mother of all printing. gl