Sunday, August 19, 2012


God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Wake up!.. its the first day of the rest of your life. What a beautiful "serene" economic landscape awaiting us now. Many pundits and retail traders are convinced that money printing can levitate garbage indefinitely. As usual the PTB still have the strings attached so this week could be a real rollercoaster. For the traders that still have a pulse, I'll warn you that it could be a tough week for the PM trade if they decide to do another tree shake. The pundits however are forecasting NO QE announcements near term and therefore the demise of the gold trade short term so maybe there is a chance the metals and miners can rally inspite of the Central Banks illusion that they are not going to print and buy the sovereign debt vehicles. There's no choice. They will buy bonds or we enter the stone age. The only debate from anyone with two IQ points above a rock is when they pull the nuclear option on the market gamers. In a perverse manner way "nuclear" may not be "descriptive". There will be many twists and turns going out in this supercycle collapse.

 Some of this is going to be planned and some of this will be random collisions of chaos. Obviously we are nearing an inflection point as the CONfidence slides over the edge. Don't be fooled by the can get even lower and so can the VIX. This is for all the marbles and remember how hard it is to land a 747 on the head of a needle. 

Human nature falls prey to evil very easily for most. Anyone doubting this only needs to look at what happened in South Africa with the striking miners. If you do not recognize just how broken this game is, and just how much danger is ahead then you never will. 

Northern Missouri and Iowa border are a bean and corn disaster area. gl

from Silver for the People


  1. Art Cashin was right

  2. Western Iowa crops are a mess. Wind has taken down alot of corn. So much is being chopped that won't make into the market. Yields running early 30 to 90 bushels on the corn. We are in big trouble here with the corn. Demand must be destroyed by price that is all that left to say. Will it take 9 10 11 12 dollar corn to do that? More? Peep pain coming for sure

    1. Crops decimated across northern half of Mo and western half.....bean insurance declared for most farmes......short the biggest bean are going to be enormous

  3. Feel so bad for mid-West. We've had rain nearly every day for 2 weeks. Who are the bean insurers? TIA.


  4. heavy volume move over resistance on SSRI

  5. Embry also warned: “No matter where you look, be it the United States, Europe, the UK, Japan, these were the driving countries through the whole post-war era. Now they are all in hopeless financial conditions, absolutely hopeless. And people have their heads stuck in the sand if they think there is any palatable solution to any of their problems.

    For the longest time people have believed the Chinese were impregnable. It is now becoming obvious that with the rest of the world suffering economically, the Chinese don’t have any kind of magic wand that’s going to make their economy perform like it has for the last 20 years.

    The only bazooka the central planners have left to fire is quantitative easing to infinity. They haven’t fired it yet, they’ve just sort of danced around it, but they could still fire that bazooka. It won’t solve anything and will lead to major inflation if not hyperinflation, but it will keep things moving forward.

    Even though they haven’t fire that bazooka, it still exists in their arsenal, and will be used at some point in an attempt to keep the financial system from imploding.”

    Embry had this to say about Apple and the world’s gold shares: “I would just like to add that we see shares of Apple hitting new all-time highs, even though their last quarter wasn’t quite up to snuff. But the market cap of Apple is now greater than three times that of all of the world’s publicly traded gold and silver equities.

    This will be seen as preposterous in the fullness of time, and I can assure that this will reverse as the bull market in gold and silver mature.”