Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A lot hinges on the Wizard Speaking this Friday morning. The entire Free World is waiting with baited breath. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Sugar Ben will come dropping in. I think I could be mixing metaphors so perhaps I'll focus in on THIS holiday. Friday will unfortunately for many expecting major sugar will just be a lump of coal. If this money man announcement sets up the way I believe it will then we could actually get TWO different outcomes for PMs and PM equities. I believe that Ben MUST push out the "official" announcement of QE until the EU has their stars aligned. Right now the EU is in disarray. NO ONE knows exactly how they are going to play their hand. This meeting in cowboy land for Cowboy Ben is going to be critical to some degree however. He CANNOT state that QE is off the table. In fact if he gives any indication that QE may not be needed then he will look like he has lost control and when he DOES monetize as he will be required to do then he will be ridiculed. So......he is going to nudge up the rhetoric regarding QE. Not a big shocking announcement, but a ratcheting up of the noise of QE. This will be even more bullish for PMs....whether you see it on Friday or will form the basis for the tone of the PM market.

The bigger question is what the game will be from here on out and with the jockeying for actual bullion still in play before the "big reset" expect more sovereign raids by the PTB. THEY need bullion to service the game. The game is reaching a very lethal stage now and no army can stand in the way of the greatest army ever assembled.........unless maybe.....Russia....or China.....or Iran.....or Venezuela....or ....North Korea....or India..........or Pakistan...... Hmmmmmm We have a lot of people suddenly standing in our way. This is starting to set up like a bit of a standoff. Expect some proxy wars ahead. I hope they stay contained, but somehow proxy wars tend to escalate. This game is getting old and our neighbors are growing weary and discontent in many of these nations is starting to simmer. Diversions will be needed and truth is always the first caualty. gl


  1. was just over at turd's site looking at that train wreck of sycophants....what it tells me is that sentiment remains terrible in the PM trade.......and THAT makes me

  2. Not the first time you've mentioned the PTB going after other sovereign's gold. They have made it so that even the plebes are coughing it up just to make ends meet......

    These folks have certainly earned a special place in HELL!!

    Agreed Ben will yada, yada, yada but won't pull the trigger now......

    I like you hope we avoid ANY altercations there has been enough innocent life lost over absolutely worthless causes.....

  3. VERY interesting action on miners today....let's just say that this is a very well concealed accumulation....hehehehheeheheh


  5. I am going to pull the trigger on miners today. I am changing my mind about easing. Too many think no easing and stick it to the GOP. hehehe.

    1. Sheeps it doesn't matter WHAT they do tomorrow....unless he says ABSOLUTELY NO EASING EVER!!!!!!! and of course he will not......they NEVER STOPPED EASING....QE is on EVERY WEEK practically.....they must laugh themselves silly how easy it is......Europe not quite as easy but very similar....eventually everyone will catch on but it doesn't really matter.....strong hands in the miners and bullion so good luck trying to trade it