Monday, September 10, 2012


Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but a necessary flush is coming and it will come suddenly and without warning...

Reuters) - Japanese Banking Minister Tadahiro Matsushita was found hanged at his home on Monday in what police suspect was a suicide, Kyodo news agency said.

Matsushita, 73, was a member of the ruling Democratic Party's tiny junior coalition, the People's New Party.

He replaced Shozaburo Jimi, head of the People's New Party, as banking minister in a cabinet reshuffle in June. Matsushita, a former bureaucrat, also served as minister for postal privatisation.

Just another headline that will soon be lost in the daily news flow that demonstrates just how fragile the system is. Headlines will become increasingly reflective of rising tensions within a collapsing system. We are still in what I believe is the eye of the Hurricane but the backside wall is fast approaching on the Cat 5 storm.

Our role is not to divine the form or timing of the event since that is only a fool's game. The game is to try and give yourself the best chance to succeed IF the system somehow manages to survive the storm. In actuality you are going to place your bets in the paper casino because you believe the paper casino is going to make it through to the other side. Yes... that makes you an optimist. Of course there is another course of action to consider and that is you believe you can pull all of your chips off the table and make it out of the casino before the house burns down. That is a legitimate plan also but your timing had better be impeccable. Most of us will probably lose at that game, but it may be a noble try. For now many of us remain hopeless, addicted gamblers and want to try and run this table as far as we can. At least admit and realize your weakness. AND DON'T BLAME OTHERS WHEN YOU GET PICKED CLEAN.

I am providing some 2 hour charts and still trying to look at longer term channels that are trying to develop so stay tuned. Trades galore developing but the buy and hold strategy still seems to make the most sense at this juncture. Maybe some trades at the gold 1780 or 1800 level, but this should be limited. gl


  1. Libya...on 911. We have cover for higher oil prices. Just how did this happen? In an era where little kids are molested at the airport that we did not have enough security in libya..not enough security in Libya..not enough security in libya?