Saturday, September 1, 2012


Should be some shakeout this week. Just a question of how high they want to take it first. If you want to test yourself and try and trade in light of a possible breakout after a monster beatdown then knock yourself out. Its there game in this market and overtrading your position can cost you money in the longer run. If you are on the sidelines with cash and physical only then you are smart. Some of us will learn our lessons the hard way but the game is more important to the gamblers. No crystal ball this week but with the boyz coming back then these NYSE floor traders should get some action this week....they need it. gl


  1. PM's are not on holiday. Wow nice ramp job.

  2. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the supportive comments regarding my son's going away to college. Everything went great and he starts today with just two classes scheduled for Tuesdays. So, his first day should be easy.

    Keystone wrote today about Gold being typically strong August thru October. So, hopefully the rally will continue. Keystone also writes that Biotech tends to do well October thru December. Lastly, Keystone wrote about the "18 year Cycle" which they feel is the "most dependable cycle". Per Keystone, they date 1982 to 2000 as the bull portion, and now the bear portion from 2000 to 2018. They feel inflation will not occur until 2015-2019.

  3. Silver is trying to lift-off. Potential for a huge move in some miners....

  4. Houston, we have lift-off...

    PPP‎ - Primero Mining Corp (NYSE)‎
    4.80 +0.31‎ (6.90%‎)

    Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI)
    15.44 Up 0.61(4.11%) 12:44PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price

    First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG)
    20.06 Up 0.33(1.67%) 12:45PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price

    Golden Minerals Company (AUMN)
    5.58 Up 0.23(4.30%) 12:45PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price


    silver needs a bit more of a push and GPL will be a rifle shot.

  6. Aloha,

    from the big island....Stem paid off well...

    shot from the lanai yesterday evening...having coffee watching the boats go out for the big fish...

  7. One thing about being in the islands...Papaya and White pineapple...that's really all you need to know! Looks like gold is on a rocket ship last 5 days...

    congrats to all of ya for sticking it out....cheers and aloha....need to do a little diving....

  8. Ahhhh, Nothing like being in paradise!! You're bringing back some great memory's! Gotta get back out there again one of these day's but like Doc (Congrats's to ya Doc) I sent the second rug rat off a few weeks back like the rest of ya so the check book's a tad light right about now heheeeeeeeee but if this keeps up with the miners I just might get there sooner rather than later which would be a good thing cause the Mrs's has been in a funk ever since......