Sunday, September 23, 2012


Its fall now. Its the best season of the year. Its a time to prepare for winter and the cold winds that will follow. Since mid July when the $HUI formed a monster weekly bullish engulfing candle that I discussed then that formed a higher low confirming that we were most likely at the end of the stealth accumulation by the boyz and that you should have been accumulating miner shares with them. Now we have enjoyed 9 weeks of a monstrous up move with virtually NO pullback. You gained little advantage trying to trade your position during this time. THEY DID NOT WANT YOU ON THIS TRADE. Guess what? THEY STILL DON'T WANT YOU ON THIS TRADE. The question is did they get the hedges and retail schmucks back on enough to flush them again or do they need some more bullish sentiment to build. I don't know.......but I bet I can tell you in the next three weeks. They will rip it back within that time period. Should you sell? That's up to you. NO ONE can tell you after a run like this to NOT take some profit. Just remember.......we could be in one of the biggest bull runs in Miners EVER! Then again....if we are we should suspect every conceivable trick in the psyops war on sheeple investors imaginable. Right now the MSM are starting to tout the virtues of gold and silver daily after this fabulous run up. Prior to the runup when you could have been accumulating very cheap shares NO ONE would advise you owning the miner shares other than the usual pumpers on the Precious Metals websites. Most of those websites were in total chaos with the cheerleading pundits being bombarded by the commentors crying about their paper losses. All of those developments were screaming bullishness in the stealth accumulation of the miners that had transpired since the May low. Thats right the MAY LOW! We talked about that possibility incessantly back then and they were still able to keep it looking like it was in a BEAR market. They are good. So why the low price and individual miner rotation and beatdown kept the sentiment bearish the real power was accumulating and preparing for what would occur eventually during the last nine weeks. least in retrospect and explosion. Just look at those charts. Purely amazing. That was then and this is now if you are trying to short term trade this. Some of the players here use different strategies and have decided to let the casino have their fun with the shorter term traders like the hedges and the retail players that think they can beat the house. They are sitting tight and watching the action with fully invested positions and just holding. For those that think they can beat the house you may get a nice entry in the next three weeks. Maybe even this week. You know its coming but how quick will it be and will you get in????? WELL......Will You?? They do have to shake leaves though don't they........but how high will it be when they shake that tree of leaves? How high??? Three weeks is a long long time. I have advised NOT overtrading this ride for weeks now. I have not switched my advice. But if you want to take some profit here and hold most of your positions then its not a bad spot to do that. I still think in a few months this move will be much higher.



  1. My Dear Friends,

    You can be absolutely sure the 7 touches capping sells at $1775 were for the purpose of accumulation.

    Our newly created trillionaire banksters will be long of cash gold in their own depositories.

    Gold is going to $3500 and beyond much, much, much faster than it took to get to go above $1900

    If you think the major banksters are either short or flat on this gold move, you are seriously bonkers.



  3. Ouch! Gold was down over $14, now just $13 and silver down 1.75%...will be an interesting week. Watching the dollar to see if it closes that gap up. Week-ends go faster & faster.

  4. need a pullback here....would love to see a three day smackdown....very healthy...a week long move would be even healthier....but alas may get only a day and off to the races play it however you like....but any pullbacks are to be bot

  5. looks like the pull back is over.....hehehhe....hope you got your 15 minute one in on this trade to rob their stops yet.....gonna have to get it higher boyz

  6. Hoping to see Davies 1735-40 but of course they can always accomplish this in the middle of the night. PPP just won't stay down, -.03 doesn't help! Silver a little more affordable at the moment but imo will catch up...needs $35 and hold.

  7. A dollar chart Sista...

    The world is pretty messed up. I think that there is a run to the dollar AND pm's.

  8. I thought this was a hoax! 3d printing. Amazing.

  9. PPP has nicely relieved its daily overbot condition and another couple of days may be all we get of backing and filling.......or maybe this is it......would love a tail touch of the 4.88 area

  10. Unbeliebably, little pzg hanging in only -.01. Yes, Kli have a buy at 4.88 this time, gtc.

  11. Look at NUGT, down almost 10%.

  12. hay all..

    had dinner with some friends this weekend.

    some from Lehman....some investor bankers.....some from high worth banks management.

    8 of 10 of them are buying silver.....I am talking 80 to 100K

    now I had a smile on my face...LOL

    they said they thought I would be I talked gold & silver for 10 years....

    I told them if they bought silver when I did,,,,that 80K would be 450K today

    I had my dinner paid see there mouth hang open...priceless.

    SSRI I bought at 10.50 and change
    SLW I bought at 27 and change

    a Sh_t load of it

    GL all

    1. same experience here paladin with some IB and hedges this summer.....they were starting to talk gold too but they just didn't have the experience

  13. You go guys! Great to hear that you outsmarted the "smartest people in the world". PPP's a slippery one +.09 AH...just can't seem to get in for more.