Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Whether the disaster that has struck the East Coast was precipitated by the PTB as some on the net have alluded to or whether a hundred year storm just happened to strike the heart of Wall really does not will NEVER know. A tremendous amount of damage was inflicted on many families by nature through a monstrous storm and their suffering IS real. No amount of money thrown at this will ever replace their lives prior to this storm. It will never, ever be the same for many of these neighborhoods. Just visit Joplin, Mo. and talk to those people. Life goes on however and we need to stick our heads in the sand like good ostriches and look at what the PTB are doing in the market.

They are playing out the accumulation/consolidation of precious metals. A lot of momo boyz jumped on this trade a few weeks ago and time is their enemy. The "market" knows this and easily boots them of the bus with a nice month long consolidation phase like this. That is what pennants are. That is what the handles on cup n handles are. They SHAKE the leaves. They get momo boyz and weak retail schmucks off a trade. YOU'RE PREDICTABLE. It really does make people mad to tell them (myself included) that you really aren't any smarter than a test rat, but really we aren't. No wonder we were called sheep.......WE ARE. I always loved how the CNBS crew would point out years ago during long, overextended, overbot equity runs how the "retail" investor was "still in" as some pundits were pointing out how overbot the run was. Implying of course that the "retail" investor was smarter than the big money which was exiting. Well.....we all know how those runs ended. Of course at the time it looked like retail WAS the smart money. The only problem is greed never lets retail get out in time. They always get butchered. DO NOT THINK that most hedgees are much smarter. ESPECIALLY in the PM trade. Most are not even in it and the ones that are are for the most part newbees.

What you need to know is that we are going to print. BY WE, I am referring to the entire fiat world. This is a global collapse.......PERIOD!!!

Let's keep this short. The bullion is not there. No details but its obvious. Hopefully this remains in the backround for a few more months.....the longer the better......(if you don't know why then sorry)...if we are lucky then the current phase will see a gradual tradeable move in PM stocks. Meanwhile there is a battle for bullion shaping up that is exploding behind the scenes. Spot price is for and enjoy PS...New York and New Jersey gang......hope all of you and yours are well.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


That should just about do it
No worries. Its just around the corner. Just a little more mountain to climb. Only a little higher and its BREAKOUT. Its 2007 all over again. Its another breakout moment finally for all of us long suffering "bulls". Forget Ann Barnhardt .....forget ZH.......this is one for the ages coming. Perhaps the earnings and revenue misses this quarter may give some bulls pause. Maybe even the massive insider selling and unemployment may give you some concern. Sure.....we have some problems but with confidence being restored in virtually all sectors of the "market" dipping your toes into the "water" may be just the therapy for a long suffering "investor". After all your money isn't doing to well in fixed income investment vehicles in a ZIRP world.

Can the above missive be possible? Can we really be entering a "Bull Market" breakout? Your answer is already in front of you...........OF COURSE!!!!!!!! YOU ARE IN A BULL MARKET!!! It is completely counterintuitive with a massive global collapse occurring simultaneously...nevertheless it is a bull market. The real question is when does the rug get pulled out from under you. The massive run to this point has been on the back of the Fed's money printing and it CAN and MAY go higher. THEY can print a "breakout". They did in 07 and '73 before they collapsed the bloated pig. You load the sheep up and send 'um over the side.

The hurricane provides some diversion and speculating on its origin is a waste of time. Nature or man-made the results are the same. Right now the war is between the factions vying for supremacy after the real wash-out that is coming. Jockeying for control of the assets that will determine the next economic cycle will continue behind the scenes and gold and silver are just a couple of the players. They are important players however but they are still under the control of the system from the paper perspective. You were given the opportunity to accumulate both PMs during this last year long phase of consolidation. If you did not because you were paralyzed with fear then do not feel bad.....its the game. Will the stock market break out? I hope so. That means the price of PMs will be held in a range for awhile longer. Giving me more physical is the only real game. gl  all and gl to the East Coast gang. My hedgee gang said it was wild in Manhattan last nite.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Everyday you see another new Zombie. Whether its Caterpillar or Amazon or Apple........the hits keep coming. SURPRISE SURPRISE another new Zombie. Its no accident......its what results when you add two parts fiat to two parts ground hamburger get a zombie. Hopium breathes again. You weren't aware of the same kind of shenanigans that occurred in the 20th Century in the so-called free market. Remember the 1907 Crash.....of course you don't but.J P Morgan himself walked in and started buying shares of the market at inflated prices to re install CONfidence. Richard Whitney was trotted out by the bankers in 1929 to be their face and he failed to stem the crash. Warren Buffet was used multiple times by the bankers in 2008 to reverse the market on key days. Manipulation IS and always has been an integral part of Wall Street. The use of financial media and general media is key to moving sentiment and even day to day movement in stocks. Its all part of the casino that we call the stock market. Its just one big casino. 

Be aware we are entering into the high holy days of the illuminati. These days can herald tremendous events in the market and the world. The next week could be very treacherous so be aware... October 31 - Samhain

Also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve as designated by the Catholic Church. This date is the Illuminati's highest day of human sacrifice

Halloween has been changed over the past 30 years in two important ways. First, children have been encouraged to participate by donning such inoffensive costumes as Barbie, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. Secondly, adult costuming and parties have reached a tremendous apex and has become a most macabre day of celebration.

Historically, Halloween is the deadliest holiday ever celebrated in human history. This Satanic night is dedicated to the Celtic Lord of the Dead, also symbolized by the Horned-god and the Stag-god. The illuminati love these satanic ritualistic bullshit dates and initiate many of their most devastating changes during these dates.

Can any of this help you trade this market??? Unlikely but it makes for interesting observations and the exercise of caution. Happy Hurricane and gl.  and more on our Germanic gold hoarders  and a little closer to home

Thursday, October 25, 2012


No problem as long as the beer stays flowing. German sheeple can be programmed to accept their fate just as easily as Amerikan sheeple. Maybe the revelations from KWN that the German gold has been swapped out to continue the fiat ponzi will get even more beer flowing in Bavaria.

Let's not jump to any conclusions before we consider that this could be just hysteria without any justification for panic. I don't want to dig too deeply into the article. You can do that yourself. What I want us to consider is that THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY IN THE BULLION STORAGE. Just consider for one moment how hard it would be to bring in outside independent auditing to allay any concerns the public had regarding the sovereign gold stored in Central Bank vaults.It could be resolved virtually overnite......but its not. Its been asked for, begged for but the answer remains the same.......NO. WHY the secrecy at Fort Knox? If you had the most gold in the world then you would want everyone to know you had it for the strength of your currency........unless the opposite were true. If you were Germany and your Bundesbank had made a deal with the devil then your Gold CERTAINLY may no longer be within your borders but within the borders of a country that has the most powerful military in the world. If bullion banks held the gold advertised then total transparency would be welcomed. Of course it is not. There are some very wealthy and very powerful forces accumulating gold in anticipation of a coming storm. When the storm hits all of these "conspiracy theories" may very well become prophetic in driving a "gold mania" phase. So just be aware that the movement could be dramatic depending on which force becomes the next driver of PM price movement. Right now the PTB have control. As far as I am concerned it has given me time to accumulate more physical. We also have not had a breakdown in social order yet, which I am thankful for. Countries like Germany do not like having their gold stolen. It may be partially repatriated to their borders, but the odds of getting most of it back is slim to none and slim just left town. gl

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In an effort to allay the fears of the German sheeple (not to be confused with American sheeple) the German pols are "demanding" the return of their gold which apparently has been "stored" for safe-keeping in overseas private Central Banks.  In an effort to at least confirm its existence in light of recent revelations of hypothecation and rehypothecation and tungsten salting and general malfeasance......the German gov has asked for 50 tons per year for the next five years. I guess they think that ANY gold is better than none at all. I'm sure that the 50 tons will be delivered over the next three years post haste. After all....It is their gold. They own it. They have claim to it and just because its not on their shores and that rumors abound regarding the lending of gold that is "allocated" there is no reason to believe that GERMANY'S gold would have been used for these nefarious ponzi schemes......unless.......unless there was just too much temptation. After all......that barbarous relic is just sitting deep down in those vaults.....and when push comes to shove with the Chicoms and you're running the biggest Con ever do you think that anyone is really gonna miss that barbarous old relic? Even if they did you could sweeten the deal a little with some extra USD to keep quiet....and if that didn't work then a reminder who really runs the show with some revealing pictures and a couple of well placed rounds if necessary.

Back to the game. Don't underestimate this German issue......IT IS HUGE. This is the achilles heal for the cartel. NO ONE trusts anyone and its going to get worse. MUCH WORSE. The rehypothecation of MF Global destroyed the least any remaining vestige of trust in it. Kyle Bass only thinks he has his gold. As more and more confidence ebbs from the fiat system.... then trust will shift to fear...... then fear will shift to panic.....then panic will shift to shear terror. Finally the dust will settle and we will find out who owns whom. Its also nice to listen to mainstream gurus that are starting to figure out the game..    gl

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


To the conquerors go the history. To the brave go eternity. Where have all our heroes gone? As hype clashes with truth our heroes become the casualties today on a seemingly daily basis. A symptom of our overall corruption that is so pervasive in all aspects of our society.  Maybe we  will have a chance someday to have real heroes to look up to other than the the faux heroes like Lance Armstrong and the seemingly unending number of faux athletes using every chemical imaginable to gain an edge in the corrupted world of sports. Parents are even encouraging their high school children to dope. How many Generals today could rival the sacrifice that Smedley Butler made. He suffered attacks on his character and ridicule when he took on the elite after his distinguished career. He was ERASED from the history books. Here was a Major General in the Marines with TWO Congressional Medals of Honor that was virtually unknown to all marines within one decade of his retirement. A retired marine friend of mine that fought on Iwo Jima, who by the way taught history later in his life.......NEVER HEARD OF HIM until I introduced him to Smedley Butler on line a couple of years ago. He was stunned. Just in case you want to read more about him here is a link.

The reason I brought ol Smedley up was just to show you the game you are in. We are not going to have instant gratification, but instead we are going to have to realize that this is a game of patience and control of emotions. Emotions of elation....fear.....greed......all used to control the game......and YOU. We are human and our responses to the game are predictable. Just as the vilification and ridicule of Butler was predictable. Butler knew it would come, but he came out against the bankers with both barrels blazing. We'll all be gone one day.......Nature makes no special allowance for bankers or for with the game.

Monday, October 22, 2012


No....not the faux debate aired for the peeps tonight, but the real debate.......the gold and fiat debate. THE REAL POWER DEBATE. You've heard what the real game is....paraphrasing perhaps but its GIVE ME CONTROL OF A NATIONS MONEY AND I CARE NOT WHAT LAWS THEY PASS. So where are we in the real game. The system that "seems" to be careening near the cliff. It is not. If it were you would never hear the mainstream media repeating the phrase "fiscal cliff". If we were anywhere near a fiscal cliff then I have serious doubts they would be repeating the phrase every few hours. The profligate spending and money creation put us on the crash path, but what really is the crash path? Is there a grand engineering behind the entire rocket ride to hell with a spectacular explosion at the very top of the arc? I doubt it. I will take a bet that we get the thrill ride however, just not the mushroom cloud at the end. Our command and control center plan on making the journey fun packed and with some real ups and downs for the consumption of the peeps. Is that fair? Of course not, but then what is. This game is as old as they get and its going to be repeated again and again. WHY? Because it works everytime. Its human emotion. Its totally predictable from hundreds of years of proven history. Its slightly refined today but its still the same game. Just look at our trades. Did any of us pull our miners off at the top of this last run when they were noted to be very overbot? Probably not. Why? Because you don't trust the baastids. You aren't really greedy. You just know that one day they are going to jerk that rug out from you and leave you standing at the train station with the train leaving you behind. The real suckers are the ones that jump in at the top of the froth and get beat back and forth by the consolidation froth and capitulate like the new leaves they are just before they take up the equities on the next big leg up. Debate. What debate? Please don't talk about the dog and pony show on politics......stick with the money game. The other game has already been decided and you should know the answer. The money game is not as simple. But we have hints. Remember the long multi-month descending triangle in Gold and silver that played out this year and instead of breaking down as feared it broke to the upside and then had gasoline thrown on it by Ben's QE to infinity. If we were going to get the beatdown to hell in PMs......then the best opportunity was that descending triangle base break. It didn't happen but it played out all the way to the end of the triangle. That is a very powerful and compelling argument that we are only in a consolidation here for the next leg up. It can be a rough ride up and it can take some time to really start its trajectory. However THIS IS THE gl

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Don't let the major league curve get you. Remember they're gonna throw you some high, inside pitches to back you off the plate. Of course you're gonna get a screwball from this market......its the game. NO....not baseball, but the biggest game ever invented. If you have emotion in this market, then you're gonna lose. Most of us can't keep emotion out, but you have to. Just look at where we are right now compared to last Sunday. Some more wicked market moves have instilled the emotion of FEAR into market participants. What kind of thoughts are running through your heads. Are you asking yourself....Did I listen to these internet dipshits and get myself into the biggest mess ever? I'm gonna be wiped out and I was ahead at one time....if only I had listened......Well of course some of you are in those spots.......and you by all means should NOT BE IN THIS MARKET. If you are in that group then you AINT SEEN NUTTIN YET. And as a famous B actor once said......"You ain't seen nuttin' yet"......and "You can take that to the bank".....

Sorry to disappoint you but NOTHING has changed. We know the Fed is going to print. We know the Eurozone is going to print. There is NO CHOICE. That's right.......NO CHOICE. The debt is so high that if they allow a default then you will see the shear chaos and it will NOT be pretty. What do you think is funding all of your pensions. What do you think is funding those police pensions....those teacher pensions...those GM worker pensions......etc etc etc........Its the bond and equity market.......THEY HAVE TO BE LEVITATED. GET IT???? They will choose the path of least resistance. THEY'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU, and they've already done it. Ben is trying to make this as painless as possible as he debases the currency. If you are holding fixed income or savings......YOU ARE least over time you are going to be eaten alive. They're going to try some austerity on many of these state and municipal and private pensions......and YOU will get doubly screwed by the debased currency AND the ratcheting down of your monthly pension payments. Its coming COUNT ON IT. That's called STAGFLATION. Austerity and currency debasement. Its called deleveraging with money printing. The result for us is there is going to be the most gawd awful market you have ever traded with volatility here. PMs and PM equities is a CROWDED TRADE. Do not listen to the pundits. There are a lot of schmucks in this trade. THEY KNOW WHAT'S COMIN'. The big boyz want you out least as many of you as possible. I don't know how many they can get out but THEY do. So I will watch and just marvel at their power and cunning. I know that my game is to pick some spots to try and trade on the margin of my position but overall I'm holding tight and just enjoying the greatest casino on earth.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Its time to create a new word for the net. It seems we need this word to describe just what seems to be occurring almost daily on the world wide stage. Its the entire game now. Without CONfidence, control of the politics and economy become lost. There must be CONfidence in the system and in the fiat of the system for the public to plan for their economic future. An elaborate plan has been implemented to try and restore/maintain this controlfidence. Control and confidence must go hand in hand for the game to continue. That is why the talking heads are repetitive and used like chess pieces to influence the market and its participants (us). Secondarily there are a variety of messages that are used in a variety of subliminal ways to distribute the waves of information bombarding the rest of the public. It works......its scientifically and time proven. Many of these methods are just simple conditioned stimuli, but many are more insidious. Either way its all necessary for CONtrolfidence. Its not an accident that someone like Joe Kiernan can keep his job on CNBS. He is ill suited for that position but he was able to replace a solid veteran like Mark Haines...or to step over a solid intellectual business reporter like David Faber for the coveted morning anchor spot. Joe is chosen for a reason.......he reacts as anticipated and he takes "direction" well.

You either get it or you don't. It really is not important in some ways, but there is a reason I bring this up again.  To understand controlfidence is to understand WHY gold and silver behave so erratically in shorter term trading timelines and are beaten down in Globex thinly traded periods. One needs to recognize the game. Its all about controlfidence. Maintaining control of the headline price of metals is vital to the fiat confidence. They are inextricably linked. When you get excited about moves in the metals only to be crushed in some thinly traded after hours move on "no news" then you have at least a slight edge on some of the herd. The ultimate pressure on this game is coming from the accumulation and POSSESSION of actual physical gold and silver. None of this will end well for us but hopefully some of us will get through this with less impact than those that are unaware.A day of reckoning is fast approaching....perhaps much sooner than many of us expect it to. Be patient and control your emotions. If nothing else, maybe, just maybe we will have stories to tell our families and friends how we traded the greatest casino ever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Just an absolute thing of beauty..........nature that is. Within nature's beauty is concealed a fury and power that cannot be controlled......even by the greatest human force every conceived. Nature's clock never stops ticking. It cannot be set and it cannot be overcome. Your life is only a small speck within the universe and any human effort to control that is only a  grain of sand in the beach of eternity. Right now our trade is only a punctuation in the overall game. We'll all look back in a few months and have our answer when this trade will have its next move up. Then we can all claim our cup n handle or our bull flag on the daily or our support levels held. No problem here since I love to look at the fibonacci numbers and myriad of mathematical formations that are supposedly present to predict the market with certainty. Of course most of these technical formations are used to affect your trade for a reason. They reflect psychology and human emotions. They mirror greed, fear, indecision......they are mass predictors of the participants in the casino. More than that now they are used to confuse the most money in any given time frame to profit the most by the inside participants. Now we are in the end game of a system that needs to reset. Don't expect anything to be easy going on out. Keep your head down and your mental focus sharp. You and yours depends on you staying healthy and informed. gl