Wednesday, October 10, 2012


On the ground in Jordan
Get familiar with the country. Its going to be a fuse to ignite the bomb that is the "Middle East". We now are putting "boots on the ground" in yet ANOTHER sandy cesspool. It is becoming so frequent that nary a sound is heard from our public. AND why isn't there any dialogue? After all.....this is a free country with a free media within a democracy for the people by the people of the people with the people on the people under the people and COMPLETELY over the people. Enough said on this topic. No reason to even discuss the myriad of Black Swans flying now.

Next.....the and silver managed a meager up move today as the sector works off it overbot indicators......I like the action......keep coiling that spring boyz. The overall equity market is still selling off with Ben's QE to infinity hanging over it. Just remember the election is coming up AND Ben's reputation rides "somewhat" with O.......AND everyone is saying we are getting a further big market selloff right here and right NOW in River City. EVERYBODY is bearish now on the overall market.

Am I the only person that is absolutely laughing hysterically at how pathetic CNBS is now. Joe Kiernan has to be the most overpaid schmuck on the financial news pumptard circus. I won't pick on Kiernan only since he is surrounded by a number of sycophants for the bankers that have created the most confusing banker propaganda machine in the world. Bloomberg is starting to eat their lunch and CNBS used to dwarf Bloomberg for info AND entertainment......not anymore....once CONfidence is lost your reputation goes with it and is VERY difficult to regain.......particularly when your job remains propaganda.

Hold your positions at this level and take a little profit on big pumps like PPP and AUQ. There will be many of these to come. The sentiment for this sector has changed so don't be deluded by the current beatdown. If they form a beautiful handle on Gold we could even get Gold below 1700. It won't last long this


  1. The Keystone Speculator writes today that we could get a backkiss of S&P 1440 (futures up so far), and then the markets will sell off. Keystone is overall bearish, and feels bearishness will continue unless a "white knight" shows up--similar to the Draghi event this July when Draghi said the Euro will be saved.

    Well, the elections are coming, so a "white knight" could show up should the markets sell off too much.

    I still have some RWM, but we all know that this has been a tough market to short.

  2. Good morning all...

    Doc, I agree with keystone for sure:

    Below 1431 are a lot of stops.

    1. I think bull run has begun again...Spain will take bailout money and world is saved again..Sheeps I have 1429 as bear we are close in thinking...

      this is unreal..and why I don't eat shrimp no more....

  3. Doc,

    did ya see the UE Claims report the AM? Less of a White Knight and more like a great big White Lie....... Amazing the Garbage being spewed!

  4. Great news, Chuck re: da shrimp. Just ate some at a buffet yesterday. Even as the glowed in the dark, smelled like oil..oddly the tasted like pork.

    1. frog legs from your nearest golf pond are about as tasty....just more nitrates...less pig...