Thursday, November 22, 2012


New year coming soon little ones
This is one of the big ones. 2013 and 2014....the bottoming of the Great Supercycle.This is where the ponzi gets to meet the cliff. Not the artificially created cliff that CNBS and Bloomberg and all of the MSM repeat hundreds of times daily to the populace....but the real cliff. Not falling off of it but running smack dab into it in a headlong charge to infamy. We are engaged in a kamikaze dive into the abyss. You have a front row seat to this history and you don't really want to miss the last act. This is your chance to catch the last act on the titanic from first class. You get to do it with style and class. Your individual contributions ARE important. You get to create your future and you can't let them create your future for you. YOU get to choose to be an individual. It IS a choice. Despair is a choice. The loss of energy that they want to take out of you with the constant corruption is yours to choose. It is NO accident that you should feel drained and weak, but you don't have to choose that road. Spend your time now living. Repair your relations with family and with neighbors and with friends and coworkers. Remember those better times. If you can recall them, then you can repair them. You are going to need all of these people to make it through the next years a stronger and better individual because that is what you can control.

Time is working against you but there is still enough time to lay the foundation that you want to help yourself and others close to you through a time that they have little idea is coming and no idea how to prepare for. This is not an end of times post since that is Nature's call, not mine. This is simply an economic supercycle event that is going to kick most fat, lazy, stupid people's ass. Unfortunately it is going to also kick some very innocent, hardworking, good people's asses too. Their sin may have been to be in the wrong country at the wrong time. Maybe their sin was believing and working hard in what their parents and teachers instructed them in. In short, you don't get to decide who gets hurt but you will have the opportunity to help some people through the hard times ahead. I believe there is another side after the washout and I do believe that many of you will be making a difference if you choose the correct path of justice and morality. IF you choose to the road less traveled it will be the right road. Symbolism is important and if anyone recognizes the importance of the picture above to our theme then you get two points.

Back to the game. PMs are still in correction with no confirmation of a new uptrend intermediate channel...but it may give a confirmation next week on an importan moving average cross... so keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise you're just an investor schmuck like I am here and sit tight. No shorting right here on PMs. That's my only advice if you are trading. If you're loaded long then you MAY be getting close to daylight. gl all


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    1. 5:56AM Richmont Mines Inc.: Latest drill results at island gold mine continue to confirm potential at depth (RIC) 3.39 -0.03 : New drill results include (all cut grades over true widths): 26.09 g/t Au over 9.55 metres, 10.29 g/t Au over 5.19 metres, and 10.40 g/t Au over 5.06 metres. These intersections are all located in the C Zone, an extension at depth of the current mining horizon. A preliminary resource calculation, exclusively for the C Zone, is expected in Q1 2013; There are currently 3 drill rigs active from underground drill stations on the -400 metre level.

  2. gold and silver just jumped over key resistance with massive move.....vethy interesting

  3. Kli,

    Hope Thanksgiving treated you and family well!

    That dollar head and shoulders chart is playing out so far...this could be delicious....

    1. thanx chuck and best to you and yours..........and yes deeelicious

  4. hay all..hope all had a good thanksgiving did you all in the north east fair....good I hope..

    this year the talk around the room was strange years past I was the one who talked about gold,stocks,bonds and food as a prepper.

    this year I keeped quite...I have been seen as a nut job in years past..this year half of them were talking gold and a good way.

    the other half were giving me strange the end of the day some did you know this...all these did you know..

    priceless..butt still humble

    I want to give a thanx to Kil for keeping this site open....broke my heart when the site went dark some time ago.....very few sites on the web where adults can talk and post..

  5. thanx Paladin and the very best to you ...traveling for a few days but will have a post up Monday