Thursday, November 1, 2012


Or more accurately one can describe this as reflecting the end to an age of innocence. Think of how this devastation affects decades and decades of belief systems. Of course these systems were based on a complete disrespect/lack of understanding of nature's power. Promises made that these areas were immune to the ravages of nature except in "every 100 year type storms" fogettaboutit......Sure...just forget about it. It only happens to the other guy. That poor sucker in Louisiana that should know better than to live in Hurricane Alley....or that hillbilly in Missouri that gets bulldozed by an F5 tornado literally stripping the bark bare from and oak tree.......or those tree huggers in Cali that get crushed by frequent 7.0 earthquakes.....The point of this rant is that the so-called "disaster" is more frequent in todays crowded earth than many would like to think. As the most recent events have so clearly shown us there are good reasons to be concerned regarding our crowded planet and especially its tight supply chain in heavily urbanized regions. Its FOOD...its gasoline....its heating oil......its nat gas supply.....its highways.....its railroads...its airports.....and on and on......there are too many points of vulnerability for you not to take precautions. Is this doom and gloom? No its just reality. Its not end of the world stuff.....but maybe it could make the difference from some real hardships vs a much more comfortable passage through a disaster. Having been through several small scale disasters I can tell you that just not having simple everyday lights and heat can be very unsettling......even for short periods of time. There are excellent sites on the net just use your search and take a look.

Back to the game. We are coming out of this consolidation and I am leaving town, so I won't be trading. Let them play their games. I just don't care short term what they do. I will return within a week or so and I will also try to check in but I cannot guarantee it so please try to use the comment section to maintain this site which I can see does provide some sense of community for us. Our east coast gang is undergoing a tough time and any comments from them are deeply helpful for the rest of us with the experiences they are undergoing. I will try to get up maybe a New Post next week,,,,,but if I don't then I apologize in advance. This trade is moving up so strap in. gl all.......hope the miners are a lot higher when I get back and I guess you'll have a "new" Prez........NOT gonna happen btw......You can take it to da bank.....all baked in....O is in for four more.....“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” 
― Mark Twain   and lastly... Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm. T. Fuller


  1. 2 hour gas lines here in Morris County, NJ. Cops at every station that is open trying to keep the peeps in line. People standing in line as well trying to fill their 2 gal. red containers. Tempers are getting shorter and shorter. I can't believe all the people who didn't fill up their vehicles last Sunday. A few more days and it could get ugly. Wife and I filled up on Sunday, I still have 3/4 and wife is still just about fill. I also filled some containers which I have at my garden center for backup. I also, thank all of you in opening my mind to being prepared.

    1. My thoughts and best wishes are for you and your family.......keep us informed

  2. I've bene sick all this week so haven't been online much. Hope all you that were hit by this are safe and well! This does make it a bit easier to point out that prepping is a good idea and you don't have to go overboard (though i wouldn't blame you if you do).

  3. Still a healthy technical pic forming for Miners.....setting up for next week....hang in there all...would love to see the 1680 we talked about a few weeks

  4. Good Morning all,
    I am reporting from New Hampshire because I had to get the hell out of NYC while I could. We road out the storm and lost power on Monday night. We suffered no serious damage, guess just lucky. We decided last night to leave as things on the ground were getting worse. I was told electric will not be back on until next friday(hopefully sooner). My wife and I can do our job anywhere so we left the city to escape the madness. People are losing their cool over power and gas (especially gas). You could be in a line for hours and only get $20 bucks worth. The part that I can't get over that my work did not lose power and they expect everyone to be back working their ass off. One of my colleagues lost her house to flooding in NJ. It is crazy out there so we left until things calm down. Thanks Tom for the thoughts, I hope you and other are okay on Long Island. Its a bad everywhere around here. Glad to hear that all of the NJ/NY posters are okay! Will report more when I know more....

  5. something else to watch:

  6. DO NOT GET TRAPPED IN THIS THOUGHT PROCESS here is a quote from "Turd" today "I received an update earlier this week and it looks like some hands will be forced very soon, maybe even before Thanksgiving. Sick and tired of watching and waiting while The Criminals continue with their games, exploiting and fleecing people who are simply trying to protect themselves." Now this is from me......numero uno.....if YOU ARE PLAYING IN PAPER then this IS the game.....either you GET IT or you don't but don't call yourself people that are simply trying to protect yourself......IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOURSELF THEN BUY ONLY PHYSICAL and stay out of the paper market....THose of us in the paper market are hypocrites on so many levels ESPECIALLY if we complain about the price fluctuations.......of course its always has been.....I will be gone for awhile.....hopefully only a week and hopefully I will get to check in.......BUT DO NOT FOLLOW IDIOTS THAT CRY CONSTANTLY BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING FLEECED IN THIS PAPER MARKET. I have been buying physical a year longer than I expected to thanks to the paper manipulation......SO I SAY THANKS TO YOU BOYZ

  7. 10 day weather indicates a nasty cold nor' easter quite possible for NYC.

  8. Kli - thanks for all you do and have a safe trip. jd.

  9. Ditto Kli, thanks & have a safe trip.

    There have been some changes going on with the hospital system that I am involved with as they convert to electronic medical records. It is not Stock Market/PM stuff, but if anyone is interested, I could try to write about it.

  10. Lost power before hurricane hit and still out on the North Shore of Long Island. While it sucks to have no lights or heat, it actually has been a good test of my vulnerabilities so I can be better prepared the next time around.

    I always store extra water, flashlights, cash, etc, but this experience has taught me a lot about preparedness for the next one, which could be even bigger. I filled my cars before the storm but have been using them here and there to search for supplies, grab a meal or two in Bayside, where the power has been on, and charge cell phones. I also bought 100 lbs of ice, some of which is still frozen. I waited in line for two hours last night to fill one of my cars plus two 5 gallon gas cans (my other car I filled the day before waiting only 15 minutes.)

    While food hasn't been an issue as some restaurants have generators and some nearby towns have power, my stash wasn't sufficient to handle me and my family if we were suffering the big one. Additionally, and this should have been pretty basic, no heat. What was I thinking? I found a good supply of Kerosene yesterday and ordered a few kerosene heaters online which I should have in a couple of days. While I can manage in 40 degree temps, we are headed down into the 30s and some heat will make the adventure much more bearable. Additionally, I had plenty of flashlights and candles but what I didn't have was lanterns which I am having a family member ship to me from Florida. I have a fireplace but no fire wood. Another lesson learned. I will be investing in a generator once the smoke clears which will make enduring such disasters much more bearable. Not sure when the power will be back but am assuming a long haul and will be happy if I am surprised with an early Xmas present.

    My list
    Food & Water (Dried foods, Fruit, eggs don't need refrigeration, large and small bottles of water, vaccuum sealed milk, ie Parmalat)
    Gasoline (keep cars at least half full at all times and keep some in storage cycling out when refueling vehicles)
    Heat Source (non-electric space heaters plus plenty of fuel, fire wood, etc)
    Lighting plus a lot of batteries(D) (lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, candles, lighters)
    Cash (small denominations)
    Bicycle (if gasoline is difficult to obtain or to conserve gas)

    I can see the need for guns and ammo as there have been reports of looting and if the food supply was cut off for a long period of time, things would get real ugly. Eventually, most of us here know that it will come to this at some point but overall, I am taking this experience as a lesson which will better prepare me for the next, and bigger, one.

    Thank Kli. Enjoy your time off.

    1. Valuable information, thanks for sharing.

  11. Morning All,

    Just had power restored late last night, we are extremely blessed! As I said house came out unscathed but I also over the years had all the old trees removed as most trees have a life span and become weak as they get older and replanted others far enough away as they would not be a hazard glad I did. Most damage in my area was caused by old trees!

    I was only able to access news via radio, hadn’t been able to watch any news nor get internet access other than on my Droid and that was extremely spotty at best. Other than hearing firsthand accounts and seeing pictures from Family, Friends and some close Local Officials was heartbreaking enough but that was the extent of my knowledge of what was going on. I knew the coastal areas were sooooo screwed and could never withstand a 10 to 12 foot tidal surge on top of an astronomical high tide and also knew far too many ignored the warnings to leave but finally seeing it on TV with intimate knowledge of most of the areas wiped out is truly mind numbing to me.

    Gas situation is not going to get any better any time soon, not at least for a few weeks and it would be wise that they go to and odd/even rationing system until distribution is restored. Gas/Diesel distribution port on the South Shore in Inwood in Nassau County is off line and to my knowledge the only one operating on the South Shore is in Holtsville in Suffolk County. Going to be a while so like Red said plan your trips with extreme care and purpose.

    Sliver and Rudy glad you both came out inconvenienced but unscathed and Rudy getting out of Dodge was brilliant! Anyway I have much to do today and I will get up soon what “I’ve Learned from Sandy” but the obvious hole in my plan was the reliance on gasoline for Generator!

    Good luck to you all and a safe and enjoyable journey to you KLI!!!

    Final Note….. To Emperor “Marathon” Bloomberg: You sir are one CERTIFIABLE A$$hole!!!!!!!!

  12. Congrats to you guys, sounds like you were at least pretty well prepared. Would like more pointers for the future when you have a chance. Having lived through Hugo I know what the devastation and frustration living without energy is like...the difference is it was at least warm. Daughter & family got power back on Sat. morning. Very stressful. Ditto Bloomberg Tom. Doc, would like to hear your thoughts on electronic medical records--last trip to my doc they said they had to provide certain info due to Obama regulations. I couldn't believe they'd say that...glad everyone's ok. FWIW, inthemoneystocks saying spot bottom to be 1650-59. Not sure how the miners will hold up if s&p goes to 1300.

  13. Sister,
    I can try to write about it in more detail when time allows. I have had electronic records in my office for several years, and Yes, demographic info is being collected.

    The news about the hospital though is that the hospital has started manditory electronic ordering for all physicians. Instead of writing your orders on paper or telling them to a nurse, you have to input all the orders yourself. You can imagine the older physicians that are not computer savy. So far, about 10 physicians I know have given up their hospital privileges so far and I suspect more will occur. One from my coverage group has left. Many feel that they are being forced out.
    Times are a changing.

  14. Sis,

    Extremely Happy to hear your family is safe and now has power and more importantly HEAT! I still can't wrap my head around all this carnage and total lack of support and coordination by the FED's, NYS, and the Local Gov's for the communities that were so devastated! Those generators brought in for the Marathon, big enough to produce 800kw and FULLY run 400 homes still sit idol in Central Park!!!! Bloomberg is such an A$$HOLE!! He just needs to take his billions and move to Luxembourg, Belgium with the rest of his kind and he can assist them FKing up Europe! We need Rudy at least he got chit done!! While I'm on a rant, the FKN Media need's to stop reporting on long gas lines as they are only feeding the PANIC and get into those neighborhood's and report on WHAT IS NOT BEING DONE to shame these A$$HOLE Bureaucrats into getting support into those neighborhoods!! Seems to me anytime one of these TWIT'S are called out by someone and it's caught on tape and reported on, all of a sudden things start happening for them in their neighborhood........ NJ going to rationing is paying off and lines are reported as little as 45 min to none today, Gov. Cuomo did nothing and that's why we have 5 to 7 hour gas lines, FKN Stupid. Anyway getting frustrated watching all these morons but families doing fine and only concern now is this possible Nor'easter due Wednesday. If you pray, pray that is wings out to sea, we don't need that right now!!!

    BTW: Doc, my GP sub's out her hospital rounds now to a Med Group that works the two Hospital's that she is affiliated with, she did so about two years ago.

  15. EMR is designed to destroy access make no mistake......there are "other benefits" to the PTB such as using it as a club to beat the providers with for "compliance". Cannot go into detail today and will try and keep in touch......on the run and hope all of our Newyorkers are well

  16. Tom I hope your situation gets better and i completely agree, NY response has been horrendous. I am back in the city to work today. Power was restored Saturday night so our family come home yesterday. My wife still can't to her job in Brooklyn. They need to get gas and power to this area quick! People are freezing and its only going to get colder. I hope by the end of the week the power and gas will be close to 100 percent. My family took the full brunt of Katrina, it has taken YEARS to rebuild. New Orleans was practically left for dead by the whole country a couple of weeks after the storm. But we made it back. The NY/NJ will make it back too! NO DOUBT! Keep your had up Tom!

  17. Rudy,

    Glad you made it back on town...... I think! My personal situation is perfect, I couldn't ask for more! It's just maddening watching the complete incompentance while people suffer. Caught part of Bloombergs pressor today and from what I heard it seems like he's finally getting it, hope so! Just getting topped off for Wendsdays storm, hopfully all for naught! Take Care!

  18. Docs...we knew this was coming. A friend is a consultant to hospitals making sure they are compliant and he says there is nothing good for the patient in Obamacare. I hesitate to ask more questions since it scares me so. I cannot imagine who will be going to med school. This storm just shows once again how ineffective bureaucrats are at dealing with disasters. Everyone take care, hope the coming storm doesn't dump too much rain.

  19. the power of the Sister paladin

    I do not know who the sister city is of NYC or the NJ shore line is.

    think of a spider web..

    as one city fails,,,,storm...quite....what ever

    the sister city has the tax base and infastute in tack
    to reach out...and that city has sister cities to help..
    the spider web just keep going...

    who is the front line in a time of need......your next door neighbor
    or the FED and FEMA..they are miles will take time for them to show up

    what are you all waiting for...FEMA to show up door to door?
    LOL it is not to work out well..

    When New Orleans was reduced to a third world city....nation..

    when FEMA failed...

    Houston,TX stepped up..

    Houston open her doors in a small way......there was no one else to help....
    we were the sister city to new Orleans

    by doing so Houston imported the crime.....

    BUTT whose fault was it....was it new the end of the day yes it was.

    it as the major and all who were in front of was city cancel and all in front of then. was them at the time in history for the world to see..

    that they failed.....big time.....they kicked the can the road so long that
    history caught up

    was it there

    what was there rice bowl.....what is your rice bowl?


  20. Sister,
    Basically, if you want to prove that you are providing "quality care", you will need an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. So, if you are an physician providing excellent care, but you have all your records on paper, there is no way to prove to your quality care to Medicare. Various timelines are in place in which physician Medicare payments will be progressively cut, unless you are reporting your "quality care" via EMR. So, you must adopt an EMR system in order to maintain your Medicare payments. I suspect other insurances will eventually follow Medicare's lead.
    Many outpatient physicians work in small offices/small businesses. So, you might have a 60 year old MD, with a 60 year old nurse, & 60 year old secretary. There is no way that they will be able to afford and impliment an EMR system. So, at some point, they will likely retire and their patients (void created) will need to be picked up by someone. So, there will be a patient access problem until enough providers with EMR systems are in place.
    I saw this coming years ago, and I and my partners were able to purchase an EMR system. We are blessed with a young computer savy manager that keeps it all humming--so far at least. We have been able to jump thru all the various "Medicare hoops", but each year, the requirements are more difficult to meet. As far as patients go, you can expect all sorts of your personal data to being sent to the various insurance companies. So, if you are an overweight Diabetic with terrible labs values and maybe your not taking all your medications faithfully, well, your insurance company will be finding out about it. Just what will they do??? Hmmmm

    The hospitals focus on what is known as "length of stay" and I will write about that later.

  21. Thanks for clarifying Doc and I know all about length of stay...have always thought they literally killed my mother by sending her out of the hospital prematurely and that was 6 yrs. ago. Wow gold/silver! Never remember seeing this in the middle of the day...are they thinking BB stays in? Also hope you guys in the NE stay safe during the latest approaching storm. Thinking of you/praying for your safety & comfort.

  22. Coal is up and if this is about Obama winning, coal would be down big.

  23. Look like Kli was right......

  24. Correction......... Kli WAS Right!

  25. Of course Kli, our leader, was right! N.C. had a Repub sweep, we had a horrible Dem governor with one of the highest unemployment in the country. Coal will be destroyed soon and look for oil to continue march up and more misery since we cannot develop our own nat. reg on oil & gas already in the pipelines.

  26. Sad that it came to no choice but they gave you the "illusion" you had a choice...they had a lot of difficulty with this election cycle because of the apathy. The faux first debate loss was a nice touch and I take my hat off to them. As I stated before O had fulfilled all of his obligations to the bankers and I had no reason to believe they would change course. I was introduced to the game years ago and had my "PhD" over the last four years by some masters. Things should start to roll fairly quickly for the PMs now may take a few days but doesn't really matter until we get the next 2 hour channel formation.

    1. Your response to me the other day.....

      "Your video highlights what I believe is the real reason that O rolled over in the first debate AND the reason that a "horse race" has been "created" by the MSM.......NO ONE is really energized to get out and vote for O.......IF O is to be reelected someone has to vote......hehehehehe I may go to the polls and vote for Gary Johnson.......or I may not vote at all......I definitely will not vote for the "lesser of two evils".......between Mitt and O I cannot even decide which one is the "lesser"......hehheheheh"

      No need to re-post my response back as you know it was naïve and for all I have learned and witnessed with my own eyes since 2007 I should have known better. I will admit I bought into the “horse race” and it made that little ember of hope that still resides in me that there really is some hope for the America I once believed in (Blue Pill), needless to say it’s now OUT permanently (Red Pill). Anyway after much thought and being from NY my “VOTE” if it mattered which it doesn’t, would not have helped Mitten’s cause anyway. So for the first time since voting, I wrote in for Ron Paul. It was interesting watching the Media reporting and all the information being bandied about there certainly was a script being played out……… When your right, your right!!!!!!

      Anyway, it’s freaking snowing wet and heavy to add insult to injury, just waiting for power to be interrupted again and the gas situation is still the same…… Seems there is a shortage of Ethanol round these parts and that is adding to the delays! Gotta keep the air clean while everything flushed is going directly into the South Shore Bay’s!!!

      Enjoy the rest of your trip, safe home and keep any and all sharp objects away from you Conservative Republican Buddies :)

  27. I apologize for this hiatus but language problems have hampered input. Will be back in a few days. As many of you know through other sites there is an increasing battle with the physical delivery of gold so just be aware that the current consolidation will need to break out and it will soon. Silver is a completely different story. It could explode if you are thinking of owning physical then.....had breakfast with some conserv repubs yesterday and when I told them that O would easil defeat Romney I thought they would cry. They were in disbelief when I gave them a brief explanation why although one woman kept nodding with each point i made. Finally one gentleman stated that IF O won THEN he would believe that "the game was fixed".....heheheh...I just smiled and said nothing further.....I will see him again tomorrow

  28. Knew coal would get beaten up, but take a look at JRCC. Down 20% premarket!! Bought more HL on the dip yesterday, still holding my PZG and EXK (which I bought way to early in at 9.50). Good luck everyone. I'm going to sit in line for gas now!!

  29. economy is tanking very hard now.....not just here but worldwide. I would expect the Fed to go greenlight now in an effort to give it a ramp...ECB may beat them to the punch but one thing is for sure you had BETTER BE PROTECTED MY HEDGEE FRIENDS

  30. good advice from a very old and very famous gold trader....the worst thing for most traders to do in a gold bull move is to over trade. They will more frequently than not trade themselves out of their positions just before the next big move up.

  31. Great advice, I'm holding just not good enough to trade the volatility extremis. Hope you are having a great trip, not sure where you are.

  32. welcome to the jungle....

  33. Even though gold's move may seem counterintuitive to the news and fundamentals it is behaving perfectly from a technical sit back and relax folks over the next few months. We are in uncharted fiscal waters and this move in PMs will be monumental. It will overwhelm the manipulation and all of us will be long out of the trade when this final bull train ends....NONE of us will be able to stay in....nor should we. They want you out NOW..that is why we get this current technical formation. Once they are finished then buying overwhelms and the next move should be meteoric....but it WILL NOT be the final rocket ride....

  34. VIX halted.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....that's not good

  35. Will be in meetings most of tomorrow and will try to put up new post tonight for comments and will be back at home by weekend......this election is hardly a blip outside of U.S...

  36. Daughter reporting at least 6" of snow in Westchester Co., thinking of you guys again...Canadian take on the election: we're mad: Sounds about right to me.

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