Saturday, December 15, 2012


Life will be........... oh well I guess the song has its own definition of life. This weekend is probably one of the lower points in the entire decadence of this game. Many pundits are pointing at all of the causes of this horrific shooting of these precious children and missing what I believe is the more obvious root cause. Sure we have guns that can slaughter mass humans with the squeeze of a trigger. We also have 800 military bases in 130 countries around the world. We have publicly stated that we will kill our own citizens without a trial in foreign countries and now here in our own country. We have publicly stated in violation of all laws that we will take our own citizens without a trial and torture them if "necessary" to "protect" ourselves. We have reached a point of violating not only international laws but nature's laws to the point that we are deteriorating into an immorality that is permeating the very fabric of our lives.

I was watching a Charlie Rose interview with the actress that was the agent in the Bin Laden movie opening and was startled to listen to them discuss calmly how a key part of the movie dealt with her watching a prisoner being tortured by her country. They didn't even pause in the interview to discuss the morality of this scene as though it is universally condoned. What happened to us? When did we sink into the abyss. When did we allow evil to walk into our live so blatantly. Are we bereft of feeling any compassion due to our fears of "terror".

I'm sure that we will see a further debate on "assault" weapons and handguns.....but we will not see a debate on why evil is now walking upright among us unimpeded by any moral response. When good men and women that know what is happening remain silent then nature's law will ultimately take over. You may believe that this was a nefarious plot to take away gun rights with another "lone gunman" false flag mass murder, but that is not the point. The point is this is what we have discussed as far back as three years ago on this blog...feel free to go back and read the various posts and comments. This IS the result of a broken society. A failed state sinking into a cesspool of moral conflicts.

This act was the act of evil and all of us are responsible in so many ways for its presence. A deteriorating economy with many young people feeling a true sense of hopelessness facing their future. It has a profound impact on a healthy mind much less a mind tortured by mental illness. We have families broken and dismembered by a lack of parenting, either by choice or financial necessity. Murderous video games occupying the developing minds of our kids hours a day. You won't hear that on the MSM...its big money. We have a broken health care system that has very little impact on the increasing millions of Americans sinking into mental illness. We have a press that refuses to examine ANY of the moral issues that now afflict this nation. We have lost our courage and we have allowed our constitution to be destroyed without a whimper.

If you want to know why those babies are dead you really don't need to go to roundtable investigation of the multitude of possible causes. Stick with what is hitting you in the face everyday and what has been commented on here multiple times.....because that is what nature's law WILL do when we allow evil to walk unchallenged. See you in the casino next week. gl


  1. from ZH “I’m wondering how much this society can endure before it explodes,” said Georg Pieper, a German psychotherapist who specializes in treating post-traumatic stress disorders following catastrophes, large accidents (including the deadliest train wreck ever in Germany), acts of violence, freed hostages.... But now he was talking about Greece.

    He’d spent several days in Athens to give continuing education courses in trauma therapy for psychologist, psychiatrists, and doctors—for free, this being a country in crisis. He was accompanied by Melanie Mühl, an editor at the daily paper Frankfurter Allgemeine. And in her report, she decries how “news consumers” in Germany were fed the crisis in Greece.

    It was “no more than a distant threat somewhere on the horizon,” defined by barely understood terms, such as bank bailout, haircut, billion-euro holes, mismanagement, Troika, debt buyback.... “Instead of understanding the global context, we see a serious-faced Angela Merkel getting out of dark limos in Berlin, Brussels or elsewhere, on the way to the next summit where the bailout of Greece, and thus of Europe, is to be moved forward another step” [also read... The Curse Of The “Irreversible” Euro].

    But what is really happening in Greece is silenced to death in the media. Pieper calls this phenomenon a “giant feat of repression.”

  2. The unravelling of society will begin with the most vulnerable.... the analogy of a boiling frog will apply to 95% of the peeps as they continue with their daily grind trying to ignore the elephant in the room.


  4. Evil is winning...either fight it to win...or join it with some kind of personal vanity...

    Well Said Kli...

  5. Excellent post as always Kli.
    I think the best we can do at this point is teach and try to lead by example. As things heat up, new people will come forward with questions. They may be more receptive to the real answers. How do you fight for people, when they have yet to see the trouble that's coming?

  6. Eli: "People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious and what wasn't. We threw away things people kill each other for now" from the movie Book of Eli

  7. Good work Kli.

    Used to be we kinda speculated on the bad stuff that might happen here.. might has happened. Everyday tis another step down into the sewer.

    Everyday, I take more care to be considerate and kind to those I come in contact with. Folks are streched physically, mentally, spiritually.

    Kinda like the Titanic as she sunk...the band played on.

    Be the band.

    Life is good.


  8. Kli,

    One of your most poignant essays….

    Apathy and Evil, The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really.... Evil wills it, Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn't care as long as it's not personally inconvenienced. JAKE THOENE, Shaiton's Fire

    My heart bleed’s for the loss of these children whose futures now will never be known and for their families who will have to endure the excruciating pain of this loss each and every day until the end of their days…. May God hold them close and bless them all.

  9. Good Read Covers Much

    Pulled these two points from the post:

    "Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. - Justice Louis D. Brandeis"

    I happen to agree with the author on this as well.....

    "The person who bothers me the most on this entire topic is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of my hometown NYC. You can tell when someone is disingenuous if they freak out over gun violence like it is the biggest issue in America today and at the same time protect the banksters and their “too big to fail” culture, which has and continues to systemically steal trillions of dollars from the poor. This is Michael Bloomberg to a tee, so this man should have no credibility on any moral subject when he protects and coddles the most dangerous criminal organizations on this planet. I guess there is something “liberal” about white collar crime."

  10. tonight i broke down and cried. i just can't believe how such evil can take place.

  11. Everyone has nailed it but again, many thanks to kli for keeping his blog so that we have a place to reflect and share. Tom, I saw Michael Bloomberg on TV this morning and that was my exact reaction although I could not articulate it as well. Their battle cry is "we must keep the guns out of the cities"...the hypocrisy is sometimes more than I can bear. "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" -- Matthew 7:3...

  12. Another Good Read on this topic from Rick Ackerman:

    as well as a passionate conversation on the subject of which I tend to agree with the poster Benjamin and yes Sis Emperor Bloomberg sent me into orbit with his first "Gun Control Conference" mere than hours after this tragedy occured, that man has no shame!!

  13. This is not only a good read but a must read.......

    From: The Market-Ticker by Karl Denninger

  14. Again from the Market-Ticker:

  15. I too reflected on America this weekend, the downfall of morals, the disapeering courage to stand up for the poor and weak. The govt. has retreated to protect their funders, their printers and debtpushers. It reeks in evil and back handed schemes to divide the nation while punishing the prudent, savers, middle class and the poor.

    The one thing I do have to admit is I can't figure out why the Mom had 3 fully automatic weapons in a quiet area crime wise. Plus bringing guns into a house without a safe to lock them with an autistic kid is insane. Autistic kids can turn violent over a pencil being taken away, my mother worked for the state facilitators office going into Metropolitan, Patton and other California mental hospitals. She saw it first hand. I don't understand what that lady was thinking, if she was at all.

    Full auto weapons with 18 round clips are not needed for target or defense. That needs to be addressed.

    This tragic event will divide the nation even more and with media keeping it forefront it will create copycats...that's my real fear...

  16. "which has and continues to systemically steal trillions of dollars from the poor. "

    I wish people would be more factual when they choose to rant. The poor don't have trillions to steal, it is the prudent middle class savers that are being financially raped (not the poor).

  17. mark my word. there will be psych prescription drugs involved. i'm surprised they haven't talked about it yet.

  18. morning all.....nation's psyche is devastated by this tragedy. Unfortunately we are led by politicians that are absolutely corrupt....both sides. Worse....they will take this opportunity to gloss over it for the peeps with a coordinated attack on "guns"....One thing is certain......IF the PTB want your guns they WILL get them. After all what are you going to do with your guns against a totalitarian regime with check points, drones, militarized police.....etc......You're already monitored at virtually every turn so what do you think you will do to stop a regime from taking your guns??


    1. Shock :o coincidence of the 1%. Batman Sandy Hook
      All distractions, focus your energies on what is important
      If we're lucky Clif Droke's 2014 projections are the bright side.

    2. Interesting reading and there's more out there if your so inclined, does make you wonder though.........

      btw: Red how did you get a chance to fire up the stove tec?v Worth it?

  20. Wow the futures....deep in the RED. wtf?

  21. Rise Above is DOA he he he ...CNBS pumptards get smacked.