Sunday, December 30, 2012


.....and it ain't the one they're talkin' about. Its the loss of CONfidence. That is where the real battle is being fought over. REALLY? Do you think that the trips back and forth from the various home states back to D.C. involved substantive discussions regarding the "fiscal cliff"? Do you really think the talking heads on the various MSM outlets like CNBS just suddenly out of nowhere thought to start repeating the mantra "fiscal cliff" in UNISON. Coincidental? Then what IS the purpose of this choreographed fiasco of stalemate in government. As we have alluded to in the past it is to create an air of "democracy" in action.....or...."this is the way a democratic government works".  Its not pretty, but it does "get the job done". Its Kabuki theater for the peeps that aren't paying attention to the real game and are just living paycheck to paycheck as mindless debt slaves. Each day they cram into their compact commute car and fight an hour of mind-numbing traffic to get to their cubicle and face their tedious, repetitive keystroke tasks. They need to believe that someone is out there representing their interests. They need a side. A red one. A blue one. A right one. A left one. A conservative one. A liberal one. A progressive one. A Tea Party one. Its all designed for distraction while the real game goes on. That game is Command and Control. Its always about CONTROL. CONfidence is an integral part of CONtrol. Without CONfidence the system cannot exist. The system maintains CONtrol through maintaining CONfidence the paper fiat is actually backed the the "faith" in the government and its laws and institutions....wherein lies the current battle. The peeps MUST believe these institutions (such as Congress) are working to "Govern".  They not only can muster the courage to send drones to the far reaches of the world to protect us but they can also "balance a budget".

They are working for you and for me. THAT is the CONfidence we must have. We must have a very massive military presence worldwide to enforce this power and CONtrol of our dollar. You have to back your currency with something besides just air and in this case the last firewall between our dollar and vapor is the military. It really has been for several decades now. Gold pretended to back the dollar for awhile but that was an illusion that was destroyed eventually as we lost virtually all of our physical gold and we went all in on the derivatives ramp in the 80's to "grow" our way out of the 70's malaise by leveraging in a very clever way our banking system to levels of 40, 50 even 100 to 1. Effectively guaranteeing a massive collapse of our financial system. Essentially guaranteeing the collapse of virtually all insurance, and pension systems through debt default as the final outcome. Unless of course there is a hyperinflationary collapse which I am not anticipating but leave it as a possibility.

So here we are. Kabuki theater. Nothing more. Its all for your distraction to make you believe these "elected" representatives have your interest in mind and are working for change. Is it working? Maybe but meanwhile the hole just seems to be getting deeper. Look for another last minute stick save that would do NOTHING for the debt since there is nothing mathematically that can resolve this, but it will look DRAMATIC and its a distraction.  See ya on the other side and see ya next year. gl


  1. hey all..
    only 15 people showed up for X-mass 75 a head I thought I was going to have a heart attack..LOL....LOL...LOL

    at x-mass I tip 30%

    to let you know I have a bid out on 50K of silver...

    I will let you know know how it plays out...yes part of my 401K pay out..

    as a side note......I owned a magnum of wine

    a very good was the end of of life
    of a Holocaust Survivor

    in Poland they rounded him up.....he escaped

    as he made his way into Russia
    that was the only way out..

    I walk into his house and placed the magnum on his coffee table.......his jaw dropped..

    1. Bravo Paladin! That's what its ALL about!

  2. Bravo!!! Nailed it as usual!!! Wishing you and all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, I think we are going to need it!!

    Since we're on this subject I thought it might be appropriate to post the following link as to give one an idea as to how this whole thing was SUPPOSED TO WORK......

    Long read.... However considering when this was written, its refreshing to know that from the onset the founder's were right but applying today's Kabuki theater antics, it's sad to see how far from our beginnings we have strayed......

  3. palidin,

    Next time you go our with the crowd, let me know I'll gladly be your waiter :) Happy New Year!!!

  4. Happy holidays all...missed all of you. In NY and now at library as computer completely died. New one on owrder so may not post much for a week or so. Best to all of you...the land of OZ is intact.

  5. anyone get dusted on the VWAP "cliff jump".....hehehehe....just hold tight and lettum play

  6. Happy New Year everyone!
    Market up big today. Maybe we needs more "fiscal cliffs". Entertainment at its best.