Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Time for all pundits to make their longshots but this is the big league so why not REALLY shake it up a little.

1. Bernanke announces his resignation amid a cacophony of anti-Fed protest.

2.Japan pops a cork and its JGB spread begins to explode as China slowly strangles its export recovery/Yen weakening with a continued anti Japan nationalism. Somethings are never forgiven nor forgotten and Nanking was just one of several.

3. A schism within the Military industrial complex widens between elements of the Pentagon and the CIA. As internal tensions build they begin to erupt publicly through their political appendages into a full blown crisis.

4. Scandle hits the Whitehouse early in the year as a retaliation from the Military divisions developing in the DOD. Of course denial is followed by purges within the Department of Defense.

5. Iraq begins to devolve into all out civil war and the spike in oil prices begins to destabilize the fragile recovery.

6. Russia and China finally tell the U.S. they will not allow a first strike at Iran even with conventional only bombing of "hard" targets.

7. Syria's conflict is resolved with the establishment of a large Russian troop presence along the Turkish border. Israel prostests the movement of Russian new Ground to air missile defense systems along Syria's southern border. Then  China sends a naval Cruiser into Syrian waters as the crisis escalates by the end of the year.

8. Saudi Arabia begins show serious signs of political deterioration by mid-year as the "Arab spring" spreads to the "real prize".  Many members of the House of Saud begin to quietly relocate to bug-out countries carrying their gold with them. Several members are detained and their gold is confiscated.

9. Germany begins to feel internal pressure politically to "bring their gold home" and Angela Merkel is forced to admit that it will take "years" to "recover" their gold. Calls for her resignation begin to escalate from the usually "stayed" German pols.

10. Finally.......gold and silver miners show an early surge in the first half of the year with impressive gains only to be met with another hard correction. This time the correction is only a .50 fib correction in a month but it manages to crush the weak hands so the "true power" can finish its accumulation for the final rise to glory.

There ya go peeps. enjoy the game. its gonna be a long boring week....but next week we're gonna have some real fun in the new year.


  1. And Women continue to take the brutality and continue suffering under the heel of the State. Unbelievably horrific treatment will continue.


  2. How about:

    The "Balkanization of America" will continue, unbeknownst to most Americans.

  3. Happy Holidays to everyone and their friends and family.

    Kli's sounding like one of them Baby Gloomers, almost as pessimistic as the webbot guy.

    I think #5 was was mistyped and should have been Us.

    Residing at least 30 miles from a coastline might be prudent as 30 feet up might not be enough.

    AAPL drops below 300 and investors pawn their iCr@p to @lpo.

  4. Trust me these are my "for public viewing" predictions. My private predictions are immediate rendition to Fema 7 worthy. I like to feel we are more homogenized and compliant now....it might buy me a few extra months of internet access. Meanwhile onward to the coast

  5. Jeez I would hate to see your "private" predictions but I can surmise a few that maybe on it..... hehehehe

    Enjoy your time at the "Coast"!

    Anyway no sense getting your bvd's/panties (just doing my part to be PC) all bunched up in a wad over predictions and current events as there's not a frigging thing you can do about u'm anyway, chit's going to unfold just as nature intended. Just because the Country and it's inhabitants have taken leave of their senses doesn't mean you have too....

    Just get your duck's in line to the best of your ability, have a lot's of like minded family and friends close and live the rest of your days promoting good and helping others. That's all you can do or on the other hand you can freak out and have a nervous break down but that doesn't seem productive or much fun for that matter either...

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Gandhi

    Oh and take Red's advice, move inland young man...... I know, I know I'm working on it!



    The final tally was 34 and not 35 that drop in one guest made all the difference in the world hehehehehe!

    Hope your enjoying your White Christmas, only rain down here and that was the best Christmas Present ever!

  6. Tom,

    We got 12 inches last night. Things are pretty much plowed out already.

    1. That's what she said. Or what she and her girlfriends said.

      Ah, couldn't help myself.

      Happy holidays to all and a peaceful and healthy new year. Not sure about the new year part but folks here are better situated than most so it should be better for us than most.

      GL all.

    2. Silver King,

      Same to you and your family! Are you buying physical down here..P&F chart looks bearish and price objective of 26...

      still loading up on ARNA on any push down....next year I will be very happy...

  7. It's sunny in California! the cows love it, thus great cheese!

    Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos!

    Financials leading way down, pigmen scaring the childrens...
    Vix over 20, first time since July...

  8. Post tonite.....on the coast now and looking fine for New Years

  9. anyone noticing the divergence on a very nasty market day

    1. raises hand slowly....

      Happy New Year Kli...

      I think the dollar is going to roll over in this range...

    2. some of the boyz can't wait unit Jan. I just can't imagine why??? heheheheh wait until the plug gets pulled

  10. This is interesting:


  11. Japan: Abe Cabinet working on plan to fight strong yen, Nikkei says.

    YCS has new Pf target price of 66....


    1. God I don't think I've ever been so tempted to go short something as I am the yen right now. It just feels so no brainer which probably makes it a dangerous as hell trade haha... Load up on some YCS Calls ;)

    2. just be aware Abe is fighting the debasement of the USD and EURO so the question is which will be the odd man out

  12. I haven't looked at EUO in awhile. If you look at a 1 or 2 year chart, there is a Head & Shoulders pattern. Also, Jim Sinclair has written from time to time that the Euro will rise against the dollar.

  13. for those long suffering HL owners your time of "redemption is nearing....gl