Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If you were an average "investor" in the 80's and you were asked to fill in the blank above then many would have said Dance. Today the average "investor" would probably say Crash. Therein lies a problem....HOW do you claim that market forces are restored AND normal after the collapse of the market in 08-09 when a market can fall 1000+ points in a few minutes in the middle of the day with no commensurate precipitating news? People may be sheep, but are they really THAT dumb? Some of you may have been privy to a slice of a picture taking session with Tim Geithner that afternoon when an assistant bent over and whispered the news of the Flashcrash in his ear. His reaction of dismay and bewilderment was very telling and you could clearly hear his response ..."that can't be right".... So why would the Secretary of Treasury react with "that can't be right"? After all we had just been through several such market movements just a year or so before. It was as though he knew the market had been "fixed" and couldn't make any moves of that magnitude.

The reason I brought this up today was to just bring up how fragile the word CONfidence is. It takes a long time to build it up but only a "flashcrash" to destroy it. The carefully crafted rise of the market to restore the economic juices was crushed in a few minutes. This illustrates the pitfalls of manipulation of nature. Natural markets are a force of nature. You can tamper with them but every action has an opposite and equal reaction. In other words, there are moral hazards that are coming our way. It becomes compelling to marvel at the daily machinations of the PTB but don't become mesmerized by them. There are forces that have to be reconciled with eventually. When the bill comes due, and it will, you don't want to be unprepared. These are psyop games designed to manipulate herd behavior. I cannot possibly tell you the price of metals or miners in this type of market on a short term basis. But I can tell you that we have not seen the top in precious metal nor the miners. If you believe you are able to trade in this slaughterhouse then by all means make your bets but leverage is your enemy with these sharks.

There are many developments within our own borders now that indicate the endgame is near. Prepare accordingly and take this time while we are in the eye to enjoy our time with our family. With a little luck the other side will eventually be realized. If you prepared properly you can be much stronger after the storm passes. If this is a Cat 5 storm then just seeing the other side will be your goal. Too much doom for you to focus on? That's understandable and I don't blame you.....the majority are in your camp and always will be. gl

from KWN and Richard Russell

“You know, America is different from most Asian nations in that America has little use for older people.  For instance, in China, older people are revered.  Though older people may lack “hipness” and technical knowledge, they make up for their ignorance with wisdom.

I look back and I have seen and talked to Billie Holiday, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, and Janis Joplin.  I have seen, combined, what few other living people have seen.  I've seen the rotting fruit in California during the Great Depression, I've seen the planes dropping bombs over Europe, I saw the parade through New York when people opened their windows and shouted “Hooray for Happy Hoover.”  I've seen and gone through a lot, and as a result I believe I do have a small portion of wisdom and a good memory.”

 “Silver is beginning to look interesting to me.  About a month ago, I showed charts of silver mining stocks that had exploded.  This suggested to me that something bullish was coming up in silver.  Since 2003 silver has gained 1,012%, and in doing so it has outpaced gold.

At present the overgrown supply of silver is dangerously low.  This sets us up, say silver experts, for a huge squeeze on the silver shorts.  On the Comex there is currently a giant silver position, a position that almost dwarfs the available supply of free silver.

The chart below looks interesting.  Silver reversed a declining trendline and then silver dropped to test its 200-day MA, where it held.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I heard this Frankenstein referenced earlier this week in an interview with Celente and thought just how appropriate a description this was for our trades and the economy. Looking at the miners certainly feels that way now, and of course its meant to hurt. I'm sure some of you are confused by what was a seemingly clear distinction to be in the miners from a fundamental point of view. How can gold be up to $1600 and the miners are trading at lower prices than when gold was trading at $600 an ounce? Miners are paper is the simplistic answer, but under that simplistic answer is a more sinister and complex explanation. I'm going to avoid the more obvious conspiracy theories of HOW they are thwarting the miner complex and just discuss WHY they are doing it. I believe we are in a strategic end game that involves the ultimate control of gold by the PTB and their sovereign operatives. This is not only occurring in gold but in virtually all vital resources. Gold and Silver is what I will focus on here. These metals represent money and as we enter into the final stages of the Currency Wars, any sovereign without a stake in bullion ON THEIR SOIL is in trouble and will immediately be in a vulnerable economic position. Vice versa also applies...HE WHO OWNS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES! Herein lies the miner issue. Miners are not paper but miner shares ARE! These are vital strategic assets representing a threat to the national security if their control is lost and any means to control these assets by the most powerful sovereigns will be maintained. If you are a powerful sovereign then realize the importance of the miners that are in third world countries. You have instant battlegrounds. Right now they are paper share battles but that can change too. If we avoid total market breakdown then the miners should catch up and pass bullion gains. But if market breakdown occurs then the miners will take a smash....they are paper and all paper will be in liquidation. I have to play paper here but I encourage you to keep entering the physical market as much as possible.

The real Frankenstein is the Frankenstein Economy and as this monster that's been cobbled together to maintain the dollar's supremacy and this monster is teetering over the abyss. As it wobbles into the end of the Supercycle more than stocks and metals will be gaining importance in our lives. Social order is in jeopardy as the real employment weakens. Shorting the big pigs like Netflix, Whole Foods, SBUX, CMG etc will be easy targets if you are not leveraged. This is where the technical players with cash left will be deadly this year. Honestcredits target of over 1500 on the SPX is here. Now its going to go to nosebleed levels??? Perhaps. But individual pigs like AAPL at 700 are the targets. On the road for a couple of days but will comment. gl this is NOT going to be a good year for the Ponzi

Here is an excerpt from Jim Sinclair which may help those confused by their decisions.....
If you had 2 tonnes of gold and wanted to sell you would fire any broker that went into any market and yelled "20 tonnes for sale!" when the bid was for 100 ounces only. Take comfort knowing that the early am takedown and takedowns in late Asia time are not valid sellers, but painters of the price for their best interest. Nobody is so stupid as to announce they want to sell a major part of one year’s production of gold or silver when there is no market to absorb any reasonable part of it.

This is a wicked game being played by sociopaths to whom destruction gives both profit and great pleasure. If all the business matters in the shares of the business in gold into which you have invested are working out properly, simply stop quoting it for a few days. If your gold is fully paid for simply stop quoting it.

This is a nasty game taking place which relies entirely on scaring out of your wits. Yes, out of your mind, so you sell something of great value for peanuts to the exact party playing with your head via price. When you must look at the action, remember there is a buyer for every seller. That buyer is not scared out of his/her wits if you sell to stop the pain you are in.

Have my courage which I freely offer you by knowing that we are absolutely correct in markets made by devils that are bullies whose occupation is theft. Gold is the ultimate battle between good and evil. It is the ultimate battle between deficits and surpluses. Gold is the battle between paper currency backed by nothing and guaranteed by nothing versus sound money. This period of the market is the deciding battle of the Mahabharata. This period, today, is an attempt to drive you out of your wits, which is in my opinion the last and largest attack you will see perpetrated on us before gold closes over $3500. This period of pain will not be measured in months, but counted in history as days.

I prefer to listen to Bert Seligman's partner and son. gl to all of you Kliguy38

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You gotta be kiddin' me.......Sculley!! WHY???
As the dust settles on AAPL earnings announcements the buzz on the Business Media is full of pundits talking about every aspect of the after hours announcement. Some are crying the end.... many are yelling and cajoling to get in on the pullback while you can. One pundit on CNBS made a point that I do pay attention to and that was when he asked in an investment conference how many of the money managers owned AAPL and virtually every hand in the room went up. That tells you more than anything. THAT is NOT a sign of a bottom in AAPL. Investor BEWARE of the World's largest Cap stock. This represents a killing field. This is where only the biggest shark in the pool will be safe. This is where money will go to die over the next two years. AAPL is a great company with great products and without Steve Jobs they are going nowhere but down. Rarely do you encounter and individual of his special attributes. Genius, vision, and the ability to implement his ideas. The fortitude to withstand the onslaught of attacks that are aimed at all people of his success. I still cannot forget how he was ousted by the board and John Sculley took over the reins. Sculley was elevated in the press as the new visionary with impeccable credentials as a CEO (McDonalds) and how getting the mercurial Jobs out was JUST what AAPL needed.

The next few years under the soft spoken, stable hand of Sculley's leadership spoke volumes about corporate America as Apple was driven into the dust. As the company began its death dive they even replaced the smooth operating Sculley with the more flamboyant Gil Amelio. Eventually the board had enough of Job's old hands to gather the votes to bring him back to a failed company for the feat of a corporate lifetime. The rest was history. What's even more ironic underscoring my scorn for our dying country is the fact I had to listen to John Sculley on Bloomberg Radio this morning giving his expert opinion as a regular contributor on a myriad of subjects....INCLUDING Apple! Is that not the most cynical commentary one can possibly imagine in a country in decadence. Ask yourself WHY someone with Sculley's history could have any credibility ESPECIALLY with Apple so dominant in the news and this country SO DESPERATELY needing a new direction to restore CONfidence?

Apple as evidenced by the comment of all hands going up is ALREADY OWNED BY EVERYONE THAT IS GOING TO BUY ITS SHARES. We don't have more buyers now only sellers. Beware playing this stock long......directionally we are headed down......of course there will be violent short squeezes at points but this will be tough to trade long.

Next on  the agenda is the metal market. Without boring those of you that follow this closely we are still needing to shake out players so short term more weakness is possible in the metals and miners but long term I can hold and sleep at night. The miners/short and the bullion/long pair trade is off. That is a positive for the intermediate and long term. I have to agree with the KWN pumpers on the miners. Its the best gamble in the paper market sectors that I can play. Remember its paper and remember its pure danger. If you haven't figured out how to buy bullion yet then you need to just concentrate on the important things in your life like family food and shelter. gl

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Party boyz
Let's party like its 1999! Sounds good right? One problem don't forget the massive collapse a year later when the market went parabolic from the Fed's sugar high. Bubble made, bubble popped. If you were the casino you made a lot of money both ways. Unfortunately for the peeps most are just followers and listened to the mantra being put out "This time its different" just before the tech bubble blew. The MSM knows better today than to use that phrase again, so they substitute a multitude of platitudes for the current ramp depending on which crisis we're dealing with that week. Recently we are hearing "we averted the fiscal cliff" as if somehow the bandaid that consisted of adding Trillions more to our federal debt was somehow a "fix". I guess if you believe that perpetuating Malinvestment and Malallocation of your country's GDP is a fix then sure.....we were "fixed".

How does this Macroeconomic prognostication apply to YOU practically speaking. How do you make money so to speak from this general statement. Before we get into making money one needs to stop and pay attention to what is behind this policy. It is a policy of creating money out of thin air with nothing backing this new money other than the faith and credit of the people of THIS nation. That's right. This money is being created because YOU are going to pay all of the debt is is buying in the form of U.S. T-Bills. The government creates debt in your name to sustain its 800 military bases in 185 sustains an ever-expanding health-care system that is driven by the hospital/pharmaceutical lobby bottom pays out social security for a growing elderly population supported by a constricting working class. Its not an accident that virtually every month when they discuss the employment numbers that our largest additions of jobs in the private sector occur in health-care. Can you imagine? We are building a producing a globally competitive 21st Century economy with HEALTH CARE???? Who are we going to export this massive part of our producing economy to. Short of a very few pharmaceuticals and medical devices there really is not much we have to offer here for our trade balance equation.

So you see we are no longer in the position of the biggest economic bully on the block. We're just the biggest bully.......militarily speaking that is. That's right.....the bulk of our malinvestment has created the largest military industrial complex by far and away the world has ever seen. Its not an accident and it is exactly what enforces the dollar as the World's reserve currency. We have maintained control of this Currency privilege since WWII......and until we lose it then we can continue to print money unabated to fuel our consumption/system. If you are thinking this is an unfair advantage, what do you think the other developing countries think. They look at our balance sheets and massive derivatives that we keep printing money out of thin air and they wonder what happens next. Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal experiencing massive austerity with unemployment over 25% and they see us getting fatter and fatter. We export death and destruction to countries that are experiencing double digit inflation in precious food commodities and we wonder why they hate us. We've created so many moral hazards that we're losing track of them. Much like a habitual liar does with all of his constant tall tales....eventually becoming a laughing stock of the people around him that can remember the contradictions of his previous tall tales. We are getting there fast. People are laughing at us and for good reason.

Let us assume the system does stay intact. Not necessarily the dollar but the banker controlled fiat system holding the markets together with either a world currency or a group of regional currencies. The dollar might still exist as a regional system but its impact to support the current militarist expansionist policy (Western-centric) will end. The system will have its banking driven increasingly through central banks in China, Russia, and Europe. Africa and South America will have to decide which alliance will provide them "protection" from further predatory capitalism. Look around you now if you are a "developing" country with upheavals, civil wars, regime overthrows, and assassinations....what would you do? Can they still swallow the line "we're here to protect you"? So the switching of global alliances (see Currency Swaps) will become increasingly apparent and increasingly desperate.

So how do you make money?CONfidence must be restored to our currency and you don't restore confidence at the end of a only create FEAR and DISTRUST! If you believe fear can back your currency and country then you should stay fully invested in USD paper plays. If you believe that CONfidence cannot be maintained then the USD is going to experience a massive reset and it could even happen within this year. Why do you think China is scrambling for gold and silver. Its real money and they hold way too many USD in their reserves. You just can't go out an order a few hundred billion in gold to protect yourself. ITS NOT THERE. That is why it gold or "real money". You might manipulate it in terms of price for awhile but not forever and the "catching up" can be staggering. China is in a fix. It needs gold and has been fighting to get it for several years without setting off a rush for gold. The central banks need for controlled low gold headline price and China's strategic need for gold bullion were not opposing, but the lack of available bullion is putting an end to this game. Both parties would be happy to allow this game to continue further but both side know when the door closes it will be virtually overnite.

If you think the system will hold in some form of fiat you might be able to keep your paper assets intact, but even paper mining stocks can have risk in a real global fiat war....much less a shooting war. You want to plan accordingly. Make your own evaluations on diversification of assets. Some currencies and silver and gold. The less counter-party risk the better. The predators are growing stronger and bolder. You're like tender piece of raw steak to them. You had better toughen up. I know that some of you have HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY?  You don't....real money cannot be "made".... THAT is why WTSHTF....You will not be able to "make" money. gl
This post is dedicated to "Lil Brown" a woman that was never going to stand Lil

.“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” 
― Benjamin FranklinMemoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Devastation shows on faces in April, 2009 at Jobs Fair in New Hampshire
The line forms as the back. Almost no one saw this least this is the line we were told in sworn testimony to Congress by officials within the Government and the Federal Reserve after the Greatest Economic Crisis to strike the World in over 80 years and possibly ever once the can-kicking ends and Nature takes over. We have been cajoled, deceived, and goaded into a pseudo recovery. Unemployed workers have been rolled over from previously high paying jobs into under-houred low paying job sectors that are doing little to help the over-all economy grow but helping the statistics at least appear to be "recovering". One can argue the merits of these jobs to some degree, but one cannot argue the profound impact on the future of the strength of this nation and what it portends for the next generations.

Immediate impact is a devastating change in the psyche of our nation and other nations even more effected by the calamitous downturn. We know how it happened and we know they knew it was coming, but what we don't know is what to do as a people, a nation, and a world. That is indeed the perplexing problem that faces a centrally controlled economy, whether it be a nation or a world economy. Its called "dependency" and its absolutely an anchor for our economic recovery. We can point to stats like the LEI, PMI, employment, but we are at that point where its become PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Phd's working at Lowes are not an allocation of resources but a red flag of malinvestment. Therein lies the conundrum for Central Planners and that is how to "fix" a structural employment collapse brought about by POLICY.  Structural unemployment is the loss of manufacturing jobs....its the millions of business degrees produced over the past 30 years that significantly underproduce in an economy that needs PRODUCTION. When you start two wars and instead of bunkering down and saving money and raising taxes to pay for it your President tells you to go out and shop then you know you have entered the Twilight Zone. When the new President comes in and tells you the biggest budget deficit and debt in history must be met with more spending you know the hope and change promised is NOT coming. As discussed previously the course of monetization/money printing cannot be changed once it crosses into the Twilight Zone and we are going deep into this rabbit hole.  For whatever reason I do not grow tired of discussing the historical time we are in. If you get tired of reading about it then of course I am sorry, but I have to remind many of you this is NOT your daddy's world or even your grand-daddy's. Be prepared and don't get lulled into a trance. For those of you that understand the reality of what's going on around the world to deal and fight this man-made collapse please watch the following video inside the Madrid employment office..........and CAN beat them.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Many of you that are still left in the game think that random events still play a major role within the economic casino labelled the "market". You don't even trust what your lyin' eyes are telling you. Deep down inside there is a nagging doubt within you that "natural" market forces have any bearing on the market any longer. You feel that monetization or "printing money" has the potential to turn a functional market into a dysfunctional market in perpetuity.....that an infinite supply of fiat CAN and HAS been able to defy what your lyin' eyes tell you. You read and see the riots in major developed nations like Spain and Italy and Greece and Portugal and you read the statistics that over 50% youth unemployment exists in these countries and overall unemployment is hovering around 25% and you turn around and forget about its implication as the EURO strengthens and another Euro bond buying stick save is implemented and the story exits the Main Stream Media. Of course your assumption is these bandaids are having a positive effect on their economies and that albeit it may be small, its at least baby steps in the right direction. Therefore this policy is indeed working.

So imagine that a burdensome debt that initiated the crisis was just "fixed" by adding more debt. THAT is where the problem should become glaringly apparent. EACH one of these "Crisis Solutions" is being followed closer and closer by further crisis'. Using the headline numbers of equity markets and Precious Metals to show at least "improvement" with this strategy seems to be working. Its as if there is gradual stepwise improvement being made. Intricately woven between these performance markers is what's left of the Shadow banking system using its alliance with the Central Banks and their never sleeping Algobots to keep the illusion going. BUT.....the Crisis are accelerating and intensifying. While we try to kick the can down the road as a strategy.....the real game is being played behind the scenes by the boyz and that game is preparing for the reset. Accumulation of assets and currency reserve adjustments are being finished as the can is slowly rolling to a stop. You can hope as many of us do that the can keeps getting kicked and "something" is developed that repairs and "fixes" the debt/insolvency math. The cliche..."hope is not a strategy" should ring true to you. As soon as you get out of the meat grinder called the PM trade, you're gone......bottom that you??   Words of wisdom from yesterday's comments.... Getting out of the casino with some of your chips when the music stops will be the challenge. It could be closing options, stocks, money market accounts, cashing in bonds or IRAs. Have what you need to survive out already. The rest you have to consider as potentially impaired for a few years of forever.

The few US Treasuries I still have left may not get "cashed out" but you play the ponies.

Still hoping for a final beat down on physical silver to get a few hundred US eagles.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Proprietary trading desk
An often asked question now by traders in this market is "just who is left in this market?" and a variety of answers can be given depending upon whom one is talking with. No one of course can identify precisely which participants are accounting for the daily trading volume in many sectors of the market. Once you get into the bond market then it really becomes farcical. How can one even define the bond market anything other than a government sanctioned Ponzi? If that is the case then virtually every other aspect of our financial/monetary system is by definition a Ponzi. I feel like much of the punditry today has reverted to propaganda as a result of being informed by the PTB their very existence depends upon restoration of CONfidence to these markets. Once those doors were closed and locked and the participants were given a presentation of the actual state of affairs it doesn't take long for the pundits and journalists in those meetings to look at their own seven and eight figure incomes and their limos and homes in the Hamptons to get on board. Therein lies the problem. Everyone is in on the ponzi now. If one is aware of pyramid schemes then one knows that once all of the suckers have been pulled into the pyramid then the game is over. That is precisely where we are. Now only a facade of participation exists.....There are only buzzards in the form of some inside hedgees and big bank traders picking at a little flesh left on the carcass of our economic system and the market. I watched a commercial for our Military on MSM today and it stated that our men and women were stationed in over 175 countries. How did we get to this point in our country just to keep this game going. Even the most ardent supporter of the neocon intervention policy cannot justify this insanity. The only reason we can still maintain this is due to the dollar as the World's reserve currency. Until that last brick in the game is removed we will most definitely maintain the empire.

Pay attention to the important aspects of life....Not gold and silver but more essential aspects of living. Food, shelter, and most of all Family. If you don't enjoy participating in this type of casino then its best right now to focus on things much closer to home. Take your bucket list trips now. Most of you are aware of China's exponential move into gold bullion. This is the end game. gl

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've been asked over the years why someone would want to manipulate every aspect of the system and our lives.... Our education, our financial systems, our legal system, our political system......even our religious systems.......a total belief control.. Why? Money? Power? CONtrol?  What is the motivation?  Maybe an answer can be found in the following quote from the great philosopher Doc Holiday when asked what made the evil Ringo tick...

 What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does? 
Doc Holliday: A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it. 
Wyatt Earp: What does he need? 
Doc Holliday: Revenge. 
Wyatt Earp: For what? 
Doc Holliday: Bein' born. 

You see in the hearts of evil there is a darkness that exists that many of us have no ability to identify that motivates their behavior. Trying to rationalize that behavior requires an understanding of the trauma that created the aberrant course now trying to be defined. 

Our current predicament in this game is the result of centuries of manipulation that has gone badly off track as new dangers due to advances in technology and communications provide a toxic brew for the populations of this earth. Malinvestment, debt, and rampant institutionalized corruption make the coming years more dangerous than even the last debt cycle collapse. We are now over four years into the we are in the hard down phase of the supercycle. Many of you understand this from your own studies, other are still confused and doubt the impact this cycle will have on your own lives. I encourage you to do your own research and as always there are NO safe investment......especially if they are paper. In Wyatt Earp's day justice was at the end of a Colt. Unfortunately I'm afraid that Justice no longer exists and soon ....neither will your Colt. gl

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Serenity of life
As nature's power and beauty combine for an amazing show one is reminded of just how powerless we are in the scheme of life. Our inexorable march to our own ultimate destiny is not controlled by us but by nature. We can only influence the events along our individual pathways by our choices. We cannot change the ultimate end of our journey. There is a finite time on this planet and whether you believe in the hereafter or not, your impact on this is very limited in the grand scheme of the game.

I find that many miners are being accumulated now by the hedge boyz, but that doesn't mean they expect it to rocket tomorrow. Whether these represent long term holds or something shorter is open for debate, but I'll maintain that we are still in a bullish accumulation that began last spring. They will shake as many of you out of these trades as possible. They want your shares while they are still cheap. Time will tell if I am correct.

Winter is a beautiful season for many of us, but for many species winter brings a harsh aspect to survival. In economics we have our own winter......the Kondratieff Winter......and its upon us. All of you be aware this is the 120 year supercycle deflationary event and the next two years are the "hard down" years. Tighten up your finances and remain vigilante. gl

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WHAT'S GOIN' ON ...WHAT'S GOIN' ON............

There's too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There's far too many of you dying
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today -

Haunting lyrics and melody from a genius in a bygone era that isn't even a memory to many of the readers of this blog. Similar protest songs resonated on the primitive radios and turntables of the 60's and early 70's only to disappear from the landscape as a new era of danger entered our lives. A danger that very few of us were even to recognize for several decades as it planted its seed deeper into the fabric of our society. Unlike a highly developed parasite it became fatal for its host and the signs of death began to show as cracks within the morality and economy of a nation that prided itself in what it believed was a unique freedom it had fought for and spilled blood for. Was it all an illusion? Was it a cruel joke? Was it some devious, diabolical experiment? It seems now that Marvin Gaye's protest song What's Goin' On marked the end of a culmination of awakening that had started to gain a foothold in the 60's.....but just as suddenly as the future appeared to be looking up after a decade of turmoil, protests, wars and struggle.....the movement towards true awakening and peace fell silent and in its place rose up strange new generations with confused and selfish objectives. Almost as if their paths were orchestrated by invisible puppet wires the very institutions that served to protect the republic began to disappear one after another. One would vote for a seemingly different pathway at the poles only to find it seemed to veer into another direction. Up turned into down. Left, right paradigms became confusing to their previous followers. Moral breakdowns and hazards became commonplace as the Orwellian newspeak became reality and accelerated into a morass of virtual parodies.  As a child of the 60s I would never have dreamed that my country would be engaged in as many as seven wars at once with over 800 military bases in 130 countries after that period had ended. We were the "good guys". We didn't torture....the other side did.

After decades of devolution and manipulations our lives that held so much promise when this song was made now seem to be on a collision course with a very dark destiny. Divisiveness, depression, immorality now pervade every corner of our lives. No leader on the horizon any longer can give anyone hope. Looking back now it seems that hope was an illusion then too. Romantic notions that it was a better time may have just been delusions. History teaches us many lessons and unfortunately we tend to repeat our same mistakes. I hope you all understand how important many of the accelerating changes are to your future and take the individual responsibility to help others become aware of the kind of changes we are facing. Its not a time to crawl into the bunker but a time to come out and engage in conversation about these changes coming. I'm going to have coffee with my buddy that landed on Iwo Jima at the age of 17....2mo before he was a Junior in High School in Iowa. By 1944 he didn't know who Smedley Butler was and wouldn't find out until 2010......and he taught history after the war for over 30 years....... gl

From Investment Watch 20 Facts about Europe You should know

#1 10 Months: Manufacturing activity in both France and Germany has contracted for 10 months in a row.
#2 11.8 Percent: The unemployment rate in the eurozone has now risen to 11.8 percent – a brand new all-time high.
#3 17 Months: In November, Italy experienced the sharpest decline in retail sales that it had experienced in 17 months.
#4 20 Months: Manufacturing activity in Spain has contracted for 20 months in a row.
#5 20 Percent: It is estimated that bad loans now make up approximately 20 percent of all domestic loans in the Greek banking system at this point.
#6 22 Percent: A whopping 22 percent of the entire population of Ireland lives in jobless households.
#7 26 Percent: The unemployment rate in Greece is now 26 percent.  A year ago it was only 18.9 percent.
#8 26.6 Percent: The unemployment rate in Spain has risen to an astounding 26.6 percent.
#9 27.0 Percent: The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 in Cyprus.  Back in 2008, this number was well below 10 percent.
#10 28 Percent: Sales of French-made vehicles in November were down 28 percent compared to a year earlier.
#11 36 Percent: Today, the poverty rate in Greece is 36 percent.  Back in 2009 it was only about 20 percent.
#12 37.1 Percent: The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 in Italy – a brand new all-time high.
#13 44 Percent: An astounding 44 percent of the entire population of Bulgaria is facing “severe material deprivation”.
#14 56.5 Percent: The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 in Spain – a brand new all-time high.