Sunday, January 13, 2013


Proprietary trading desk
An often asked question now by traders in this market is "just who is left in this market?" and a variety of answers can be given depending upon whom one is talking with. No one of course can identify precisely which participants are accounting for the daily trading volume in many sectors of the market. Once you get into the bond market then it really becomes farcical. How can one even define the bond market anything other than a government sanctioned Ponzi? If that is the case then virtually every other aspect of our financial/monetary system is by definition a Ponzi. I feel like much of the punditry today has reverted to propaganda as a result of being informed by the PTB their very existence depends upon restoration of CONfidence to these markets. Once those doors were closed and locked and the participants were given a presentation of the actual state of affairs it doesn't take long for the pundits and journalists in those meetings to look at their own seven and eight figure incomes and their limos and homes in the Hamptons to get on board. Therein lies the problem. Everyone is in on the ponzi now. If one is aware of pyramid schemes then one knows that once all of the suckers have been pulled into the pyramid then the game is over. That is precisely where we are. Now only a facade of participation exists.....There are only buzzards in the form of some inside hedgees and big bank traders picking at a little flesh left on the carcass of our economic system and the market. I watched a commercial for our Military on MSM today and it stated that our men and women were stationed in over 175 countries. How did we get to this point in our country just to keep this game going. Even the most ardent supporter of the neocon intervention policy cannot justify this insanity. The only reason we can still maintain this is due to the dollar as the World's reserve currency. Until that last brick in the game is removed we will most definitely maintain the empire.

Pay attention to the important aspects of life....Not gold and silver but more essential aspects of living. Food, shelter, and most of all Family. If you don't enjoy participating in this type of casino then its best right now to focus on things much closer to home. Take your bucket list trips now. Most of you are aware of China's exponential move into gold bullion. This is the end game. gl


  1. It still works out green for me, but selling those covered NKTR calls didn't work out like I wanted. Oh well, I have some extra cash now.

  2. ARNA looks fantastic, almost seems to easy like the YCS trade I should have done haha...

  3. No question that things are coming to a head, and anyone should look at protecting themselves. One option to consider is to have some investment in agriculture such as through farmland investment. You basically accomplish two tasks this way, one to hedge against inflation, and the other to hedge against starvation!

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  4. marking time in the big casino today.....just be happy you understand the game.....when the curtain is lifted many that have not spent the time or effort studying this game will be rolled over very quickly

    1. Getting out of the casino with some of your chips when the music stops will be the challenge. It could be closing options, stocks, money market accounts, cashing in bonds or IRAs. Have what you need to survive out already. The rest you have to consider as potentially impaired for a few years of forever.

      The few US Treasuries I still have left may not get "cashed out" but you play the ponies.

      Still hoping for a final beat down on physical silver to get a few hundred US eagles.

  5. Does EJ hate silver?

    EJ writes:
    "On a personal note, I'm certain that many of you, like me, like silver. It was not easy for me to sell silver I'd possessed for ten years, and I did keep a small amount as a souvenir. When I buy it back, I probably will not buy 1921 silver dollars again. I enjoyed giving silver dollar coins away as tips to wait staff at restaurants and to friends as gifts. With a cost basis of $4.75, and a sell value of $10, then $20, then $30 as the price went up over the years, the novelty of a 90 year old coin communicated my feelings for the recipients perfectly: to a waiter, that I appreciated superb service, and to a friend a lasting memento of my fond wishes for their good health and success. But it's important to not get attached to one's investments. There is always a time to sell. Your silver doesn't care about you, so you should return the sentiment and view it only as a means to an end. Abstract yourself from your investments, maintain emotional distanced, and focus market dynamics -- the price action, the behavior of market participants, the macro environment, and public sentiment."

    EJ is you can see he was buying gold/silver at the same time as I was....

    It was not easy for me to sell silver I'd possessed for ten years

    let us brake this down....
    possessed for ten years.....oh my god it was not a paper trade