Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've been asked over the years why someone would want to manipulate every aspect of the system and our lives.... Our education, our financial systems, our legal system, our political system......even our religious systems.......a total belief control.. Why? Money? Power? CONtrol?  What is the motivation?  Maybe an answer can be found in the following quote from the great philosopher Doc Holiday when asked what made the evil Ringo tick...

 What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does? 
Doc Holliday: A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it. 
Wyatt Earp: What does he need? 
Doc Holliday: Revenge. 
Wyatt Earp: For what? 
Doc Holliday: Bein' born. 

You see in the hearts of evil there is a darkness that exists that many of us have no ability to identify that motivates their behavior. Trying to rationalize that behavior requires an understanding of the trauma that created the aberrant course now trying to be defined. 

Our current predicament in this game is the result of centuries of manipulation that has gone badly off track as new dangers due to advances in technology and communications provide a toxic brew for the populations of this earth. Malinvestment, debt, and rampant institutionalized corruption make the coming years more dangerous than even the last debt cycle collapse. We are now over four years into the we are in the hard down phase of the supercycle. Many of you understand this from your own studies, other are still confused and doubt the impact this cycle will have on your own lives. I encourage you to do your own research and as always there are NO safe investment......especially if they are paper. In Wyatt Earp's day justice was at the end of a Colt. Unfortunately I'm afraid that Justice no longer exists and soon ....neither will your Colt. gl


  1. Thwack! Miners aren't going down much though. :)

    1. highly unlikely the short miners long bullion hedge trade is in play this year

  2. watching the beat down again in the miners. EGO about the only one up, makes me think they are going to be the next miner to dilute "ala" SSRI. . good luck everyone.

  3. Ma and pa buying equities again according to CNBS $19b inflows. Must be near the top.

    1. DeMark I believe had 1492 as the "ideal" top....but today could be "it" He's been accurate

  4. SSRI trying to form a perfect hammer on the bottom trendline......

  5. Hammer as in bullish reversal? Of course, it could also move sideways for a while...hope all is well...Martin Armstrong has a good article saying failing governments ALWAYS turn on their on, right now.

  6. Sister,...and the peeps will turn on each other.

    My patient that was born in Romania was in today. He left there in his early 20's and is always interesting to talk too. To some up the conversation,...we are in trouble.

  7. The Gold Confiscation Myth

  8. hey all..

    what time is it.....TAX time

    in the past I watched Eric Janszen

    he sold his silver at 49.00 or so....called the top..

    for the life of me I could not see his thinking

    you see gold/silver is taxed at 28%

    so 49 silver less 28% is 35.28

    so he cashed out....butt he lost his hedge of inflation

    did he need the $$$....I say no.....this is the guy of the Janszen Labs
    the Electrostatic Speakers System

    so what was his cash out


  9. Why 28% of $49? Wouldn't it be a percent of profits (say $49-20 profit x tax rate)?

  10. well Inlet.....maybe so....if you bought on line.....there is a trace.

    if you bought at a coin at a dealer.....not so.

    in the past all they wanted was a check mark....or some thing of it...all I had to do is move the pin across the paper..

    do you think the IRS will that that as my name??

    no....I will be taxed the the top....

  11. so Inlet.....are you saying on all the gold/silver if have bought, have the names of the people of the buy/sell rate..

    are you willing to trough them under the bus...

    to protect your self for a dime????

    so Inlet do you have a record of all the gold/silver you sold/bought over the years

    if not you will be taxed at the top

  12. Bottom line is you do not sell physical until stage 2 completes....We are getting ready to start stage need to convert your PMs into "another asset class" at that point that will carry you through the next 10-20 years....vintage car...artwork...real chip/or high growth equities....inflation will become your next enemy. On the other hand if he was just trading paper then a variety ways exist that allow selling "paper silver" that avoid tax penalties. including 401Ks IRAs etc...remember a lot of people are using trading profits to exist and are not concerned about a store of wealth.....

  13. Beware the Tax man cometh

    by Martin Armstrong

    It is absolutely IMPERATIVE to understand that what we face is by no means HYPERINFLATION. If you keep thinking that government will somehow just print their way into oblivion, you are going to lose your shirt and pants along with the car and house. I have tried to explain that HYPERINFLATION only takes place in economies where there are no bond markets – NEVER in the core economy! But like the Mayan distortion of fact, these people selling HYPERINFLATION are preaching nonsense with no historical research or understanding. They harp on the case of Germany during the 1920′s and Zimbabwe, but fail to comprehend that these economies were 4th world at the time lacking buyers of their bonds. When there is a VIABLE bond market, the bondholders yell and scream and then threaten government they will collapse if nobody buys their bonds. This creates a massive DEFLATIONARY trend as government hunts down everyone and LIBERTY vanishes into thin air.

    Paladin....I my thinking the last Fed statement is they will protect the bond market...

  14. Kil..

    you said....On the other hand if he was just trading paper then a variety ways exist that allow selling "paper silver" that avoid tax penalties. including 401Ks IRAs etc.

    so I take it you think my exit of my 401K was wrong..

    1. No I do not think it is wrong......I think that staying in a 401K is a personal choice based on faith the system is going to stay intact AND recover.....if you believe that then stay in them.....otherwise you are playing a timing game......and how and when to on that .......fwiw I still am in most of my retirement vehicles but that does not mean I have ANY trust in their future

  15. Paladin - I assume a professional investor/trader keeps records of buys and sells whether it is equities, bonds, PMs, real estate, futures or orher instruments. My point was under current tax law you are taxed on the profit not the total receipts of the sale.

    On throwing someone under the bus- if they are dealing in precious metals, mary jane or moonshine it is up to them as to whether they keep records and pay taxes and is none of my business - but is between them and the IRS.