Saturday, February 23, 2013


Coming to a theater near you soon
So this is how the Global Government looks looks to the Spaniards this weekend in Barcelona as European financial leaders from 29 countries meet to determine changes to the financial and political landscape. In reality they are trying to find a way out of a worsening collapse of the Eurozone fragile union. Its become so dire for the PTB that Spain closed its borders to thousands of potential protesters pouring in from other European countries to participate in the Barcelona demonstrations.

Does this really have any impact on us? Perhaps not directly but it is a symptom of a growing problem with the central planning of the globalization cartel. As the attention of the Central Bankers remains focused on protecting the Bank's balance sheets from their insolvency, the real economy is left to the trickle down repair that is NOT addressing the pain on a large portion of the sheeple. Instead of expending their efforts to improve the structural breakdowns from years of malinvestment by the bankers, we have elected to chose a path of "extend and pretend". Trying to buy enough time that self healing can allow and economic healing through the ranks of business and manufacturing. Meanwhile the structural decay in our roads, bridges, airports, railways, and education progress unabated.

We're in the 5th year of the "recovery". What the MSM tries to conceal from the public when statistics are presented on improving employment are the more permanent conditions that are developing within our country. We have PhDs that are now working as cab drivers. We have new college graduates taking jobs at fast food shops. These are honest jobs, but they are malinvestment in our future. These people show up as "employed" in the statistics, just as those that have given up looking for work and just live off of food stamps and other forms of Government assistance. The real unemployment number in this centrally planned recovery is closer to 20% which is a depression era number here. In the countries like Spain, the official numbers are well over 25%. Back on our own soil there are enormous families that were living large and believing it was their patriotic duty to be an aggressive  spender. They were encouraged by the media and government even to spend and consume. Now the music has stopped and instead of letting the strong hands come in and take over the defaults of these millions of sheep....the Central planners elected to try and reinflate the housing bubble and destroy the possibility of a more meaningful long term recovery. This is calculated and this is why we talk about protecting yourself. There will be more pain to come, and it can only be postponed so long.

Keep your eyes on Europe. Its going to be warm weather soon. And with warming weather will come new problems for the Central planners. March should be a time for renewal. Someone is going after the Vatican. Strange timing. gl all


  1. Looking at the data and preparations, the optimistic expectation is a Dalton Minimum along with a few Years Without Summer. Possibility of another Carrington Event, as the omens (comets, earthquakes and floods due tsunamis)of Biblical times (science to the informed versus magic/religion to the masses). As for the Vatican, who wants to be last Pope when the SHTF. You can guess the fun if we get a combination of severe drought and freezing cold that may last about 40 years with a current global population of 7 billion.

    The PTB need to keep everyone producing, supporting fake wars, watching mindless brainwashing propaganda and not to panic, or it becomes a self actualizing prophecy rather fast.

    Magnetic North Pole is moving about due to changes in the molten core of the Earth, most academic textbooks will not meaningfully explain the why. Translation more big ass earthquakes and tsunamis in addition to large migratory bird kills.

    The sheeple should still keep shopping and trading AMZN/PCLN, as the PTB work out a plan to stay on top of the survivors on the other side.

    You don't need billions of rounds of ammo asap for DHS to qualify at the range.

  2. Forgot to add big ass volcanoes too.

  3. the race to the bottom.....
    why would all countries try to devalue there own money?..they say it is to gain the export advantage..
    butt if all countries do it what advantage is it?
    there has to be something else going on here..
    that is the question I asked some at work....none could say why..

    Federal Reserve Gold Certificate Ratio

    Jim Sinclair...told us about this....not a old world gold system

    I sill think is the death of all money

    I read the book, The Reagan Diaries, which follows Ronald Reagan's 8 year term through
    his daily dairy entries, and lo and behold, early on at page 25 comes this obvious bombshell from economist Arthur Laffer: "Art Laffer dropped a grenade on his colleagues when he said we weren't going to solve the fiscal program until we returned to convertibility of money for gold. I would have
    liked to heard the discussion among the economists after I left" - Ronald Reagan

  4. The creation of more fiat dollars/debasement allow DEVELOPED countries to buy more goods/commodities from DEVELOPING countries. Of course they tell you its to support their manufacturing by creating a more competive global MORE Euros dollars sterling etc chasing world commods mean higher prices for the developing countries which drives them to chaos and instability as they starve to keep the parasite feeding off of them alive

  5. All of this sniping the parties are engaging in reminds me of how my Greek neighbor who had Greek TV decribed the exact modus operandi there 2 or 3 yrs. action, just blame gaming.

  6. Sure miners have been beaten up...but not like this

    AFFY-2.68 last, -13.85ps 85% drop today....theirs silver linings in that metal trade...doggone it..

  7. About to get a blizzard here, but we have also gotten a lot of MUCH needed rain. Wouldn't mind if this continues. Bread aisles were completely bare last night according to some photos a friend showed me from her facebook. Crazy how fast food can disappear.

    1. Yup, sure does don't it! All over some snow, can you imagine what it would be like under one of Red's rosier scenario's.......

  8. Whole lotta strange things taking place in Turkey: Either the report is wrong or the company is lying. Funny how gold is not currency, but is acceptable payment.

  9. Today's rally weakening??
    The Russell 2000 (^RUT) is now red. Will this lead us lower? Let's see.

  10. Interesting action today:


    Golden Minerals Company (AUMN)

    3.14 Up 0.24(8.28%) 12:56PM EST - Nasdaq Real Time Price

    Will the casino owners push it down before day end?

  11. No confirmation of breakout yet......but i like the action


  13. I will issue a warning here and hopefully have some more to report on this but DIGITAL fiat poses an ENORMOUS risk to the ponzi. They believed this was necessary to construct to maintain complete monitoring and control of the the fiat but they have put the entire system and CONfidence at risk of a cataclysmic breakdown. Imagine a digital attack that only removes a few million fiat accounts.....relatively easy for the militarized hack attacks. This would crash the entire digital fiat system and send markets into the dark ages. Guess what people would be scrambling for. Paper and gold and silver

    1. Accidents happen, stupid man-made ones and natural disasters. Actually the smart ones would be clearing the shelves of Alpo and toilet paper like Hubz pointed out. Doesn't hurt to keep a shoebox of low denomination fiat and coins. Only two parts of the system need to fail and the whole thing shuts down along with JIT: the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) and the Fedwire Funds Service. The vulnerabilities to these two are not just virtual they are also physical. 3 days without the clearing houses and the virtual JIT stops with consumer store shelves empty within 24 hours.

      As for today don't know if everybody was trading off the same algo into the close or there is some inside information of an upcoming event. Doesn't matter paper gold held up pretty well.

  14. That would be pretty much it.....Ya think the vix would spike?

  15. flash crash.......running out of shorts to reload in order for general equities.....nice headlines for the game.....paper gold having nice day......I still think we get one last flush in the next week or two.......

  16. Big sell-off at the end of the day:


    And Sean is right... the VIX went nuts at the end of the day:

    -Chicago Options

    19.11 Up 4.94(34.86%) 3:55PM EST

  17. Nice! Maria said yesterday morning on TV that the "sequester is priced in" so the implication was more up. Gotten so I keep my tank pretty well full and some cash just in case. Stupid question--what is JIT?

    1. Just In Time. - a production strategy that strives to improve a business return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs.

      Most groceries and Walmart have about 3-4 days worth of food and essentials on their shelves under normal conditions. Take a visit late at night when the pallets unload.

      The most important item to have and rotate is clean water at home and in your car and office. Most Americans can probably go a good week without food and it will probably be healthy for them. Water 1-3 days before its over.

  18. Thank you red...I appreciate your detailed explanation. Had figured Just In TIme, but didn't know what it meant. Absolutely agree about water v. food.